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Repair/service experiences?

Hey. I'm about to give my E for repairs tomorrow (the speaker stopped working after a drop). I was wondering, has anyone went to Motorola for any type of repair/replacement so far? If so, how was your experience?

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Android 6.0 first look video

Here is a video of 6.0 running on the Zenfone Laser (I believe), this seems to be legit, i'm a bit disappointed with the lack of improvements and they have still left in crap we don't need.

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Internal storage problem with Mprio Repartition tool

I increased internal storage, on canvas a120 4gigs FOTA KK, to 2GB through mprio repartition tool and got 1.75GB app storage and around 550MB for system. Now when i upgraded to wiko rainbow v13 my available internal storage was around 400-500 MB less than it used to be. I have chosen various formatting options but none of them worked. Is there any solution to it that i get same >2gb internal storage that i used to get? I hope mprio doesn't affect the storage permanently.

An early reply would be highly appreciated.

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I found root for Alcatel one touch fiecre XL

Go to YouTube and search for a channel called "Tech Zero " he did a video on how to root Lancastrian One touch fiecre XL

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Help htc one e8 m8st ruu ! !!

Hi everyone,
I am encountering these an issue with my htc one e8
OpenDSP invalid_ver_info plus radio
I tried to flash Ruu with sd external card ,
But nothing ,sometimes it says invalid ID or wrong
And tried another time it says no image or wrong image. !
I am confused, if someone can help me that issue I will be grateful
Thank you in advance
Mec_TL XA ship s-off
JUN 3 2014 ETC

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Can I install android on Iphone6 replica

Hello dear new friends,

I ran onto a replica of iPhone 6, which is pretty much sh!t.
I would like to root it, and install a simple, but working android OS on it.

Can I, if so, How can I achieve that?
And, of course, how am I able to recognize which exact replica is it?

I welcome you for sharing any links/documents on the topics.

// regards,
// sasheFF

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How to Fix Sony Xperia Z5 Overheating Issues

I had a Sony Xperia Z5 phone that was replaced THREE times in a matter of weeks due to overheating issues when using the camera. Overheat in just the normal photo mode..... not even in video mode.
Any summer day with ambient temperature approaching 30 degrees celsius or more the phone displays a rising temperature alert then shuts down within a minute. The Z5 might be ok if you live in Alaska or going on a trek to the summit of Mount Everest.

Anyway ....... Here is how I successfully fixed the overheating issue plaguing the Z5's.

After the three replacement phones and contacting the telecommunications ombudsman's office I guess the phone service provider & Sony acknowledged there is a definite issue and were sick of handing out new Z5's one after another just for them all to do the same thing. End result- I was released from a two year contract at no cost allowing me to re-contract a new phone of my choice. No more Z5---- overheating issue resolved

Make no mistake about it...the Z5's WILL overheat badly if you live in a country with a hot climate. It is entirely to do with the ambient temperature. On most days the Z5 would be fine, however on a warm day the phone would get to the point where it was too hot to handle it or pick up.

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[ISSIUE] My display has started to show opacity difects on the edges

Hi everyone!
My display has started to show a circle of washed-out colours on the edges and I don't know why. It has all started when I unlocked the bootloader and changed the stock rom with the sultanxda's rom. The problem persist with other rom's, not only his one, and I wanted to ask you if it is a problem tha I can fix myself or it is possible call the assistance and ask for a new opo.

this is a video mad by myself to explain better my problem
(put it on the end of youtube video. sorry the xda rules don't give me the permission to post the entire link because it's my first thread)

thank you for your attention and patience

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Bootloop Problem Galaxy Note 3

I installed stock rom via Odin after many fails got succeed in flashing. Now stuck in bootloop wiped cache still no result. Any solution ^(

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Hey Guys quick noob question..(SuperSu)

I just unlocked my bootloader, and rooted my Nexus 6, and installed TWRP 3.0.0 using the Nexus Root Toolkit.
I just installed Adaway, and unrooted it, cus I use a lot of banking apps.

But the question is, when I want to re-root it, could I just flash supersu zip with the custom recovery and that's it?
or do I have to do the root process all over again?

I remember using TWRP on the oneplus one, and when I rebooted it from the custom recovery, it said something like
'It seems like supersu is not installed would you like to install it?' or something like that.
and 'yes' would re-root it, that simple.

it seems like TWRP 3.0.0 doesn't have that.


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installing TWRP

I rooted my z3c with Kingroot. Now trying to install TWRP from TWRP Manager app.

After download it says "Ensure the partition listed below ...." and says "/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/FOTAKernal"

Is that correct? Don't wanna brick...

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phone is stuck showing the micromax logo(no root)

i have been using my phone for last 1 year yesterday onwards the phone is stuck showing the micromax logo .

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Note 2 won't connect/mount to any PC.

I originally posted a threat up on reddit, but I couldn't find a fix for it.

I got a Note 2 do Android development on. I for the life of me cannot get the damn phone to connect to any PC I connect it to via USB; the phone charges, just does not connect. The USB icon does not appear on the device when connected either. I tried 3 different Windows machines, with the same warning I get that the device isn't recognized, but reads it as an 'Unrecognized Device'. I have also tried OS X, does not read it as well.

Here is some of the things I've tried from reading around XDA and other forums that haven't worked for me.

Solutions i've tried with no fix:

Various USB 2.0 cables (I do not have the original cable)
USB 2.0/3.0 and other ports repeatedly.
Enabling USB Debugging
Installing Kies, and Samsung driver from their site
Resetting battery
Booting into recovery mode with device connected
Dial codes for some reason do not work on my phone. I tried entering them with the stock dialer to bring the USB settings, but they don't work. I got around it by installing an app to get the USB mode to MTP, still does not work.

Rooting right now is not option, since Odin requires to be mounted to a machine in order to root. So I'm pretty much stuck. Still can't get this phone to sync on anything.

Device info
Model: SCH-I605
Carrier: Verizon
Android version: 4.4.2 (Kit-Kat)
Stock ROM/Non-Rooted

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Samsung a8 two sims or micro sd.

Hello i just bought samsung a8 and thought i would be able to use both dual sim cards and micro sd, but to my disapointment i have to choose either second sim card or micro sd. :( :( can anyone propose something please? maybe a dual sim adapter or something else?

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[ROM][6.0.1][OSPREY] Android Ice Cold Project 11.0 [Official Nightlies]


Android Ice Cold Project

AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!!

Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CM when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features.

If there are any bugs, either we will sort them or CM team if it concerns their modifications. This rom isn't CM supported so no need to report errors or bugs to them!!


11.0 Stable Features:
Sources updated to 6.0.1
Slim Recents
Floating Windows
Breathing notifications
Dynamic tiles
Music tile
Return of Silent mode
Force Expanded Notifications
Signal cluster updates
Statusbarheader items: CAF TaskManager, HeadsUp, PowerMenu
RestartSystemUI to dev settings, as Tile, as part of Reboot menu
Ambient Display brightness setting
Call recording format
Notification Ticker is back
App Sidebar
Over Scroll Effects
Snooze option to HEADSUP
Torch to PowerMenu
TaskManager, HeadsUp and PowerMenu on Notification Drawer
Notification Ticker
AICP_OTA fixes and improvements
Smart Mute. Flip phone to mute
Smart Call
Proximity Speaker. Speakerphone starts automatically whey you remove phone away from your ear.
Clear All Icon color added to Custom Colors
Battery Light: 100% Charged Level
Gesture Lockscreen
Reorder items under Notification Drawer settings
Storage notification enhancements. Now we have Mount/Unmount in statusbar.
Battery saver color selection is back
Linked volume implementation changed
Membar added to recents options
LS Shortcuts increased from 5 to 7
InCallUI fixes and enhancements
Whole bunch of fixes and enhancements for all included packages


Selinux Switch

In the beginning we would like to thank:
  • CM team
  • maxwen
  • SlimBean rom team
  • CarbonRom team
  • LiquidSmooth rom team
  • Omni rom team
  • DU team
  • Community

  • @LorD ClockaN
  • @zipsnet
  • @n3ocort3x
  • @semdoc
  • @eyosen
  • @alienmind
  • @Chezbel
  • @Drgravy
  • @eboye

We are now paying for servers that build nightlies and everything that comes with it, so EVERY DONATION will really be appreciated and be used to cover those expenses.
Thank you!!

Latest Stable Release Version 11.0

Download link:

Full Changelog link:

  • Don't disable Heads-Up. You wont be able to answer phone calls otherwise.
  • You tell... :P

ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy Lollipop. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, gapps, flash it, and go!
You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.

How to flash:

  • Don't do it if you don't know it
  • ROM has gapps persistance in between dirty flashes

Kernel in this rom follows CM source with custom additions.

To be able to flash over OTA app, TWRP recovery is needed.
You can still use CWM and OTA app, but only to download zip file and flash it manually from within recovery. Zip gets saved under AICP_ota folder on your internal SDcard.

If you want to contribute to the AICP or wanna see what is being worked on/merge feel free to visit our gerrit, link is at the bottom!!!

IceColdJelly AICP G+ community

rom gerrit

You want to see a normal night at the DEV office, click here!!

XDA:DevDB Information
AICP, ROM for the Moto G 2015

Flashhhh, squid2, Alberto97
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Beta

Created 2016-02-29
Last Updated 2016-02-29

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How to Unlock Bootloader Unofficially for Zenfone Selfie

Hi guys,

I just bought a Zenfone Selfie, all I can find here about unlocking bootloader is thru official method. Is there a method to unlock it unofficially?


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D6503 rom recommendation?

So guys it's been a while since i checked the forum and i found some new roms. is there any recommendation for a good clean rom with good performance and battery life? few bloatware, etc.

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Gionee Marathon M4 5.1 custom ROM

Hi all here is the first custom rom 5.1 for Gionee M4

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[Huawei P8] EMUI-X Theme for EMUI 4.0 XPERIA experience for Emotion UI

This is my Xperia theme for the Huawei P8 hope you guys enjoy

It works with the marshmallow update.

The zip has a password that is: DontEatYellowSnow

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2016-02-29-10-02-48.jpg Views: N/A Size: 98.1 KB ID: 3664443   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2016-02-29-09-59-02.png Views: N/A Size: 206.8 KB ID: 3664445  
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (14.18 MB)

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[Game Android][+2.3.3] Games UFO - UFO Shooting Games on the familiar old phone.

- Shooting Games UFO familiar on the old phone.
- There are 5 levels, each level has a separate Boss.
* While playing will appear bullets:
• Yellow star: This will shot a spread pattern of bullets.
• White star: The Ship shoot a wide and destructive energy burst.
• Red star: The Ship will launch very powerful missiles.

* Link: :victory:


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Wiko Rainbow need help

Is it possible to Root my Wiko Rainbow via ADB without lost my Data files?

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Android - Not loading short url/ page not found

Hello. I search problem with google but i don't found a help. I have a problem with loading a short url on any broswer. I click on url, broswer is loading page(change a url to oryginal) and i see error page not found. Link is working on pc. This is no spam. I'm a member of a private group on fb about sale of aliexpress and 90% girls using short url "" it's not working on my broswer. is changing to and loading error "not found" i ask the girls about this and Any girl dont have a problem with loading this page, only me. What is a solution. I add filter to google analytics and still dont work

using a decode url is... :eek::rolleyes: spend a lot time

Android 4.4.2, mobile phone lg l65 (d280), root

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bug or feature for windows 10 mobile( store and mail)

I go quietly into account through the store, without confirmation of account (dual authentication).
but when I want to go through the settings in your account, then requests a confirmation account( (dual authentication).
why is this happening?

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Problems with GMail!

Hello, I got myself a Moto X Style yesterday morning. Seems like a great phone. But it is the first android phone I have had where GMail is the main email app to use.
Now I have used GMail for basic Google Account emails before. And it seemed rather fast to open and load. And also receiving emails.
But for some reason now I have my Google Email and my Hotmail Email and it seems to either take a really long time to receive e-mails on my Hotmail or it just doesn't notify me at all.
Plus when I even try to open the app it usually doesn't load for a long time. Or just seems to hang so I have to close it down from recents. Then try it again.
Has any one else encountered these problems. It would be great to get some help. Thank you.

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The 'pauses' with Lenovo K3 Note

Had this phone a few months.. Quite a lot to like, nice size, screen, etc.. The camera isnt the hottest, had some focusing issues but nothing I cant live with for now.

But the pauses are really too much to bear, its the first time I have had a non Nexus phone since the N1 and kind of regretting it.

Currently using the ROW Rom with google now launcher.. Was using Apex launcher but that seemed even worse. Do any of the other ROMs (I see a 'stock like' nexus ROM out there) work smoother ??

Any tips or ticks.. Sometimes when waking the phone up theres a huge lag, so much so it becomes unuseable for a bunch of seconds as it starts app switching or adjusting app focus.

The specs say it should be able to keep up, it feels like a implementation or memory design flaw..

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Asus Zenfone 2 wont OTA Update and bought Flashed with Costum ww Rom

Hi! I bought a Asus Zenfone 2 (Z00AD) 4 from China.
And it wont OTA update firmware and i cant manually do it aswell (Downloaded the new update from Asus homepage and copy/paste it to the phone)
Nothing happend.
So i mailed the dealer of the phone, and i got a massage and it follows
"Dear for we flash customized ww rom, that is why u can not update"

so, my question is, you are the leading developers of costum roms and so, can someone help me? Or Point me in the right path?
Is it somethin i can do my self, so it will update? Or do i have to just suck it up and just be greatful that i have a good phone?

Best Regards // Riffen

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error save in instagram plus in android 6

hi . of time upgrade to android6 instagram plus error save picture . not problem for 5.1 and problem android 6
name error is : error : not found exception: /storge/emulated/0/og insta/best.masjid-2016.227-001.jpg : open failed: eacces (permission denied )

help please:(

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Broken WiFI and SiM recognition


I've noticed people with similar problems to me but none of the fixes seem to work.

I have an EU Moto x style. I unlocked the bootloader and rooted it. After this, the WiFi stopped working.

I tried reflashing the modem (EU version) and this then resulted in the Sim no longer being recognised as well as the wifi continuing to not switch on

So I then tried flashing the lollipop stock recovery rom for EU style. It boots up ok but still no sim or wifi.

Kind of at a loss what to try next. I would have thought the original ROM would return it to the original state but it hasn't. Also tried factory reset, clear cache etc

Any ideas?

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Secret Codes

Recently i figured out that screr codes like *#06# doesnt work anymore
I tried all codes as i know but no chance
How can i get them back?
I can use Phone Info app n use them in secret codes
By i need them through Dialing
Help me
My phone z S6 Edge running MM 6.0.1
CrissCross V2.0 Rom

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BioactiveBlack - Custom Unlocked Boot Logo - Image Set

I did a lot of work on this Boot Logo !
I either re-sampled or remade all the images.
I made sure they were all 96 dpi and the correct size and pure black backgrounds.

It's only tested on the Stock 5.1 Moto E 2nd gen 2015

I flashed it to my phone and tested it out and i seen no problems.. let me know if you all see any.

This is all black with a weird Biohazard symbol as the boot image.
If your phone is locked the boot image should have RED highlights and BLUE for unlocked phones.
One of the things i wanted to do is re-make the button / captions.
I noticed Motorola had done a sloppy job on all the images i noticed many little errors..
Such as their up/down arrow buttons were not a true black background.
Anyway i wanted to redo them so they looked a bit better and would be easier to read.
I think my captions look better :)

This is the unlocked Boot image..

So i decided to drop any TEXT on it..
i tested out with new & old Android fonts and figured it looked better with no words.
This also has black background charger screens.

I did all the GFX with Fireworks and you can edit the theme how you want with "Motorola Boot Logo Maker"
I created a Logo.bin and flashed it but i also saved the flashable .zip from the Logo program (untested)
So i added the zip file here as an attachment.
If you want to use "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" to flash it use "mfastboot flash logo logo.bin" (extract .bin first)
Boot the phone to Bootloader then plug in PC and run command then reboot phone.
If you do the flashable zip route i think you just put it on an SD card and boot TWRP then run flash from there.
I Always flash with ADB though..

Lastly i had been using some basic Motorola logo mod's i made of the stock logo just converted black
So i could upload that version too if people don't want the crazy weird Biohazard thing.
Suggestions are welcome ;)
Oh and i used my own custom animated boot theme i made way back that is all black.. Posted here also.
It's an animation intro from Aqua Hunger Teen Force - The bank robbery intro scene.

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File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (512.4 KB)

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Problem with my SG Note 4 910f after Root

Hi guys,
I've a problem with my galaxy note 4. After root all icons became small. Here a snapshot from my home. Please help me cause it's very difficult to use it. :crying:

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[help] Double tap for wake up Sony C3 dual phone( Android 5.1.1)

Dear all
some time, you don't want press power button for turn on phone( C3dual and..etc). in Z2,Z3 phone of Sony we have this option. but in C3 or C3 dual it not aviable.
if any member have this tool or kenel can help this phone(model Sony C3 Dual) have double tap to wake up. please share to all.
thank you so much

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need bios boot animation for Sony Xperia L

Can I get a bios boot animation for my Xperia L ( C2105)?
My Device -
Xperia L C2105
Rooted ** Unlocked Bootloader
Kernel Version - 3.4.0-g0420b35
ROM - CyanogenMod 11
Build Version - cm taoshan-userdebug 4.4.4 KTU84Q d309d4a0c5 test-keys

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[q] cdc gt-i9060

Hello. First of all sorry for my English. I have 1 big problem with this phone. One my friend download 1 file and... My phone always lagging and etc. I try to do hard reset and phone not load now, show "samsung" and all, nothing more. I try to download new firmware but oden3 don't see device. I try download drivers, a lot of drivers, odin3 can't find device, and In device manager always need driver "CDC Serial". I try to find drivers from ID code, find mediatech vcom usb driver, install it, but odin3 still don't see my phone. What can I do now?

P.S. I try to install driver on 3 different computers... XP x32 Win7 x64 Win7 x64.

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Does Android have these features?

I'm a big fan of android, used it for a lot of years since the HTC HD2 phenomenon started getting bigger and bigger. After that, fast forward, I've tried out an iphone 5 for a year, and I've gotten used to some features that I wish to see if they can be modded into android or even come with newer versions of stock android.

So, here's what I would like to see if it can be done on Android:
  • When you receive an SMS with some keywords such as "meet me tomorrow", tomorrow is underlined and after clicking it it jumps you to creating a pre-filled event for tomorrow.
  • When in the stock browser I play streaming audio such as soundcloud or a live online radio, the notification bar (and the notification bar in the lockscreen) pins play/pause & volume controls for that stream and, keeps them there even if I switch away from the browser and do something else, and that's a very convenient shortcut for me.
  • If you receive an sms, you can quickly reply on the lockscreen, you even get a keyboard
  • When I click a video, it automatically goes fullscreen, no matter if I'm on youtube or a webpage
  • Add shortcuts to web pages on the launcher

Are these features present?
Please, no flame-wars, this is just a subjective review of features that I use, not necessarily features that are the best or that android must have.

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Stock ROM Size


i´ve on Stock ROM with root and my phone shows me a small amount of free space?
I´ve updated from carrier ROM (Vodafone) via TWRP to H815D Stock ROM, how big is the ROM size normally.
If there are some folders which i can delete?

Sorry for my bad english
Best regards from Germany

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Steps to Download Windows 10 Mobile version of Apps manually ( Appx files )

1. Download Charles ( )
2. Open it and connect your Windows 10 Mobile with same WIFI as that of PC
3. Go to WiFi settings in W10M .
4. Click on it.
5. Click on Proxy .
6. Choose " Manual Setup "
7. Write your PC name in place of " Address "
9. Write 8888 in place of " Port "
Now Charles will show data from your Windows 10 Mobile.
10. Start downloading Any app or game you want from Windows Store. It might show error but click on retry.
11. Once the download is finished. Go to Charles.
12 Find " " and click on it.
13. you will find something like this " " ( Here its for Action Note app )
14. Copy it and visit it on any browser and you will be able to download the appx files.
15. However the link wont work after 5 minutes as I think its storing the cache of the app. But using this trick you can download any W10M apps. Even CORE apps like Store.

We found it a month ago. However did not share fearing Microsoft might fix it. Checkout some of the apps we extracted in the link. Its more like extracting the app instead of downloading.

Credits - Team WinPhans and members of WP! facebook Group

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Reduce battery usage on data?

So in the screenshot above, the first long standby was on WiFi, and according to GSam it was draining 0.8%/h, but when on mobile data it drains around double that, at 1.9%/h. I get a full signal with 4G LTE and all when on data, so weak reception isnt an issue. What ways are there to reduce the consumption when on data?

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Lg l9 p760 stuck on Lg logo, Dead android icon with red triangle appears

Hi to all... I have rooted lg l9 just with rootking aplication, didn't unlock bootloader (I don't know how to do it but I have read that it is important :D ) .. it worked perfect, but after few days it stuck on black screen with
Secure booting unsuccesfull

I have fixed that with Lg flash tool and V20H_00.kdz , it worked fine for a few days, and now it is stuck on lg logo , I cant do anything, when I want to do a hard reset dead android icon with red triangle apears... I tried again with Lg flash tool but it stops on 50% every time... I dont know what is problem here... I am new in all this and know to do something just with good explanation :D
I'm running out of hope, sorry for my english :))

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Any ROM with Hardwarebutton Key Switch on Android MM?

Hey folks, I hope I got the right section for my question:
Do someone know any ROM Based on Android Marshmellow, which inkludes a funktion to swap the hardwarekeys "back" and "menu"? So, I think since Lollipop, Android swapped these buttons and I can just not habituate with that! :(
Everyone is crying about FP and laser autofokus, but no one inkludes this small function. Yes the most ROMs allow to give the menu/recents button some options to change, but I want the BACK button at the right and the MENU button on the left and holding home for RECENTS.
I've tried so many ROMs on different states, but never found that function.

Well, maybe you guys know such a ROM, where the funcion is included and if there never was one I would appreciate it if someone would inklude this in future ROMs! THANK YOU!

Oh btw. the latest version with that function I've found is the RAZOR fix from jan'16 (, but this is still Lollipop and comes with some bugs for me. Their official website is still down for me, I can't get more information.

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cm 12 for gionee p5w

Dear sir
Plz make a cm12 custom rom for gionee p5w .its a humble request.plz

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CF Auto Root 6.0.1 G928C

CF has released Auto Root for Marshmallow for G928C.

Cheers and enjoy.

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Copy all data from s6 to s7

Hi Everyone

Can anyone tell me if its possible to move all stuff from my s6 edge to s7 edge ?

if yes how I can do this ? , smartswitch ?

Thanks in advance.

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Bought a refurbished phone, get rid of apps (Vendor) auto-installing on first boot?

General Phone information:
  • Device: SM-G920F - Knox Tripped, phone was bought refurbished with 5.1.1 installed.
  • aTerminator™_G920F_DPAD_M.6.0.1_1.5500.Dev.EDGE_XE U - Android 6.0.1
  • 3.10.61 SpaceX MM RC 2.1 - Link
  • Rooted with SuperSU 2.67
  • Flashed phone after cleaning up all data on it first (Clean install)

Whenever I flash a new ROM from scratch, or recover the stock rom on the device, there are approx 5 applications that reinstall themselves on the very first boot of each ROM. Those applications are vendor-specific (Telenor, Norway). Are there any hidden partitions that makes this happen?
Why does this happen (a little explanation, so I understand how it works :) )? And how could I remove/prevent this from happening?

When I bought the phone, it was not locked to any service provider, but presumably it was before. The phone was informed to be a demo model at a store for about 2 weeks.
I haven't got to try any methods yet, as I am unsure about how and what this is.
Thanks for any responses, if you need any information besides what I entered above, just comment and I'll reply.

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P8000 wont charge

Hey Guys,

I had my P8000 now for several months and am happy so far.
Up until yesterday everything was working fine. I wanted to charge my phone over night as I do almost every night. When I woke up this morning the phone wasn´t charged at all. I pluged it in at 33% and that´s exactly what was left when I unpluged it this morning. I thought that the charged might be broken so I tried two other chargers. But It´s always the same: The LED lights up and the phone indicates that it´s being charged.
I´m now down to 27% and turned the phone of so that the battery doesn´t drain completely.
Any advice on what I could do?


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Nvidia SHIELD Android TV Recovery Firmware 2.1 Android 5


2.1 PRO

Backup in my MEGA

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WHAFF Rewards Introduces its No SDK User-friendly Dashboard

WHAFF Rewards, a global mobile marketing firm finally introduces its dashboard for advertisers.
Now advertisers can enjoy user-friendly dashboard and make their own campaigns themselves without communicating with our representatives.
We also give $100 in bonus credits after registration. So hurry to register at WHAFF DOT COM before this promotion ends!
To find out more about our service, please check our brochure, please send emails to

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[FREE][Android][APP][4.1+] Screen Lock (One touch to turn off and lock screen) v.3.0

Replace hardware power button with software button to lock screen
Just one touch to lock and turn off screen.
The hardware power button of some devices is not well designed. The frequent use to power on/off screen may damage it. We provided the software shortcuts to replace it and extend its lifespan.

★ Different kinds of shortcuts (buttons):
- Display on home screen
- Display in the notification
- Float over other apps

★ Features:
- Adjust the size of icon
- Adjust the opacity of icon
- Built-in icon library
- Select icon from the pictures in your device
- Vibrate when locking
- Play sounds when locking
- Display weather information in floating shortcut
- Floating shortcut can auto hide in fullscreen mode
- Set floating shortcut to the desired position on the screen
- Floating shortcut can auto return to lock position
(In this mode, when shortcut is moved, it will automatically move back to lock position in seconds.
To change lock position, just move it to new position & hold in seconds)

★ Notice:
If you need to uninstall our application, please must uninstall it from "Screen Lock Settings".

[v.3.0] 2015.03.01
- Improved power consumption and memory usage
- Fixed floating shortcut will not be auto hidden in some cases

[v.2.15] 2015.02.13
- Added more icons
- Fixed the selected icon can't be saved successfully
- Bug fixes

[v.2.14] 2016.01.29
- Fixed floating shortcut will not be auto hidden in some cases

[v.2.13] 2016.01.02
- Supported Arabic (العربية)
- Supported Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
- Supported Turkish (Türkçe)
- Bug fixes

You can download the latest version (Free) from the Google Play at

If you have any suggestion or new features you would like, please feel free to reply this post or send email to us. Thanks!



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SIM card not detected on CM13 based ROMs

Hi guys, my Moto X Play is the XT1562, single SIM UK version and I'm running stock debloated ROM (see signature), I've tried running CM13 based ROMs and even OrionOS, which seems to be AOSP based, but the SIM is not detected on any of these ROMs, tried Pac-Rom based on 5.1.1 and on this one, everything works fine.

Is there any fix for single SIM Moto X Play? I've see other people with the same issue, but I haven't found a solution, please let me know if there is any.

Thanks =D

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Downgraded from MM to LP + Rooted --> Qualcomm QC 2.0 is now gone !?!?

Hey guys,

I successfully downgraded from MM to LP and rooted :D

But...when I plugged in a Qualcomm 2.0 charger when I had MM - it would say 'fast charging'.

Now that I am back with LP - it doesn't say fast charging and I am not sure it is actually charging faster.

Any ideas? Is there any tweaks I can do to bring back qualcomm 2.0 now that I am rooted?


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Sunday, February 28, 2016

will T-mobile s7 be working on CDMA?

Here is the network support I found from t-mobile support website. The following data means at least T-mobile S7/S7 edge can be used in china and even Asia countries. But it didn't say that it will support CDMA. Anyone has any data to show that sprint version will support the following bands? I have talked with sprint, they said that as long as we pay it in full price. The phone can be unlocked. If it can be unlocked, and it can support the following bands, then sprint version can be universal. But when I was chatting with sprint representative, The rep said that he doesn't know the specification.

2G/3G/4G/LTE Capable
GSM: '850, 900, 1800, 1900
UMTS: Band5(850), Band4(AWS), Band2(1900), Band1(2100)
LTE: B2,B4,B12
LTE Roaming: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B18/B19/B20
TDD 38,39,40,41
TDSCDMA : Band34, Band39

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Stream your android screen to PC in 5 minutes!

You will need:

A brain:p
An android phone📱
And of course a PC💻
We need to use a Chrome web app called AllCast Receiver so go ahead and download it.Also copy port 53515.Next go to windows firewall settings,right click on InBound rules and select new rule.
(--> = next)
Click on:
Port-->TCP-->Paste 53515 on the blank line-->Allow the connection-->✅Domain✅Private✅Public

Again all the same but UDP:
Port-->UDP-->Paste 53515 on the blank line-->Allow the connection-->✅Domain✅Private✅Public

You can now launch AllCast Receiver and wait.

Open Play Store and download Mirror Beta.After launching app you will(hopefully)see your PC ready to receive!:DJust make you're connected to the same network.

Hope you like and have fun with it,cheers;)
(click thanks:thumbup: )

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Require professional "HELP"!Please! Accidentally deleted OS of my unknown device :(

Hello talented mobile techs. Just want to say I admire your intellect and hope to know a little more every day. FYI the device I screwed up is Ultron X1 by Sterk. I wanted to add a custom ROM because it only runs on 4.4.4 (kit kat). For all the experts here is the hardware specifications of this unpopular device:

CPU: MediaTek MT6582
GPU: Mali-400 MP2 GPU

I dont know if I can provide anymore information for Im a beginner at all this :(
I appreciate your help before Hand.


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WiFi doesn't connect automatically

My ISP needs login each time I want to access the internet. When I toggle on WiFi, it doesn't automatically connect but shows the message "No internet access detected, won't automatically reconnect". (screenshot attached). So I have to manually connect.
I googled this problem and found that Google themselves made this happen from 5.1.1. is there any Xposed module or any other solution to automatically reconnect.Unable to connect to Internet

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2016-02-28-14-56-40.png Views: N/A Size: 60.1 KB ID: 3663127  

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Can't install Kali linux


I installed Complete linux installer, terminal emulator and vnc viewer
With complete linux installer i located my img file for Kali linux (downloaded through the app) and launched it

Terminal Emulator gives "Error: image file not found!" along with the path's file!!

How to fix that ?

Yes, I am properly rooted.
Yes, Busybox is properly installed.
Yes, ALL the apps have root permission.
Yes, I've enabled root writing in my file explorer.

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Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Resetting mobile internet

I'm having trouble with keeping my Redmi Note 2 connected to home Wi-Fi. In the Wi-Fi menu, it often shows "Authentication problem". I am not experiencing this issue with any other Wi-Fi connection. Also, I have double checked to make sure the password is correct, and it definitely is not a password problem as it sometimes works.

I've even tried changing the password of my router, as well as the SSID (router wireless network name) to something else, thinking that it may have been a factor. Both methods did not help.

In addition to this, I am getting very poor reception at home for my data connection speeds. I don't think this is an issue with the phone though, as an iPhone 6S at home also has poor reception. However, I'm trying to figure out how to reset the network settings and I can't find it anywhere in the menus..

Would appreciate any assistance! Thanks.

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How to get more free space

Hello! I bought Xperia M4 for my older son. As this is a common problem, like many others, he ran out of free space after he installed a few apps from Google Play. I've already look across the internet to resolve this, but I didn't get the point. So, my question is: If I root his phone and we delete some bloatware, do we get more internal space for apps out of the box? Regards, Zagor

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How to buid Snap(cm13's camera app)

hey guys:)
i've download the Snap camera's source from github(
but when i open the project in AndroidStudio,it couldn't be built.(No build apk option there):(
Also,i try "make" in Ubuntu,but it said "cannot find makefile"
What should i do?:rolleyes:

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Is there a way to lock my screen while listening to music on YT?

HI guys!
Is there any hacked YT version, which the screen locking don't stops the video? I usually listen to music on YT and i want to shut the screen off to save battery. I don't want to download all the music, and i can't download all of them i listen to.. I tried many other apps, none of them helped me. It would be the best, if i could use the YT, beacause i often listen to full playlists, and other apps can't handle my playlists or autoplay.

Thank you:)

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Has anyone seen a bumper case yet for the Mi 5?

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Can't go back to 5.1.1 from 6.0.1 - won't boot after recovery

I tried to go back to 5.1.1 via my TWRP backup.

Everything seems to go okay but the phone goes blank after a few seconds of splash screen when trying to boot into my restored 5.1.1 for the first time.

I managed to get into download mode and flashed 6.1.1 again so not a disaster.

Anyone know why it won't boot after restore?

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Disguise for Facebook



i bring to you yet another FaceBook Client this one was built to my taste and feel!


* Material Theme
* Pull to Reload
*Faster Android Phone
*Improved Battery life

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Still making Nexus 7 2013 ?

Recently bought a new Nexus 7 2013 from Argos (UK) and notice that date of manufacture on the box is December 2015. I thought they had stopped producing this tablet some time ago ?


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It is a theme based on concept of galaxy S7 Touchwiz remixed with my personal touches to look best on stock android!
This theme is based on Samsung Galaxy S7 and is perfect for those who like the looks of Touchwiz!
The Highlighting point of this theme is that it doesn't totally copy galaxy S7 but the colours and the looks are remixed such that they look much better than totally S7 based themes which do not go well with non- Touchwiz based phones.


Attached Files
File Type: apk as7theme.apk - [Click for QR Code] (7.14 MB)

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CM12.1 Compiling problem

Im compiling a CM12.1 for my device G531M but im facing this weird error (at least for me) any help?:

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Porting help

Hi guys!
I'm new to the world of RomS, and I wanted to try to port a Marshmallow ROM. Anyone can give me an advice?

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Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Viper4android driver install problem

Hello,I'm using Albe95 Lollirom 8.0 and everytime I want to install Viper4android driver this error appears:"Driver install failed:The busybox installation found on your device does not work.This usually means you installed a wrong or broken busybox.V4a needs Stericson's busybox to work.If you are sure you installed the proper busybox,then please confirm your device has been completely rooted.
Please note that I already got Stericson busybox installed.

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[APP][3.1+] UARecorder - USB Audio Recorder

With UARecorder you can record high-quality stereo sounds from the USB interface of your smartphone.

Main specs:

- Input source: MIC internal/external, USB
- Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz (MIC), 44.1/48/96/192 kHz (USB)
- Channel mode: Mono (MIC), Mono/Stereo (USB)
- Bit depth: 16 (MIC), 16/24 (USB)
- Graphic display of peak levels
- Adjustable input sensitivity (USB only)
- Data saved to file or streamed via TCP/IP in WAV format
- User guide included
- Free of ads

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HTC one m10

When the HTC one m10 hits for Verizon, it better get root!!! And unlock! I swear Verizon is really pissing me off the way they're locking their devices down. Pretty excited about this phone and I just don't want to be disappointed like I was with pretty much every other Verizon phone

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sm-g928i boot looping

Hello I recently rooted my phone it went well i can get in to Philz touch 6 but after it rebooted to the logo it loops. i don't know why there were no errors while installing everything.

Australia Samsung s6 edge+ optus.

Kind regards Kyle. J

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Required Costom recovery for Micromax Q469

Need custom recovery for Micromax Q469 I have searched for it alot but not getting it... I have to install Xposed installer but it requires costom rom... So guys if anyone can help plzzz do this favor Thanks

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[ROM][6.0.1][OFFICIAL]Android Open Kang Project(AOKP)

Now Presenting AOKP MM for the Titan

Device: Titan

>> Installation is simple:

If coming from another ROM or another major AOKP version, wipe data in recovery
Make sure you're using the latest CWM or TWRP
Flash ROM
Flash Google Apps (GAPPS)

>> Check merged commits on AOKP's Gerrit

_____Titan Official Builds_____
In order from Newest to Oldest..

you tell me :P

Special Thanks
Rookie Thread
Everyone that enjoys this Rom

>> AOKP Gerrit
>>AOKP on Github
>>Source on

We greatly appreciate your contribution in the form of code, or PayPal donations.
>> Donation options on


XDA:DevDB Information
AOKP Official For Titan, ROM for the Moto G 2014

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked bootloader and TWRP
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Nightly

Created 2016-02-28
Last Updated 2016-02-28

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need help! completely stuck

HI there! just buy on ebay HTC A9 ATT. cid -CWS-001 MID-2PQ12000. its ATT locked and s-on. ATT IMEI blacklisted!!!!!!! then i buy unlock code from HTC premium service to unlock gsm-not working. The phone was a demo phone(i think) coz got little burned lcd. the firmware was 1.27.502.5 and for unlock service phone must have a stock firmware. but its not work for me. Then i try root it to flash previous stock firmware and delete all, now cant restore it cant mount in TWRP 2.8.70 the restore from sd (rename to 2PQ9IMG)not working (19_RU...... mistake),then after root i reflash stok boot and recovery then run 1.27.502.5 RUU exe- OK ,but bootloader show its unlocked and The firmware is modified????????????
need links :
ATT stock system .img !!!!!!!!!
ATT stock boot img
ATT stock recovery.img

JUST NEED TO BACK 100% STOCK to try unlock it. not planning s-off.
Any solution?

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Unfortunately, Dialer Has Stopped | CM13

From both Temasek's CM13 and the original CM13, I can't use the phone without the Dialer crashing. I can call people, but the phone app/Dialer crash. Is there any known fix to this problem, or at least some more people experiencing the same thing?

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Remote file manager from PC

Is there a way to manage the files/folders on the watch from PC? I mean, I have installed ES file manager on the watch, but working with it in such a small display is not so easy. I would prefer to connect the watch to computer (either WIN or MAC) and manage the files from there.

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Galaxy Mega won't start after failed download mode.

Helo guys,

I tryed to change my smashed screen and with the new one it turned off after 20 seconds. I tryed to go from 4.4 to 4.2 in order to repair the bug.

I pu the phone in download mode and charged the root file bu after a time it disconect from usb by mistake.

Now the phone doesn't starts at all.

When I contect it to the PC throug usb cable the PC makes a sound as it detects the phone, but the phone its dead. Nothing works.

Odin dosen't recognized.

Is it dead? Can I do anything to make it work? Boot from sd? something?

It does not even appear to charge the battery. Nothing.


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Replace thermal grease

Hi! I've heard that thermal grease can be replaced to prevent overheating and I have a question. Has anyone tried it (rn2 owner ofc)? If so, does it help? And how to do it?

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Can you change the status/nav bar icon colors?

Like with G3 tweaksbox you can change all kinds of things like colors of status bar icons like the battery, signal strength, wifi, data, etc. Can change clock position and format and color. Can change led notification colors, and many other things. Anything like this for Galaxy phones/touch wiz?

Check out my current home screen. Want to duplicate this on the edge s7. Is it possible?

Sent from my LG-D851 using XDA Free mobile app

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: 1456648477490.jpg Views: N/A Size: 144.3 KB ID: 3663099  

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Audio files undetectable

Hi all,

Nexus 4 is running on Lollipop 5.1.1 stock.

For the longest time, audio files are not detected by any of the music players be it Play Music or any third party apps.

Since I have ton of data on my phone I cannot format it either to install a new rom on it and frankly this is the only issue with the device. Any suggestions to rectify it will be highly appreciated.


Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk

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Philz recovery is not reading my sdcard!

I need help. After I updated my phone to lollipop, I wanted to flash a zip for xposed using Philz recovery (through Flashify and stock recovery). But it says thay it can't mount external sd. What was that even mean? I clicked the mount sd card in the settings and safely removed it.

I tried the cwm recovery (through Flashify and stock) but I got bootloop.

I also tried two (2) .img recoveries but I was just stuck at the bootlogo.

I hope somebody can help me. Thanks.


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Last KLD upgrade problems

My Autopumpkin KLD/RK3066 unit recently started giving me the " has stopped" message, so I thought it was time to step it up and get one of the latest ROM's here. Anyways, I started at:

Jan 22, 2015 13:50


Kernel 3.0.361
Build rk3066-eng4.4.4.23012015.1544

...and I went to KLD 2.78/latest update.img date 12/31/2015 called update_4_4_4_FUSE_800X480_RK3066_33_MAL_30_12_2015

What an amazing difference! Too many great things to name so I can never go back, however, my rear pre-amp channel has disappeared, and radio reception no longer works, when both these features were working before the flash upgrade. It's possible that the solder broke on the antenna lead as mentioned in other threads, I'll check that, but have others encountered these issues simultaneously? Did I overwrite with the wrong MCU.img? I've tried every Radio Tuner in the pulldown under Factory Settings...

One other minor issue, I can't change the rotating startup logo to the Porsche logo, it appears to accept my change, but then never does it.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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[ROM][PORT][ZR[5.1.1][.228] eXistenZ Premium | 4.0.0 | FINAL

Here is a port the final edition of @niaboc79 eXistenZ ROM for Sony Xperia ZR .
All information about this ROM, features and etc you can read in the original thread.

What's new in v4.0.0?
  • Based on latest Sony's 5.1.1 10.7.A.0.228
  • Optmization of PhoneStatusBar setting observer.
  • Slim Recent panel can be activated without restarting systemUI.
  • Slim Recent card background color can be changed without restarting systemUI.
  • Add option for position date left-right of clock.
  • Make all 14 font variants available to Statusbar Clock.
  • Statusbar Clock font resizing.
  • Lockscreen Weather city name limited to 12 characters.
  • Add Gesture Anywhere settings.
  • Add App Side Bar settings.
  • Add Gesture Anywhere Quick Toggle.
  • Add App Side Bar Qucik Toggle.
  • New Quick settings types:
    • Bar
    • Panel
    • Hidded
  • Add back eXistenZ Battery and Stamina Icons.
  • Themed restart SystemUI app and removed it from Home launcher.
  • Xperia Z5 In Call UI.
  • New images used for Modern Custom header image (Thanks to ESPS).
  • Custom Header overlay with Xperia images removed from system/vendor/overlay (name changed to .bak).
  • Rewrote all Task Manager implentation code.
  • Add two states to the Task Manager button.
  • Add Carrier Label settings.
  • Add eXistenZ Logo settings.
  • Add latest Android M Home launcher (Thanks to jjwrongjj).
  • Add various Icon Packs(Thanks to jjwrongjj).
  • Add Frenchtranslations to settings.
  • Adapt various apps and framework to new eXistenZ themes.
  • Add new eXistenZ MIUI v7 theme.
  • Fixed various issues.
  • Removed stereo ouputs.
  • Many optimizations done inside code.

eXistenZ Premium v4.0.0 (Mega): Click

  1. Place ROM in your SD card or Internal Storage
  2. Reboot into recovery mode
  3. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  4. Flash ROM.
  5. Reboot
Enjoy ;)

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help me with hp stream 7 tablet

hi please my hp stream 7 tablet it bitlocker recovery .
how can I recovery it or how can I find a fraimware for it .

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Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM for A210

Hey folks,
I know this rom is a bit older one S5 one, but the reason why I have uploaded is because i found it the most stable and smooth!!
I want you all to try this....
Please do try the ART runtime, I did not test it since my device is not in perfect condition.. Please do try and report me if you found any bugs... :highfive::highfive::highfive::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:
Enjoy this rom!! All the best!!


- Both SIM and 3G video calling is also available.

- It was replaced with the latest versions of Google applications.

- Deleted all unnecessary applications from the system and made simple.
- Rom 1: S5 interface because it is the closest one can tell ROM.

- Ram usage is fine level between the amount of free RAM 500-600mb.

- Rom's signature control is turned off.

- Wi-Fi gravity was increased.

- Rom in init.d support is available.

- Kernel has rootED. - A Xposed module for your life fully experience the S5 has been included in the system.
- Incoming / outgoing calls in the screen off automatically to the problem was resolved.
Inspiring the system from the deep sleep mode to improve battery performance and avoid the transfer of the system to the deep sleep mode;

* Trip Advisor
* Flipboard
* ChatON
* Magazines
* Mac Music (instead AOSP Music Player added)

applications have been removed from the system.

- Added tweak to improve battery performance.

- Xposed Framework formed by the use of the names of persons appearing in incoming call problem has been fixed. (You can use Xposed seamlessly)

STePs to InStaLL
Download the ROM and store it on your SD-Card.
-Start Recovery Mode ( Only use PhilzTouch Recovery )
-Wipe Data or Factory Reset
-Clean to Install new Rom
-Install ROM
-Install Patches.


S5 rom:-
Boot Patch:-
Modem Patch:-
camera patch:- the same one from dani..

please try the rom and report(art also),
thank you.:good::good::laugh::laugh:

XDA:DevDB Information
Galaxy S5 ROM, ROM for the Micromax Canvas 4 A210

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: cwm recovery, canvas 4

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1

Created 2016-02-28
Last Updated 2016-02-28

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Mate 7 bricked

Hi Folks,
Could you please help me out here; i have took my phone for tow certified shops to repair it, but they couldn't.
it is mate 7 TL10, and it has been bricked and stuck on Rescue mode when i was trying to update it.
Now all i need is to bring it back to the stock rom (factory frame) without rooting it.


Please help...

from xda-developers

[Q] Need Help. My Samsung galaxy note 2 display horizontally Flipped.

from xda-developers


Hi guys,
Please post the MM ROM with kernel.So That Others Can Choose Their ROM wisely

from xda-developers

[build.prop] [4.4x-5.1.1]


Hello Dear Grand 2 User & Dev this is Build.prop just copy/paste what u want of tweaks on ur Build.prop then save & reboot

Guys this may work on ur Rom & may not so some roms didn't work with this build.prop so asking ur Dev roms okay Guys


#thereassaad TWEAKS
# Better Responsiveness & Speed

# More RAM
#Hardware Power Saving

#Disable Miscellaneous Android Logging Stuff

#Enable ADB Debugging By Default & Disable USB Debugging Popup
persist.service.adb.enable=1 persist.service.debuggable=1

#Disable Logers

#Disable Kernel Error Checking

# Reduce dial-out time

# Other Tweaks:

#DHA tunning

#Disable Strict Mode Checking

#Better signal reception

#For Sensor Sleep Control

#Faster Boot-Animation FPS

#Tether/Hotspot Tweak

#Enable Quick Power-On Mode To Reduce Boot-Time

#Disable Scrolling Cache For Faster Scrolling


# Wireless Tweaks
net.ipv4.tcp_mem=187000 187000 187000
net.ipv4.tcp_rmem=4096 39000 187000
net.ipv4.tcp_wmem=4096 39000 18700

# Video Acceleration Enabled And HW debugging
debug.egl.profiler=1 # Measure rendering time in adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo


# 3G signal and speed tweaks

# Modify MTU from 1500 to 1472 on 3G network for speeding up

# Dialing Tweaks

# Smoother video streaming and tweak media
# Increase camera's photo and video recording quality[/COLOR]

Hit Thanks Bcoz I Brought it 2 u:good:

from xda-developers

How return from TWRP to original recovery NO ROOT

Hello I install TWRP to my Mate S without root,but now I can't update my phone and I can't restore the backup I get. How I go back to the original recovery.

from xda-developers

Stereo Soundmod - Xperia Z5


1. Root
2. X-plore or any other file manager with root access


1. Extract and replace "mixer_paths.xml" in root/system/etc
2. Change the permissions to rw-r--r--
3. Restart your mobile

Mod Includes:

1. Internal speaker volume boost.
2. Headphones boost.
3. Stereo sound in speaker mode during a voice call.


I won't be responsible if anything goes wrong.
I'm also providing the stock xml file if you want to revert back to the original settings.

from xda-developers