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Airplane mode - keep Bluetooth and WiFi


//some info :
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Beanstalk 6.12 (based on CM, android 6.0.1)
Xposed enabled, rooted etc.

Coverage in my school is pretty bad - low to no signal. Too much concrete I guess. Because of it my battery drops pretty fast even when I'm not using my phone.

I made a tasker profile to enable the airplane mode when there's no signal. Task detect if BT/WiFi was enabled before and turns it on again. Task disables Airplane mode after 20 mins to check for signal, and whole task restart.

However the problem is that BT is disconnected for a while, which is anoying and disables smart lock (up to first unlock), disconnect BT headphones and watch. Tweak is worth it ; now battery drops much slower. I want it to keep checking every 20 mins because there are some places where signal is pretty good.

//the question
I'm looking for a way to tweak airplane mode (or just disable signal with other method), and leave BT/WiFi untouched.

So far I found this :

I guess it's for older android versions, but tried anyway. In this folder I have almost right file. It's called "settings.db-journal". SQLite editor can't open it and build in editor shows Chinese? letters?.

If you could help me that would be awesome.


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[Index] Collection of Mate S firmware (downloads)

Welcome to a central place where you can download all kinds of firmware versions for the Mate S
I will try to add more versions once they become available. Enjoy fast and uncapped download speeds here since some of them are terribly slow on the Huawei website.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device!

Official Firmware CRR-L09
  • CRR-L09C432B114 [5.1.1][Lollipop][EMUI3.1][FULL_Version] Download: Huawei server || Google Drive ||
  • CRR-L09C432B145 [5.1.1][Lollipop][EMUI3.1][FULL_Version] Download: Huawei server || Google Drive
  • CRR-L09C432B145 [5.1.1][Lollipop][EMUI3.1][OTA_Version] Download: Google Drive ||
  • CRR-L09C432B303 [6.0][Marshmallow][EMUI4.0][OTA_BETA]Download: Google Drive || || Note: B145 required

Official Firmware CRR-L00
  • will be updated

Unofficial firmware/custom roms
  • Nothing here (yet..)

Offical kernel source (for developers only)

How to: An update guide (document) is included within the download (zipped file).

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Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful. What Now?

So made a pretty bonehead move. Long story short used the imei number off my box forgetting i received another phone. So after using cellunlock for a code(which was obviously wrong) i couldnt get the phone unlocked. I got a free code from at&t after using the right imei number off cell phone but it will not work. Im still getting Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful. From what I read on previous posts im pretty much screwed. however those posts were from years back. Is there anything I can possibly do to unlock this cell phone?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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🌟 Galaxy S4 Telegram Chat Group 🌟

Galaxy S4 Telegram Chat Group


Hi there, I have build a group at Telegram for people with certain knowledge of android and technology , S4 developers, testers & same kind , to share our ideas and talk freely about tech related stuffs and android development.

Note: (This group doesn't require you to publish your phone number.)

Download Telegram App:

In case you don't have the Telegram Messenger yet you can get one by the following links:

Official Telegram App : Download from Google play
Telegram+ (Plus Messenger) : Download From Google play

Join Link:

If you have Telegram app installed,
Then click on the link below to join this Group:

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Samsung TouchWiz 6.0 Dark Theme Request

Is there anyway someone can instruct me or guide me to getting the TouchWiz 6.0 Dark Theme to work with the s7 edge. It was available in the Samsung theme store for the Note 5 and Samsung S6 Edge + when it was running lollipop but now when you search for it in marshmallow it isn't there. Any help would be appreciated

Sent from my SM-G935V using XDA-Developers mobile app

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How is 5x International version in the US?

I'm receiving a 5x this weekend, its the international version. Does anyone have experience with this version in the US on T-mobile? I know it doesnt have band 12, so thats my only concern.

Please share your experience, so I know if I should buy the US model instead
(got the 32gb for $250 during an ebay sale).

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MOD APK : Asphalt 8 Last Version

This game allows multiplayer play and is not subject to Xbox Live Family Settings. Microsoft shares User IDs and gamertags. LEAVE GRAVITY IN THE DUST The best arcade racing game series reaches a new turning point! Perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine! LUXURY DREAM CARS • More than 95 high-performance cars (80% NEW!) • Top licensed manufacturers and models like the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX, Lamborghini Aventador and Pagani Zonda R • Newly recorded high-fidelity car motor sounds for realistic audio immersion GET AIRBORNE • Hit the ramps and take the race above • Perform barrel rolls and wild 360º jumps • Maneuver through the air, pulling stunts while racing NEW EXOTIC LOCATIONS • Race in 13 different settings like Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, the Nevada Desert, Dubai and other exciting locations! • All tracks available in original and mirror variations in Career mode • Discover plenty of hidden shortcuts NEW FEATURES FOR SPEED FREAKS • 9 seasons & more than 300 events in Career mode • Stunning visuals thanks to next-gen shaders, real-time geometry reflection & other amazing effects for a new simulation of speed! • A detailed damage system like nothing you've seen before • Check out the new Infected and Drift Gate game modes SIMULTANEOUS MULTIPLAYER & GHOST CHALLENGES • Simultaneous multiplayer action for up to 12 real opponents! • Dare friends to asynchronous races in your favorite cars • Compare scores on the new leaderboards with friends and drivers around the world • Share your racing achievements and prove that you're the ultimate speed machine MUSIC TO REV YOUR SOUL • A heart-thumping mix of amazing licensed music for your game • Featuring real tracks from Bloc Party, Mutemath & The Crystal Method! A game for fans of
watch on youtube :
Download :

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Phone Locking Up

I'm hoping that this isn't a unique problem just for me but this is literally the first time I've had this problem. Depending on the use of my Note 5 will determine if I can even unlock my phone the next time I turn it on. I'll go about my usual use of any phone should be able to accomplish (browsing Instagram/Facebook/Chrome/Email/Pinterest/etc.). After a little while it become noticeable that the phone is starting to slow down considerably if I continue to use it. However, the one that really grinds my gears is I'll do my typical browsing and then lock my phone, put it back in my pocket. Something we all do, however, the next time I go to pull out my phone I can't even get the screen to come on for sometimes five minutes. I can hear it thinking with random sounds of the lock screen either responding to my fingers touching the screen or the un/lock sound but nothing happens. Sometimes, I can see the screen and all the notifications that I want to check on but nothing is happening. Sometimes, I'll double tap the home button to get to the camera shortcut programmed to it and sometimes the camera app comes up like it should but it is completely unresponsive.

So the steps I've tried to resolve the issue:
  • Restore to Stock ROM
  • Different ROMs
  • Even leaving the Stock ROM alone and just seeing if it still occurs

I'm just not sure what to try next. There's a chance the problem could be a memory error that's occurring physically but I'm not 100% sure.

Attached is my Note 5's current state of customization. Any help with this would be very very much appreciated.

Thank you

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: 2016-03-31 19.56.19.png Views: N/A Size: 195.3 KB ID: 3703170   Click image for larger version Name: 2016-03-31 19.56.24.png Views: N/A Size: 184.2 KB ID: 3703171  

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Youtube resolution

Hi guys, I'm sorry if this has been discussed in another thread, but I've been digging into this for about 2 hours now, and found nothing. I have a backup galaxy s advance, that I recently flashed with a cm 11 rom, and I'm not sure, but I'm under the impression that before with 4.1.2 stock, I could watch 480p videos on youtube, now the maximum resolution is 360p, and it's kinda pixelated. My question is....stock, is 360p the maximum resolution supported ? Also, is there any mod/fix whatever that can force youtube to go to 480p ? From my limited knowledge a 800x480 display should be 480p compatible, but please correct me if I'm wrong :) I've tried to modify the pixel density from build prop, but with no effect. Any help would be much appreciated :)

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XT1524 SD Card Error


I have huge issues with my SDCard. Since I'm on CM13 and formated the SD as internal memory, the card becomes corrupted after a few weeks. My first card which was replaced suddenly caused the system to freeze and then it would not Boot while the card was inserted. Every attempt to reformatreformat in TWRP (which initially did not boot with inserted card too) or in Windows were unsuccessful so I assume the card was broken on a low level.

The new card shows similar signs after only a week (read only fs errors) but I was able to reformat in Android to the "normal" external Mode. I should mention that it is a 64GB Sdxc card. It the only difference between sdxc and sdhc is filesystem support right?

Does anyone have issues with internal memory mode?

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[Need help]

I have galaxy a7 (16) and its processor is AArch64,can i instal xposed for arm64 on it? Or arm64 and aarch64 are difrnt thing?

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Screen with Stain, can't fix

My device started last week with a stain in the screen that I can´t fix, has anybody have this happened?

It´s a yellowish mark on the top left side of the phone, haven't droped it or smashed it, or anything other than regular use, does anybody know?
Attached is an image of the mark.

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: 20160331_133005.jpg Views: N/A Size: 369.5 KB ID: 3703163   Click image for larger version Name: 20160331_133004.jpg Views: N/A Size: 310.8 KB ID: 3703164  

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need to root android samsung s3 any help will be appreciated

Which is the best rooting software ? suggest names and how to use them

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Any italian experience with MI 5 LTE?

Heya! :)

I live in a big city in Italy (Torino), my Mi 5 has just been shipped and I'm going to receive it soon enough.

I've read many mixed reviews on the LTE reception recently, so I'm wondering if there's any italian owner of a Mi 5 here that can shed light on that topic based on his/her experience.

In a big city do you really miss the fact it lacks support for the frequency FDD-LTE 800 MHz? How does it work for you and which carrier do you have?

I've read there's an attempt in progress to unlock the B20 band ( and I think I'll join the discussion to check if I can provide any help... however this is my first B20-lacking device and I've no idea what I'm going into, so any real life experience would be of help atm! :cool:

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Picking up AT&T Pre-Order today

I'll update later with my initial thoughts, but I am pretty excited to finally be getting a new phone, and am excited for how different the g5 is. I was told it would be in store one the 29th, but at least I still got it before official store launch. Also, I went with Titan, anyone else go with that color?

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need help to temp root s6 edge G925A 5.0.2 G925AUCU2AOF3 to write cert

Hi, can't find any info here regard root for G925AUCU2AOF3, just need to temp root to write cert. any help is appreciated.

Kernel version
Thu Jun 18 KST 2015

I can pay $25 if anybody can help.

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Why are some firmware regions listed as "n/a"

On this page:

When hovering over the region acronym, the full country name become listed as a pop-up. But when hovering over some regions, like the TLE one near the top there, it instead lists "n/a". I know n/a stands for Not Applicable, but what is meant by certain acronyms having that designation?

Also, does anyone know what acronym stands for the USA and Canada?

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Is anyone willing to build an AOSP ROM without root?

I've been searching for an AOSP ROM to make my G2 almost like a Nexus, and I would attempt to build it if I had enough space. I'd like to be able to run Android Pay and Miitomo on it, while having Android M.

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Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 edge frp lock,google lock,samsung lock remove

Hello Here everyone

I seen here a lot of people having problem with google lock and samsung lock on galaxy S7 and many 2016 models

i can do those ...

contact me i will remove for you at my best :):):):):)

This is worlds Exclusive ..

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Help with part for SM-N900T or SM-N900A and black screen issue.


1) I have phone that was water damaged on couple parts (The water detection stickers are intact on cell phone and inside under main board, except on battery have half red)
I was cleaning board and one tiny resistor was burned/unsoldered well it come off and I was not able to measure it. It is R710 (look for SIM600 top) you can see on schematic. SM-N900A-TSHOO-7 (you can fine in google or other search engine)
My Phone is SM-N900T and it look exactly as SM-N900A (I guess the hardware is same but software might be different)

2) Also the screen does not come on. Any body know is voltage across C622 should be exactly 3.0 volts? I have there same voltage as battery if Battery 4V I get there 4V and if I ohm-out it look like connected directly to the battery terminals??? or chip shorted (U606 "MAX77804")

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Old LG G4 - What Are My Options?

I have an old LG G4. I have no need for the phone in regards to calls/texts. At this point, it's simply a super mini computer.

What are my options in regards to changing the OS to something that no longer provides phone features, but more of a tablet type enviornment?

I have rooted my phone and am ready to go!

Let me know what you guys think.

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poor camera image quality after update to lollipop

poor image quality from rear camera after update to lollipop

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Error while searching for networks


I recently received a new unlocked verizon samsung note 4.
Since I live in Israel, I inserted a local SIM card but for some reason I get the above message.
No network, no calls.... Just a very expensive brick....
I tried hard reset, switching SIM cards from different networks, and nothing.
Please advise....:confused:

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[Q] Battery progress bar hits max/min range it fills with foreground color, any fix?

So basically I have a set of 5 different battery progress bars. The ranges for the battery percentage of each from max to min are 100 -80, 79-60, 59-40, 39-20, 19-0. Whenever the battery amount is out of one of the ranges it fills the entire widget, not just within the bar, with the foreground color. Is there any way to fix this?

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eMMC 15 S5 for GeTex

I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct forum or even if it's allowed(didn't read thoroughly through the rules for this) but considering what it's about...
As you all know by now or will soon find out, GeTex has brought to us a way to unlock our VZW S5 locked bootloader with the help of other highly recognized Dev's. The device's able to use at this time are the ones with the Samsung eMMC 15 chip. The Toshiba eMMC 11 chip has yet to be unlocked. As and if you may have read that to Getex's unfortunate findings that he/she has 2 of the 11 chips and then purchased another one to find out that it's also an 11 chip.
What I'd like to get going and maybe someone help arrange/coordinate is purchasing GeTex a S5 with the eMMC 15 chip. Since GeTex found this out he/she never gave up on finishing what was started. So with all of this said and for all of you enjoying what was brought onto this VZW S5 community, how about giving GeTex a nice and deserved THANKS by helping getting a S5 with an eMMC 15 chip.
The question is, how do we go about it? Do we setup a fund/donation "pot" to get the S5 needed? Please chime in as to making this work as to i believe it's something we can do TOGETHER as a Community. THANK YOU GeTex and to Beaups for the code, JrKruse and others that I cannot think of off hand for making this happen as well. A :):good:

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[Custom ROM] LeTv X500 VNMod v6.0-Multi Language Based on [Stock ROM] X507 Indian

VNMod v6.0-Multilanguage 012S (X507 indian Stock ROM based ) for x500

VNMod v6.0 Version International
Letv X500 baseband EUI Stock 12S Indian X507 Ported

VNMod Team : Lâm AngryBirds ( @CadBuRy.VNMod ) , Vũ Trọng Bắc ( @hoangtubongdem3b )
Thanks : team france , Hungarian(tibcsi0407 and Keeperv85 ), Russian (AlexComSlo)... - translation language
Facebook Group : Hội Letv Việt Nam
Website :

Changelog :

Baseband EUI Stock eUI 5.5.012S Indian X507

Added Russian Language

No chinese in : Browser , Yellow page ( contacts ) , live button remove , etc v..v..
translation multi langugage : 90%
Battery Friendly/System Optimizer
WiFi Enhanced boot
Preerooted SuperSu pro 2.67 ( thanks nikolas777 )
Music Walkman Sony Z5 new latest port

Add Dolby Atmos
Emoji icon ios9.2 + GG Keybroad modded
Add Meizu Camera
and more


Dowload Rom
Reboot into TWRP recovery
Wipe data/cache and dalvik, system ( Backup if you need to come back before wiping )
Flash VNMod Rom
Then reboot your phone ... The first boot may take to up ~10 minutes or more

VNMod v6.0 - International Based 12S X507 indian for x500/507/501 - EUI - Unofficial International LeEco Phone Support

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[bacon] oppo coloros blobs

Yes people! It is finally here! ColorOS blobs for ONEPLUS ONE, fixing RAW, 64sec shutter time and manual focus. Have been working on this silently for above 3 months, it has full support for BOOTMGR's ColorOS camera. Works on 5.1 and 6.0 based ROMs ONLY! DO NOT FLASH ON 5.0 or 4.4

Tested and working


Drop me a thank if I deserve it for this :)

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I need help regarding the LG VS986 ( lg g4), Update....

I am here from INdia, i got this phone as a gift. When i used sua (software update assistant ) for the first time it gave me an update of 1.92 gb and i did it. My software build version changed from 11a to 13b and while 13b was installing it still showed that after this upgrade is completed do download a few more upgrades of the phone......
Now what is happening whenever i open sua it says upgrade available but when it finishes connecting and observing my phone then its status changes to " up to date". How should i upgrade to marshmallow. PLease Help !!!!!!!!....
Now i am on 13 b and i have already reset my device after upgrade...... so help me if there is other way except KDZ flashing....
and if not then also do tell me that.
and other question, will flashing the kdz will give me offical upgrade only..

Thanks a lot ..

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Stuck at B300 rollback rom


I just tried to roll back to 5.0 rom and now I'm stuck on b300. I installed it but when I try to install official rom via dload it will just say it has failed. The problem is that I have locked bootloader. Yes now I know how bad idea this was... Is there any hope for me?

Edit okay now it seems to work. For anyone else having this same problem. That you can't restore your software. The key is that the needs to be and not UPDATE.APP or update.APP (I thought it wouldn't be that stupid that it would be case sensitive but oh well!)

Sorry for everyone if I cause trouble.

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Unlocked symbol after adoptable storage mod

so this happens only on the first reboot after doing the adoptable storage mod. i kept hard resetting over and over so i could take this pic. once the reboot completes this icon disappears. can this help out any dev? im still on pb5.

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: 20160331_135349.jpg Views: N/A Size: 237.5 KB ID: 3703144  

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Silicon Power Elite 128gb microSDXC Card Video, Picture and Text Review

Normally when I post reviews on XDA Developers, I rewrite them to be more for this audience. However, when I'm reviewing SD Cards, pretty much only the facts are interesting, so I've just gone verbatim here since I think it's to the point.

I picked up this MicroSD card (more specifically, MicroSDXC) and promptly ran some tests with it, you can see them in the video, but here are some key facts:
* On a USB3.0 reader I was getting 78.64 MB/S read and 18.45 MB/S write for Sequential writes using a 100MiB test file. The card is actually exceeding its own claims here
* The same test on the USB3.0 reader with a 1GiB test file gave 77.81 MB/S read and 19.92 MB/S write for Sequential writes.
* On a USB2.0 reader I was getting 22.02 MB/S read and 10.70 MB/S write for Sequential writes using a 100MiB test file. The lower speed is to be expected due to a USB2.0 reader.
* It arrived formatted as exFAT
* It worked just fine in the LG G4. 117gb formatted capacity shown.

Included was a microSD to full size SD adapter which worked just fine in my laptop for the USB2.0 test.

So there you go, I like the Silicon Power 128gb microSD card and it's working just fine in my LG G4. Simple conclusion I know, but I think the best I can do here is not beat around the bush.

The tested model number was SP128GBSTXBU1V20SP

Album (has a few more images and a USB2 test)


In a USB3 reader, 100MiB Test:

In a USB3 reader, 1GiB Test:

Video Review

Links (where I bought it): Silicon Power Elite 128GB Microsdxc UHS-1 Class 10 75MB/S Memory Card With Adapter Silicon Power 128GB up to 75MB/s MicroSDXC UHS-1 Class 10, Elite Flash Memory Card with Adaptor (SP128GBSTXBU1V20SP)

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lock time after screen timeout?

For example: I would like the phone to go into standby and be able to reactivate it WITHOUT REQUIRING A PASSWORD, for at least 30 minutes. Then if it stays in standby for like over 30 minutes, THEN wants it to require a password.

Is anyone able to share some advice or ideas?

On my LG, there is an option for "Lock Timer", where you can set a lock time after screen timeout. On this Huawei, i can only see a screen timeout option and not lock timeout.

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Black bar on bottom of display?

There seems to be a black bar that i'd imagine to be annoying when you have a transparent navbar. Is it such an eyesore that it seems like in the videos?

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How to get bootloader unlock code instantly

I was very sad that even waiting 2 weeks i couldn't get the unlock code from huawai website.

Thanks to @inside!out for helping me with the following way to get the bootloader fast unlocked:

There is a small software called dc-unlock:

With dc-unlock there is no need to wait two weeks (or more?!)

Just download dc-unlock software and purchase 4 points for unlocking bootloader instantly on the website. ( There are a lot ways to purchase - don't worry)

Install HiSuite on PC and connect phone with pc.

In phone software you need to enable debugging and then in dialer
- dial *#*#2846579#*#*
- background settings
- usb port settings
- choose manufacture mode

Then in dc-unlock software choose huawei phones and auto detect.

Now search device, if found enter on right side under server settings the username and password you get per email when purchasing 4 points from dc-unlock website.

Then in unlocking on right side DON'T choose unlock phone! Choose "read bootloader"!

That's the code you need for Multi-Tool to unlock successful.

Good luck!

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Flashing custom rom on android emulator

I am new into creating and editing custom roms. But now after creating one i have zip file as my output and i need to test this on my android emulator. I have read that you need a system.img file to work in an emulator. If then how do i obtain my .img file from a zip file?
I have have an idea about yaffs2 but does not have any idea on how to set it or use it for my purpose. :rolleyes:

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CWM fo G6 3G

There was a issue in CWM recovery for G6, there was a issue in mounting of internal storage, now is fixed


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Huawei p8 gra-L09

Hi guys, I know it's not the right section, but I can't open a thread on P8's one. I have a big problem with my phone. I bought it when it was in a bootloop; this guy tried to install Marshmallow and he failed it. I managed to roll back to b110 version and now I'm stucked. I can't install a higher version, the phone works (not fine; i can't receive calls, watch videos etc etc) but it works. i have the original IMEI; When I'm trying to install a higher version from local I get an error massage like: software install failed! get help from....and than it reboots back. I unlocked the bootloader too. What can i do? Sorry for my bad english, I hope to find some support from you guys.

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S7 EDGE Root issues..H E L P plz


running on G935FXXU1APB4 G935FNEE1APB4
rooting keeps failing in Odin using CF-Auto-Root-hero2lte-hero2ltexx-smg935f.tar

what am I doing wrong?!

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Cheap Sim unlock codes

I just purchased a Sim unlock code from a guy on eBay. It costed me 99 cents and it was processed in 90 minutes, the code worked the first try. Make sure if you order the code put ONLY your imei in the message to the seller. Read the full description of the item and it will give you all the instructions. Just follow this link. It is an ebay store. I'm not affiliated with the guy, just thought you guys would like the cheapest possible way to Sim unlock your phones. After looking at the listing again he upped his price to $1.75.

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Multiple residual Bugs on Unlocked device

Unlocked from Verizon Galaxy Note SM-N910V, Android 5.0.1
SIM from Canadian carrier (Koodo).
Calls, text and most of functions totally fine, BUT
1) when dial my carrier's automated support (to check balance etc.) it starts calling to Verizon support, thus starts roaming and spending my money :(
2) Mobile Data keeps staying on after being turned off, pretends to be off showing it is turned off but it is on! WI-fi also turned off but I still can browse internet and when check mobile data usage it's clear that it was spent.
3) Mobile Hotspot won't turn on, saying "mobile number not found" (fixed with 3rd party app called FoxFi but hoping to get it "normal" way)
4) a bunch of annoying Verizon apps (my Verizone Mobile etc.) plus KNOX and other bloatware, that won't turn off or disable. Tried couple of "fixes" by connecting with USB cable to PC and running those fix tolls and they did not help. Bloatware still there.
Will appretiate your help! but please consider that Im not tech savvy, just regular smarphone user :cowboy:

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Cannot delete(access old user files and folders after reflashing Vanilla-Android 4.2

Today I reflashed Vanilla Android 4.2 on a Xperia T.
Before there was Cyanogenmod (Android 5) installed.
I forgot to delete all user files/folder in internal memory.

Now, I cannot delete or access old user files and folders, even as root!?!
Its a problem of the permissions, I guess.

I can RENAME folders, but cant delete/open/chmod/change permissions recursiv, not with a file manager (as root), not with adb, not with "rm - rf", nothing.

So how I can get rid of those old folders?

E.g., for camera I had to rename DCIM to DCIMold, and create a new folder to get saving pictures to work.

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Lg g4 6.0.1 marshmallow update???

When we will get 6.0.1 update with battery and optimization fixes ????? Im tired of waiting LG .... :confused:

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MXIII 4k, s802, 2gb - flashing 5.0 or 5.1?

Could someone help me with flashing MXIII s802, 2gb, with custom lollipop rom .. there's a issues with some app installation on kitkat, like smart iptv, so I need lollipop badly. Device is already rooted.

any advice would be appreciate!


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Cannot boot in recoverty on sm-g900f, works normal otherwise

Hi, I'm having a strange problem on my new sm-g900f. I wanna root and put a custom rom on it so first thing I tried to do is install a custom recovery. The problem is I cannot boot in recovery after flashing it with Odin by holding vol up+home+power. The blue message with booting recovery appears but after a few seconds, the phone vibrates once, a flicker appears on screen for a fraction of a second then it re-boots normally to the os. I tried twrp, phillz and even tried going back to stock recovery (found here) but everytime it's the same thing. I even tried to not tick the auto-reboot in odin, pulling the battery after flashing, waiting 20 seconds and then booting directly to recovery but it does the same thing.

The phone seems to work normally otherwise, download mode works fine too. It's like recovery mode is throwing an error or something the instant it starts and then the phone starts normally.

Anyone has any idea on what else I could try? I really want a custom rom, or at least root but at this point I'm kinda scared to move on if recovery is completely unusable. Knox seems to have been triggered so I don't think i can return the phone anymore. I guess I could directly flash a custom rom via odin, but most of them seem to only have installers for recovery.


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[ICS][MM] Fixed Screen Rotation Mod 1.0

Hi again! I've got another module for you all ;)

This simple module makes the device "think" it's held in a certain orientation.

How does that help you?
Well, have you ever tried to read something in landscape mode while lying on your side?
I did, and I failed, because the screen rotated back.

Brilliant! But, how does this module work?
It basically disables systems' orientation sensor listeners (more battery juice side-effect?) and feeds it fake data.

Won't having the device always rotated be a pain in the arse?
No worries! Here's the best part: if you turn off auto-rotation (via quicksettings, for example), the device remains in it's original mode.
So, it's easily toggleable ;)

Compatible with all Android versions from 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' to 6.0 'Marshmallow'.

Xposed Framework: rovo89 & Tungstwenty

Download: Fixed Screen Rotation Mod on Xposed Module Repository

How to report problems efficiently?
- Enable the Debug log in settings
- Use functions that don't work as intended
- Export the logs from Xposed app and put them on PasteBin
- Post on the XDA thread the link along with more information about your device

XDA:DevDB Information
Fixed Screen Rotation Mod, Xposed for all devices (see above for details)

Xposed Package Name: xeed.xposed.fxrmod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-03-31

Created 2016-03-31
Last Updated 2016-03-31

from xda-developers

nexus 5 stuck in boot loop and usb debugging is not enabled !!

hey friends plz help me.
my nexus 5 was facing a strange problem. when ever i try to switch on/ off screen using power button then the device vibrates and camera starts and cell restarts.
i thought it would be a small bug and i did a factory reset but then i still faced the same problem.
after reading on threats i tried to clear cache and the moment i did it from the bootloader by cell got stuck in boot loop.
usb debugging is not enabled as i did a factory reset and now from last 3 days it is stuck in boot loop.
i also tried to open recovery mode but it does not start. i get a android lying on his back with a red exclamatory mark and then again the device restarts into boot loop
plz help me friends as i have only this cell to use and i can not contact anyone because it is not working.

from xda-developers

[ROM][P31XX][6.X] Beanstalk ROM - v6.12

XDA:DevDB Information
Beanstalk6, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: Cyanogenmod

Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2016-03-31
Last Updated 2016-03-31

from xda-developers

Music w/ Chromecast (or google cast) support?

My old HTC one M8 had chromecast support built into the phone/music app. Samsung does not seem to have the capability to connect to any chromecast.

Is there a way to get my locally stored music to play through chromecast?

from xda-developers

Music app w/ Chromecast support?

My old HTC one M8 had chromecast support built into the phone/music app. Samsung does not seem to have the capability to connect to any chromecast.

Is there a way to get my locally stored music to play through chromecast?

from xda-developers

Unfortunately System UI has stopped working Alcatel onetouch fierce xl

I have searched through multiple threads on here and googled, but I still can't find a fix to my problem.
Whenever I open Google play music, I get an "Unfortunately, system UI has stopped working" message. Ok then .___. I click ok, my phone "locks" itself and I have to unlock it again, then I can play my music. I've tried other audio player apps, but they always crash or get buggy after about a half hour of playing music. The system UI error only seems to happen when I open the play music app. I've backed up and factory reset my phone twice to see if there would be a change, Unfortunately that failed. I've also cleared the system cache and again nada. If someone could bestow another option, I'd be ever grateful :o

from xda-developers

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

need help quick please

hello my name is teddy could you please help me im in real trouble i recently rooted my samsung galaxy E7 with kingroot it was real easy no problem success. so i thought it would be cool to root my wifes brand new galaxy notebook 4 with king root latest version i think 4.6.8 or something close to that her carir is at&t and it was rooting all of a suden it read eror fix or boost i dont really recal but the phone now shows a triangle (yellow) with an exclamation mark that says System software not authorized by At&t has been found on your phone please turn of your phone and go to the nearest At&T for help , on top inleft top corner in small red letter it says secure fail: kernel. can you please help me restore it i mean unroot it or restore back to normal im in so much trouble please respond soon to thank you

from xda-developers

Kingroot Troubles w/ Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Hello this morning I tried to root my phone using the KingRoot app trough the purify app I downloaded yesterday. When my phone started to "root" it turned off. And when I try to turn it back on it doesn't power up. Instead I am met with a small red message at the top left of the screen that states "KERNAL IS NOT SEANDRIOD ENFORCING Custom binary blocked by FAP Lock" I went to a local phone repair shop and they tried to factory reset my phone and that didn't work. The employee stated that the root is already started and needs to be finished and referred me to this site to seek help. Please help I have no technological back round and just want my phone to work again. :(

from xda-developers

Any help with Lockscreen Knock OFF

Coming from a few gens of LGs and Nexus devices (with this feature hacked in) I am kinda missing it on my new Note 5. I am almost there.

Knock On is easily replaced by Home button tap. I'm cool with this.

Once Unlocked, I use Action Launcher with Double tap to sleep. That works great. Nova also works with a 3rd party app.

But the Lockscreen is another animal. I can wake the device by the home button, but no way to turn of screen off without gripping it and pressing the power button. I am thinking maybe an alternative lockscreen might have the features I need but any suggestions for a Lockscreen knock OFF?

from xda-developers

my phone freezes on htc screen

sorry for my bad english i am from latin america
Today my phone has freezing problem, for my stupity i enter to discovery mode (twrp) then i select "wipe"-"advanced wipe" then i select 5 options DALVIK CHACHE-CACHE-DATA-SYSTEM-INTERNAL STORAGE, after i select "FORMAT DATA" and i slide "swip to factory reset...

after restarting, In my telephone the at&t logo does not appear, then freezes on htc logo
pls i need help

i cant do anytyhing!!!
i cant restarting and turn off the phone!

from xda-developers

Dead phone? Battery?

Hello xda members

So my phone battery was bad so i bought a new one, so i disconnected the old one and replaced it with the new one... Then i tried to power the phone on but it didnt turn on at all so i tried to plug it to the wall charger and only got a single red light from the notification led... After all this i tried to put the old battery in and same thing, doesnt power on and only red light.

Anyone knows how to fix this? I really need my phone back to life so i appreciate if someone cant help me.

Thank you in advance!!

from xda-developers

MaxxAudio Port for OxygenOS 3??

oxygenos 3 is amazing and very fluid but one of my favourite features is not in this build and thats maxxaudio. I know it wasnt possible on CM roms due to closed nature of oxygen. Would it be possible considering its still an oxygen based rom?? thanks

from xda-developers

Help deciphering logs

Using Xperia Z1c, and testing UT port by excellent dev Munjeni. Port boots and runs great and looks great, and just about everything is working, but for some reason no web browser will open. I've tried the built in browser, as well as the only 2 I found in app store, (Duck Duck Go and Lira [yes, app store works fine]), and they either close as soon as they open, or open and don't respond to anything. Also, after trying to launch browser, I get reboot about 30 seconds later. I got some helpful info in a pm from a UT dev to check logs in /~/cache/upstart, so I did, and found some errors, but I, (and Munjeni), don't know what they mean.
Any help here? Thanks

from xda-developers

Lenovo P70-A (Kernels,ROMs, stock ROMs,...)

Lenovo P70-A
specs: HW specs

Stock ROM: Kitkat & Lollipop - without VibeUI features (AOSP) - 2t2w = double tap to wake ...etc
Stock Kitkat ROMs link:

Keernels (by vgdn1942): kernels support 2t2w and more ....... features
OC kernels: soon
OC CPU: soon
OC GPU: soon


32bit: - by SevenMaxs

64bit: by SevenMaxs by Jemmini

Custom ROMs:

64bit Lollipop:

Install via 64bit TWRP (on any 64bit ROM): (do not forget Flash 64bit ROM from PC via MTK SP Flashtool FIRST !)

If u are on Kitkat stock rom do backup and flash 64bit rom from PC via SP Flashtool FIRST after that u can instal any 64bit ROM via TWRP (64bit) like CM12. .. ...
Here is "how to " (but in Czech language NOW , I will rewrite it to EN ASAP :) )

MIUI 5.0.2
MIUI thread on
Stabel MIUI v7.2.1.0

Cyanogenmod 12.1 (by vgdn1942)

CM12.1 (vgdn1942) thread
cm 12.1 20160313 (vgdn1942)
Don"t forget GAPPS 64bit - 64bit gapps pico

Cyanogenmo 12.1 (by Zormax)FLASH VIA SP FLASTHTOOL
Cyanogenmod 12.1 (by Zormax)
cm12.1 v2 (by zormax)

SP Flashtool drivers etc (on my GDrive)

Lenovo P70-A on

I will add links for other ROMs :
4 x AOSP 32bit and 4x AOSP 64bit

5x Vibe xy ROM 64bit


and few others Lollipop ROM .. ... .. . ASAP :D (when I hve some fre time)

(there are 10 , 32bit Kitkat ROMs but allmost in beta) - I'm Ignoring these ROMs

My GDrive with allmost allmost all about P70-A in Czech language, now. I will add EN version ASAP

If u have any question , take me know :)

Im not responsible for any problems or damage ...

from xda-developers

[Q] SD card problems

I'm getting issues with card being lost when moving a file & sometimes after attached via usb to computer.
When happens card shows up as zero space & need unmount & remount.
Card is a kingston 64gb class 10 sdxc & is very new as bought with intention of using in this phone. card seems faultless when in reader on computer & also works fine in my old hd2 !
I assume poor firmware/hardware huawei end to blame !! kind of seeing why it cheap to buy now as everything worse than my old hd2 on wm6.5.5 lol ...
Any others experienced sd card issues ?

from xda-developers

Need help, can only access fastboot mode | FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)

Let me explain my story.

Rooted phone, installed dual recovery, decided to have some xposed modules, installed a ton, went into a boot animation, went into recovery and decided to clear system and now I can only access fastboot mode. I tried to fastboot flash boot Z3_DooMLoRD_AdvStkKernel_v01_FW-93.img, but i get FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) at the end so it doesn't work.

I don't think my bootloader is unlockedjust unlocked through flashtool. So I guess I bricked my phone unless someone has a way to fix it. I literally rooted my phone two days ago.

Flashtool says the same thing.

from xda-developers

How to Reprogram Sprint to Boost? Xt1526?

Hi, I am wishing to switch from sprint to boost. I cannot afford a new phone, so I need advice on how to reprogram this one (XT1526). Thanks!

from xda-developers

SM-G9208 marshmallow

For those of with SM-G9208. the wait is over :) Marshmallow is here.

I can confirm that the firmware downloaded from this link works:

I do not take credit for it.
If the link for the firmware goes dead, I will upload my copy.

I have looked around and could not find any solution to install a workable TWRP or gain root of any kind.

from xda-developers

Volume Up + Power crash


I was wondering if someone can help me sort a mysterious crash on my X Play M 6.0.1 Dual Sim device. Whenever I press Volume Up and Power on simultaneously the device vibrates and about 60 secs later a crash report is generated. I still think it's Xposed related although it persisted when I uninstalled Xposed. When Xposed is installed and I have e.g. GravityBox running and have the extended power menu enabled, this crash removes the power menu plus e.g. my GravityBox task bar tweaks.

I was wondering if some other X Play users could test this with their devices.

Is there any standard action that is assigned to Volume Up + Power?

Here's my original post in the XPosed sub-forums:


from xda-developers

Oxygen 3.0 and Viper4Android

Hey Guys!

I actually have been looking for a way to get Viper4Android working today. And i actually found a method to do it. By luck, OnePlus posted the Oxygen 3.0 based on android 6.0.1 today. This version of android is compatible with the newest version of Viper4Android. This version actually comes without an equalizer like 2.2... but oh well. I liked viper way better anyway.

Just wanted to give my 2 cents to the forum.. just wanted to let people know there is opportunity here to enjoy better music while you are waiting for CM 13 like me =)

How i got it to work:
- First install Oxygen 3.0 with a custom TWRP created for Oxygen 3.0 (see this url: link to oneplus forums)
- Secondly, use the custom made SuperSU (credits to @Yash98) = this link
- When the phone is updated and rooted, you can install BusyBox through the app store. After you did that download the APK of Viper on your phone via the original XDA thread
- Don't run it yet. Download SELinuxModeChanger via the original XDA thread.
- Change the mode to permissive, go back to Viper and install the drivers. It'll ask you for a reboot, do so. After the reboot open Viper4Android and press the 3 dots on the right high corner. Examining the driver status would show that the driver is enabled. If it's not. Try to empty the google music cache & removing the data (i did so somewhere in the process).

Hope this can make anybody happy. I'm an audiophile so i'm more than happy.

- Shakaraja.

from xda-developers

Q: 'Files'-app on OOS, integrated 'Google Drive' not updating, how come?


I'm a huge fan of OOS' 'Files' app. I like how it's completely black themed and I really like it integrated Google Drive with a black theme as well. Now I have a little problem with it and I don't know how to solve it. It doesn't seem to update the folders of Google Drive. Some folders are missing, new files and folders are not updated. If I launch the Google Drive app - presto: there they are.. but if I switch back to the 'Files' app, nothing changed. It's kind of weird! Anyone else have this?

Stock OOS 2.2.0 with TWRP and root.
Files App is a file explorer that came with OOS and has drive integration with the nice black theme.

from xda-developers

Custom Rom for Micromax Q345 (Canvas Selfie Lens)

Hello XDA lovers. Its my first thread over xda and also my first project i am talking about..... i have decided to make custom rom for the Canvas selfie lens. A great device with good performance but a change is always better :p. The custo recovery i am using will be CTR Recovery still cant post links :D. Now i do have some queries regarding setting up the Android Kitchen. Would love to get some help just with some questions i own the device and i would love to handle the things myself but in case some help would be great to have.:o

from xda-developers

D2212: IN Version: Phone loses Network : Have restored Original D2212_18.5.B.0.26 ftf

HI Friends, (@Vinay)
I am new here, and have specifically registered to seek your help
I have D2212 IN version which was SIM unlocked.
Apparently, I was successful in
1) Unlocking the boot loader
2) Installing Vinay's Custom Nitrogen ROM

Subsequently, I used the phone happily for over 1month and problems started happening where Phone lagged so much that it became unbearable.
Also at the same time, I noticed my phone would lose its network.
I would get a X next to SIM indicator. No Signal. I swapped the SIM into other phone, the SIM works fine.
I put other working sim in the E3 D2212, again no Network. No Data (2G, 3G). Only WiFi works

So I decided to roll back to D2212_18.5.B.0.26_Customized IN.ftf via Flashtool
Still no dice. I still see no network.

When I hit *#*#7378423#*#*
I think (repeat think) the phone is SIM Locked.
No matter which slot (1 or 2) I insert it, I don't get Network or DATA
But I can certainly vouch the Same Vodafone IN SIM was working on the phone earlier.
Any help in this regards is greatly appreciated.
Dharmesh Shah
Mumbai, INDIA

from xda-developers

How can I delete simlock in my d620r?

I'm looking for ways to get rid of unlocking best by uploading a file for download mode ( without pay codes). :D

from xda-developers

Set an email as SPAM


I come from an Galaxy S4 phone. On that phone I could easy mark an unwanted email as spam. Can I do this with Huawei's email client?

Thank you!

from xda-developers

URGENT ADVICE NEEDED: Swopping Samsung A5 for G3

Hey guys

I need some urgent advice.
I have a guy that wants to swop me his LG G3 for my Samsung A5.

My question is, is it worth it? I see there is quite some development for the G3.

How is the overall build quality, SoT etc?

Can I mirror its screen to my Samsung smart tv? Im currently using the A5 everyday for that reason and would like the G3 to do it aswell.

I have never owned an LG. Your advice is appreciated.

The guy wants to swop tomorrow.


from xda-developers

Hoping some1 can HELP me with Pitt Tar File for T-Mobile Note 4 (SM-N910T3) T3 Verson

Hello, Ive searched every where looking for the Pitt Tar File for the NEWER Version of the T-Mobile Note 4 (SM-N910T3), INSTEAD OF ENDING IN T it Ends in T3, my patrons are messed up cause i flashed the wrong files, PLEASE if any one can help me with this file or Enlighten me how to Make a Pitt Tar File it will Definitely be Appreciated from the Herat. Thankssss. Blesssss.....

from xda-developers

Adb via otg cable to another device?

Hi guys, anyway to send adb commands to another device via an otg USB cable? I want to be able to plug my smartwatch 3 into my z5 and run adb commands etc. I have seen a few apps for WiFi/PC but none for otg. Any help would be great.

Ps, mod please move if better suited somewhere else. Thanks

from xda-developers

[Q] Notifications SMS mark as read Galaxy S6


Please, how to mark as read notifications SMS on Galaxy S6? I'm talk about notifications on Lockscreen. Device running lollipop stock firmware Samsung and stock sms app. My device is rooted, with Xposed and Tasker. Thanks!

from xda-developers

[BOOTANIM] OxygenOS 3.0.0 Beta Bootanimation

Extracted from the latest OxygenOS 3.0.0 Build.
Video">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Attachment 3701972

Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (7.35 MB)

from xda-developers

Knock knock (like lg g2/g3/g4)

Hi there !
I want on my Gt-i9195 to have the option to lock the screen like on LG G version...
I am using the original stock android 4.4.2.
Thank you!

from xda-developers

[Game][3.2+] Hammer Bros game

Did you ever dreamed about killing zombies with hammers? Yes? We present a game hammer bros - endless fun
- Many upgrades
- Cool music and sound effects
- Oldschool gameplay
- And more

Description: Using joystick at the bottom of the screen to move your hero. Button at the top right side is responsible for the attack, left for use the slow-motion (available for purchase in the shop). Defend against hordes of zombies and achieve the best score!

To find the game type Hammer Bros in Google play app.

Screenshots avaible at the product page.

from xda-developers

[App][4.1+] Screencap ★ Root Screenshots

Screencap for rooted devices lets you conveniently take snapshots of your screen with one click.

★ Single screenshot.
★ Multi mode - take multiple screenshots with fixed interval of time.
★ Crop mode - select area on the screen, and then capture it.
★ Edit screenshots before / after saving to file - draw, rotate, crop, delete.
★ Share screenshots.

No adds.
No internet permissions.

This app will not work on a non rooted devices.

Downloads: Google Play, Attachment 3701969

Attachment 3701959 Attachment 3701960 Attachment 3701961

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: device-2016-03-30-131808.jpg Views: N/A Size: 81.8 KB ID: 3701959   Click image for larger version Name: device-2016-03-30-132105.jpg Views: N/A Size: 131.5 KB ID: 3701960   Click image for larger version Name: device-2016-03-30-132437.jpg Views: N/A Size: 176.9 KB ID: 3701961  
Attached Files
File Type: apk app-release.apk - [Click for QR Code] (621.9 KB)

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Emoji switcher keyboard?

Hi guys hope all is well
How do i get the new ios emojis on my keyboard? I used emoji switcher and the ios emojis are super small . even though i still need an emoji keyboard. Anyone know where i can find one?

from xda-developers

Anyone using a good stand-alone USB charging dock (non-Qi)?

I'm looking for one that holds the entire phone, not just the battery. I would like it for my desk at work and not a Qi charger, but a USB dock.
The style I see on Amazon is the same one just dressed up by various vendors and may be OK, but I would like a very nice quality dock if possible.

from xda-developers

Things after upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile - any solve?

My third device, main one and the only able to run supported version of Windows 10 Mobile - Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM Country Variant Russia RM-1075, before it there were Highscreen WinJoy and the first is Nokia Lumia 620. Backup from L620 were applied on WinJoy and then backup from WinJoy were applied on 640 when I become an owner of it.

I never used Windows Insider on this one, upgraded by the first hours update made available via Upgrade Advisor.

First I thought it all went well, but today I can provide a list of what is broken:
  • Groove Music app on All apps list has no icon. App is working
  • TeamViewer: Remote Control listed twice. When I`m trying to delete it, nothing happens, "faked" one not listed in Storage utility at the Settings and produce black screen when trying to launch it (just start screen wents black, no actual app starting). Working one, app with the icon is just works, can be deleted, can be installed if deleted, no impact on that fake.
  • Many apps were with the blank icon at the Storage utility, even if they has icon on it`s tile or in the All apps list. I just reinstalled those I could remove and their icons at the Storage were fixed. MiracastView and PrintDialog still has the accent color only. I'm unable or afraid to delete those as they something like system apps, they`re not listed anywhere else.
  • Sometimes my phone just reboots with no reason, may be just lying on the table without any move while that. It happens once per one or two days.
  • Device Portal. Just nothing on the tab Home and list of installed apps never loading at the Apps tab. Processes, Networks and all the rest works. I tried to use thirdparty app Device Diagnostics HUB, it produces Server Internal Error 500 when trying to access the Apps tab, nevermind running on phone itself or connected remotely via Wi-Fi from the PC
  • There is an app without name or icon trying to be installed or update, I don`t know, at the Store. It produces 0x81030131 error after every try. Trying to download 5.7 megabytes, mates with similar issue also reports about 11.5 megabytes
I know there is Hard reset may help but I have many apps and games which data will not be recovered via backup, also some apps are no longer listed into Windows Store.

Is there any I can do about that? My phone is not hacked yet by now but I`m open for any suggestions that will lead not to anything related to flashing/reflashing the entire phone. Thanks

from xda-developers

Is this a fake? G4 unlock- No unlock.bin

No unlock.bin How made it..?

Is this a fake?

"Hey bro where is the program" (after five years(because irreverents))

from xda-developers

Marshmallow - SD trouble

I recently updated to android 6.0 via LG support tool. Everything runs smoothly, except from a notification message about SD card that shows up every time I turn on my phone. The notification message just inform me that there is a SD card, so I have the ability to move image and media files there.
Also, I noticed the preferences I set to apps that are in the SD card always reset to default, after my phone restarts.

I think this is a software bug, as I replaced the SD and I still have this issues.

Any ideas?

D855, Android 6.0

from xda-developers

S2 results always active while charging

Hi, I know there are already many threads about it but I think I have a slightly different problem: while charging the phone is always active (as if he was doing something in the background) resulting in an extended charge time.

First thought: there must be an active process (developers opts-> show cpu usage) and ... nothing
Second thought: maybe "dmesg" can tell me something more and...
...well, that seems something
adb shell dmesg

The "adc" value of the battery significantly increases when connected to the wall charger, so even if the "adc_chg" value is high it is compensated by the high drain of the battery.

Am i wrong? Has someone any idea about the cause of the problem or about how to find it ?

Thanks (going mad, yet changed battery, charger and multiple USB flex ports :eek:)

from xda-developers

"Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted"

So after unlocking bootloader correctly, i receive this message each time i boot.
"your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted", and then the device boots normally after.

I have now flashed TWRP via fastboot, booted into recovery, wiped, and flashed KangVIP Slim.

I still see that same message each time i reboot. Is it normal, and if so, is there a way to get rid of it?

from xda-developers

How do I update to latest firmware through Odin? (Not the standard question)


As my country haven't gotten the latest update, I decided to download it through SamFirm (official firmware from Samsungs servers, just not capped in download speed like Sammobile).

But the thing is, that after decrypting, it's giving me 5 files and not just one .tar

The first 3 are named AP_xxx, BL_xxx and CP_xxx so it's pretty easy to guess where I should but them. But the last two files are named CSC_AUT and HOME_CSC_AUTO, so which should I use in the CSC slot?

Also, the UMS slot is greyed out, after putting one in the CSC slot and is stating that the firmware is only filling 65mb, even though it fills 1.8gb.

Anyone know what to do?

Thanks in advance

from xda-developers

UI customization

I just got the LG G4 recently and really getting a kick out of tweaking it. I have DashClock download, and the Appsii for a side bar notification (still tweaking).
Currently I'm trying to figure out how to make my main icons on the bottom of my screen to slide down when not in use, or hide on my screen. I dont want to remove them, just have them slide away and only have the home back page and notification button on the bottom of the screen. Trying to go as clean look as possible without having to install a different launcher, want the least amount of software possible to make it run smoothly. Are there any widgets that make this possible? :confused:
Thanks in advanced!
Concept of what I'm trying to achieve.

from xda-developers

LG Warranty Change?

Hi, i'm italian, and in the last few days the italian LGSocialTeam posted that starting from the 1st april the lg warranty won't cover rooted devices or unlocked one, is this new only for italy? In other country how does it work?

For the moderators, i've posted in G5 section because the main device influenced by this change is the G5 itself.

from xda-developers

LG G3 Sprint LS990 Blinking Red and Blue LED can't goes to download mode.

i have LG G3 i want to root the phone ..
phone is in working condition, but when i put the phone in download mode red and blue led only blinking

any idea how can i fix the phone

from xda-developers

Can't unlock bootloader / flash recovery

I did a lot of google research, found a lot of stuff and I'm still stuck at my problem.

Some background information:
I wanted to flash the new Oxygen OS 3.0 Community Build, decided to perform a clean install (full wipe with system, cache, dalvik and data).
Went into TWRP, wiped phone, installed OOS 3.0 - worked.
Made my initial setup, then I wanted to boot into recovery - didn't work.
Then I booted into fastboot, tried fastboot oem unlock, it said:
fastboot oem unlock

OKAY [ 0.014s]
finished. total time: 0.014s
Afterwards I checked fastboot oem device-info:

(bootloader) Device tampered: true
(bootloader) Device unlocked: false
(bootloader) Device is_verified: false
(bootloader) Charger screen enabled: false
(bootloader) Display panel:
(bootloader) console_locked: 1
(bootloader) exec_console_unconsole: 0
OKAY [ 0.080s]
finished. total time: 0.080s
That means still locked.
The phone won't boot up by itself.
I had to go in fastboot, and then use "fastboot continue" to get into the OS.

At the beginning, I forgot to enable the 'Allow OEM unlock' option in developer settings, it is now enabled but effect remains the same.

My question:
How do I fix my obviously broken recovery? How can I reflash it with a locked bootloader or how do I even unlock the bootloader.

PLEASE do not link me to the unbrick guides - the device is NOT bricked - it boots up with fastboot continue and also shows up as ONE A2003 when connected to pc.

What works:
+ getting into the OS (via fastboot continue)
+ getting into fastboot

What doesn't work:
- unlocking via fastboot oem unlock
- flashing a recovery (device is locked)
- booting into recovery

Thanks in advance for your help & ideas!

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After MM update radio signal issue

After some research, it looks like the MM update has a bug for T-mobile users. The fix is to flash the lollipop radio on 6.0, but since we don't have root are we able to do it some other way? Or maybe even go back to lollipop via Odin/or another tool? Any help or advice is much appreciated. My signal is getting worse and some times I get no service. Toggling airplane mode doesn't help anymore...

Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk

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Has your G5 shipped yet?

Just got confirmation that mine has, so I'll get it a day early. Gotta love VZW enterprise sometimes. :D

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Stock RUU Needed

So, I've looked around, and couldn't find the one I needed, I even looked here:
I'm looking for the RUU, because I lost my MicroSD, Can't seem to find it...
HTC One V from Bell Mobility in Canada.....
Heres my fastboot info:
Jul 2 2012.20:51:45

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Craked screen

Please be advised. I dropped my phone from the side of my bed. It went face down on semi hard wood. The front screen is cracked. No joke. I have had the phone for 2 weeks only. I saw all the youtube drop tests, and I can assure you that they were very lucky to have their phone screen surviving from pocket and shoulder drop. Get a very good case and screen protector. Do not use the phone without it. Just trust me, from the side of my bed (one food and 3/4 high). I may have been unlucky, but there will be other circumstance of unluckiness. Just get a case, a very good one and a very good screen protector. They can replace the screen for 350 plus tx, but you loose the water resistance after automatically.

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Photos dissapered from stock Gallery

Hi all. I have a problem, all of my photos just dissapered from stock Gallery app (Camera, WhatsApp, Screenshot, Viber...). I tried cleaning Gallery data, restarting phone,... - nothing works. Not even Google Photos can see stored photos.
Side note: Photos are not deleted, I can see and open them via My Files app. Also, there is no .nomedia file in any of Camera, WhatsApp,... folder.

Any ideas?

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Moto G Software

Hey guys Slenderman8090 here! I finally received my new motherboard for the Moto G XT1031. But there is no software on it. Whenever I try to flash stock 4.4.2 Firmware onto the device, it says Battery Low! I had put the device on the charger for at least 3Hours so it should be more than enough time for it to get to 100%... Any help would be welcome!


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Zuk with ZUI cant edit google contacts

Hi everybody, I have a brand new Z1 but come with ZUI. I want to give a chance and try for a time but a principal no go is perhaps there is installed google services and I have gmail I cant edit any contact from Google services (mail, contacts). ZUI has a proprietary dialer and cant edit any contact from that account. Any idea? or may I need just go to CyanogenOS?.. if that the solution, there is some actualized guide to do that?.. I read many ways to do that so I'm a little confused. Thanks in advance.

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Flash ROMS onto Sprint Phone?

Can i flash ROMS from this forum onto my Sprint S6?
Or will it totally mess up the phone?

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HELP! Brick? Never seen this screen before


I bought Nexus 5x, downloaded tool for unlocking etc. I've been doing this many times before with other tools for previous Nexuses. Today something went wrong. I stuck on this screen and I cannot even get to recovery (I managed to install TWRP before). Tool cannot find my nexus and it cant be turned off and I cannot load fastboot or recovery. It shows this screen all the time. Do you have any clue what to do?

Attachment 3701913

Thank you!!

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: IMG_20160330_195314.jpg Views: N/A Size: 255.1 KB ID: 3701913  

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[Q] Looking for Lockscreen Widget (Weather)


I have a rooted N5X with Stock Rom 6.0.1.

Is there an app to set a small weather at the lockscreen?

Tried it with Chronus and C Locker with no effect.



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HTC One A9 display burn in?

Hey guys,

I just got my brand new HTC One A9! The design is absolutely stunning.
However, after turning on the device, I observed strange artifacts on the display. Somehow they look like burn in artifacts. To show you what I'm talking about I added an attachment that shows a plain white screen (from a display test app).

Has anyone observed something like this so far?

Thanks and best regards

Attached Thumbnails
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Help unbrick g3 d855p

Hello guys, I have a problem with my lg g3 d855p hope help.
The device connects to the download mode more makes no sound in the USB, and not install driver.
I can enter the recovery to make hard reset, only that is infinite and have some errors when I press vol + and power.
The device is in the home screen lg only and does not pass it.
I wanted a solution.
I think it has no problems with the g3 usb why need it to enter the correct download mode?

I look forced guys

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: 099ed734-7cfe-4f20-8f2b-c377a63ed00c.jpg Views: N/A Size: 103.4 KB ID: 3700867   Click image for larger version Name: 0571dcf4-8aa0-4872-b8d8-f155dfe287c3.jpg Views: N/A Size: 109.3 KB ID: 3700868   Click image for larger version Name: bd5c4db4-d60e-4b02-bdba-e147fff6032e.jpg Views: N/A Size: 112.2 KB ID: 3700869  

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[SCRIPT/ZIP][v1.0] Init.d enabler @ stock kernel / ALL DEVICES / NO BUSYBOX needed

I present you universal script to enable Init.d in ALL ANDROID DEVICES (I hope...) while running the stock kernel. NO BUSYBOX required! It is packed in easy to use ZIP flashable :cool:

- a rooted Android device :)
- ANY tool to flash a ZIP (custom recovery or FlashFire app)

1. Custom recovery - open file using "Install Zip" option and confirm "Yes - install..."
2. FlashFire - open file using "Flash ZIP or OTA" option (default mount options). Tap "FLASH"

How to check:
Just check if /data/initd_test.log file exists (optionally you can check its content) :cool:

If it does not work for your device - please post here a feedback! I will try to find a reason and tune my script :cool:

Credits: @Chainfire, @JustArchi

Hit Thanks button if you like my work. If you really appreciate my work - feel free to buy me a beer :)

Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.1 KB)

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Bricked after flashing TWRP in Android

I have a GT SGH-i497 from AT&T. I rooted and flashed CWM recovery and CF-Auto-Root-espresso10att-espresso10uc-samsungsghi497.tar.md5 ROM. Everything was working great. Then I decided to flash TWRP recovery via TWRP Android app and not thru recovery, just to check TWRP out. Now tablet will not boot. PC would recognize it in device manager as QHSUSB_DLOAD. I then attempted to push the custom ROM and TWRP to SD card on tablet via ADB/ Fastboot. After doing so the tablet still does not boot and now my PC chimes when I connect the tablet, but in device manager it now says it is unknown. If I hold the power button while connected the PC chimes off and on. I have searched all forums all the way back to 2012, and I have not found any help. Does anyone here know what I can do to get my tablet back? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks......:good:

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Upgraded to Marshmallow (BTU UK ROM) Now slight yellow tint to display.

I have just upgraded my S6 to Marshmallow, I noticed straight away the screen now has a slight yellow tint,
this was not there on Android L, it also seems to lack the same sort of contrast it had before.

I asked a few friends to check theirs and the same thing has happened, I have tried a full wipe etc and messed with the display settings but still the same.

When you first turn the phone on, you see the Samsung Logo, it starts off a nice white and then you see it turn yellowish.

So something in the software has changed, I wonder if it is just the S6 that does this? Is it too stop screen burn from the blue pixels or have Samsung gone all Apple and gimped the screen to make the S7 look better?

Also adapt display > modepreviewtablet has gone in marshmallow!, although I didn't have to do this on Android L.

Either way I'm frustrated now.

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Navigation Bar Not Dimming ..

Any Ways or Apps to dim navigation bar too .. While filter is active ..tried so many apps like Bluelight filter, twilight etc , but no use ... Any help ?? ...

Screenshots with blue light filter active ..
Well you can see it..its not dimming..

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Pre-ordered LG G5 shipping update

Please share if your pre ordered LG G5 gets shipped.

We all know T Mobile likes to ship phones before its actual release date. Please share here when yours get shipped.

I pre ordered mine today and will update as soon as i get shipping email.

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Huawei Mate 8 B170 Marshmallow Firmware [Europe]

OTA Details
Device: Huawei Mate 8
Model: NXT-L29
Android: v6.0 Marshmallow
EMUI: 4.0
Firmware: B170
Build Number: NXT-L29C432B170
Release Date: 22.03.2016
Status: Official (stable)
Region: Europe
Type: Full firmware image

File Name:

B170 Marshmallow
  • Update Instructions
  • First, you should verify that Mate 8 you've got is the European NXT-L29 variant.
  • Download the firmware package and unzip it.
  • Copy the dload folder to the external microSD card.
  • Take a backup of all your apps and important data before proceeding any further.
  • Disconnect the USB and turn your phone off.
  • Restart while pressing Vol up + Vol down + Power till the upgrade starts.

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create key.pem and key.pk8 from dumpkey.jar CERT.RSA???

(a) my device is not rooted and there is no way to root it currently...
(b) i want to make an OTA package that will install in the stock recovery
(c) i have an OTA that the oem has released for the device
(d) i have dumped the key from the CERT.RSA in the OTA zip to a key.pem file


(1) How can i turn this key.pem file into a valid key.pk8 file????
(2) how can i use this key.pem file to make a key.pem and key.pk8 pair using the development/tools/make_key script in the android source code????

Ultimate goal is to make an OTA package that will pass the oem signature verification and install in stock recovery

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different wear app versions on watch and phone?


I have the wear app on my smartphone and on my watch.
On my phone the wear app is version 1.5.0 whilst on my watch it is 1.4.0.

Is this normal?

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Huawei P8 B321 Marshmallow FULL OTA Zip [Europe]

OTA Details
Device: Huawei P8
Model: GRA-L09
Android: v6.0 Marshmallow
Firmware: B321
Build: GRA-L09C432B321
EMUI: 4.0
Status: Official (stable)
Type: Full firmware image

Release Date: 28.03.2016
Region: Europe
File Name:

full firmware OTA 1.01 giga

B200 lollipop firmware

Warning: This OTA should only be installed on the European GRA-L09 model running the B200 firmware. It is recommended that devices running B317 download & install through the official Update app.
  1. Installation
  2. Download the Zip package from above on your PC.
  3. Connect your phone to the computer and create a folder named 'dload'.
  4. Copy '' package to this new dload directory.
  5. Take a full backup using Huawei's native Backup app.
  6. Open Settings > Updates > Menu > Local update, tap the package and install it.

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T210 problem with close process

I have a Tab 3 T210, yesterday I updated the tab with kies to 4.4.2. The problem is the tablet closes the process, settings, systemui, touchwiz... and several times the tablet reset. I tried to install several roms, kernels and recoveries... and nothing. The rom that is more "stable" is cyanogen 11 but It has a bugs with the wifi and sometimes also It close the process.

I need help, I don't know how do.

Sorry for the language.

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ever since I updated to CM13 network type LTE and 3G don't work oneplus one

Hello All, ever since I updated to CM13 on my oneplus one,first with official snapshot and now even nightly, I may only get network connection on 2g. LTE and 3G don't work. I tried this but it didn't help.
Fix for LTE not working on OnePlus One
Step-1: Go to Settings>> Mobile Network>> Access point name>> Restore defaults. The list should have several options for APNs, select the correct APN. Now go to Settings>> Mobile Networks>> Network operators, then click Choose automatically. Turn Aeroplane Mode on and off again. Ensure that you are connected to Wi-Fi

Step-2: Restart your phone

Step-3: Go to Phone and dial *#*#4636#*#* and choose Phone information. Set the Preferred Network Type to LTE/GSM auto (PRL). Turn off the radio and turn it on again. Go to the SMSC and click Refresh>> Update.

Can anyone help in please?

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Dagger2 And Xposed

So I'm trying to hook my specific application's class onCreate method, because that's when I initialize my DaggerComponent.

My application looks like this:


private ApplicationComponent component;

    public void onCreate() {

        component = DaggerApplicationComponent.builder()
                .applicationModule(new ApplicationModule(this))

    public ApplicationComponent getComponent() {
        return component;

And in my Xposed loadPackage method, I'm trying to hook the component so I can inject it into the module like so:


String name = lpparam.packageName;
        if (name.equals(Common.PACKAGE_NAME)) {
            XposedHelpers.findAndHookMethod(Application.class, "attach", Context.class, new XC_MethodHook() {
                protected void afterHookedMethod(MethodHookParam param) throws Throwable {
                            XposedHelpers.findClass(Common.APPLICATION, lpparam.classLoader),
                            new XC_MethodHook() {

                                protected void afterHookedMethod(MethodHookParam param) throws Throwable {
                                    Application application = (Application) param.thisObject;
                                    Class clazz = param.method.getDeclaringClass();

                                    for (Field field: clazz.getDeclaredFields()) {
                                        String typeName = field.getType().getName();
                                        if (typeName.equals(ApplicationComponent.class.getName())) {
                                            Object object = XposedHelpers.getObjectField(param.thisObject, field.getName());

                                            Class<?> component = object.getClass();

                                            Method injector = component.getDeclaredMethod(
                                                    ApplicationComponent.INJECTOR, Loader.class);

                                            Logg.log("GOT PAST THE BULL");

However, this always leads to a ClassNotFoundException where my Loader (the xposed module) is not found on my apk.


03-29 15:13:05.186 8571-8571/software.umlgenerator I/Xposed: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: software/umlgenerator/xposed/loaders/Loader
                                                                at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredConstructorOrMethod(Native Method)
                                                                at java.lang.Class.getConstructorOrMethod(
                                                                at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredMethod(
                                                                at software.umlgenerator.xposed.loaders.Loader$1$1.afterHookedMethod(
                                                                at software.umlgenerator.UMLApplication.onCreate(Native Method)
                                                                at Method)
                                                                at Method)
                                                                at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
                                                                at android.os.Looper.loop(
                                                                at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
                                                                at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
                                                                at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
                                                              Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn't find class "software.umlgenerator.xposed.loaders.Loader" on path: DexPathList[[zip file "/data/app/software.umlgenerator-1.apk"],nativeLibraryDirectories=[/data/app-lib/software.umlgenerator-1, /system/lib]]
                                                                at dalvik.system.BaseDexClassLoader.findClass(
                                                                at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
                                                                at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
                                                                at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredConstructorOrMethod(Native Method)*
                                                                at java.lang.Class.getConstructorOrMethod(*
                                                                at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredMethod(*
                                                                at software.umlgenerator.xposed.loaders.Loader$1$1.afterHookedMethod(*
                                                                at software.umlgenerator.UMLApplication.onCreate(Native Method)*
                                                                at Method)*
                                                                at Method)*
                                                                at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(*
                                                                at android.os.Looper.loop(*
                                                                at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)*
                                                                at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(*
                                                                at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)*

Any ideas?

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