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Lack of installed ROM

Hey. After installing ROM it says that i dont have any. What can i do? Moto G XT1039

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CPU Usage high after marshmallow update

Hello everyone,

After updating my galaxy s5 to marshmallow I've been experiencing a lot of lags on my phone. The CPU usage on my phone is extremely high and as you can see in the images attached, dex2oat seems to be the main cause.

I've tried wiping my cache and even did a factory restart, but my cpu usage is still way too high. Has this happened to any if you and do you know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for answering my question.

With kind regards,



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Should I update my Lg G3 V30b to V30j?

Hi folks,

I have a LG G3 D855P, currently running android 6.0, kernel 3.4.0.

My software version is: V30b-GLOBALL-COM.

I'd like to know if is there a new version I could update to like the v30J , I don't have any recovry installed and my phone is not rooted.

Previewsly I used the LGUP method to upgrade from stock android 5.0.X to my currently version.

How can I update my androidversion? and should I?

Thank you !

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Best tethering SmartWatch (any price). (chinese manufacturers)

Hi, as the title says, which do you consider to be the best tethering smartwatch on the market today?
I recon there is no full android, tethering smartwatch yet, please correct me if I'm wrong.
Could you please also let me (us) know what seems to be the best brands of tethering smartwatches? The most reliable ones, the ones that the product doesn't break down after a few weeks ;)

Also, I'm asking for chinese manufacturers. None of those Moto, Samsung, Huawey etc...(even if some of those might be chinese), you know what I mean :) I'm asking for tethering watches that you may find on gearbest, for example.

Thanks! :good:

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[APP] HTC Sense Home Launcher for Non-Sense Devices

So apparently HTC has been working on bringing its Sense Home Launcher to non-HTC devices. Their latest beta apk seems to work fine on non-HTC devices. So far I've tested it out on my M8 running the latest H14 GPE and it seems to work fine enough (although I feel it looks less polished than the Sense 6/7 version with regards to Blinkfeed). Anyway, here's the link to the apk. Be sure to install the latest HTC Sense Home 8.01.775526 beta from June 30th. Apparently earlier versions don't work.



Test Notes
1. Blinkfeed works. However I couldn't seem to get Facebook to work. It asked for authorization but it just looped endlessly.
2. HTC seems to have brought the theme store to non-HTC devices as well. Have not had the chance to test it out thoroughly, so do report here if it does (or doesn't) work as it should.
3. If you were hoping HTC also brought the iconic Sense widgets like the huge clock + weather, you'll be disappointed. Didn't find any trace of it in the settings.

This is owned and created by HTC. I in no way am posting this as my own work nor will I be responsible for any mishaps or bugs that may occur. I'm merely sharing the link here for people to try. Also keep in mind this is still a beta product. Expect the occasional lag, stutter, crash or bugs here and there. Future updates may break compatibility with non-HTC devices so also keep that in mind.

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View security certificates

So I got to looking at settings>lock screen and security>other security settings>View security certificates there are about 159 security certificates give or take a few, their are some weird ones in this selection, my thoughts are if some of these were disabled, could we preform a successful root.

This is just a thought but may lead to something where we are able to full root.

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LG G3 D855 dropping signal

Hi guys, my LG G3 started to drop network signal. When I switch to 3G only mode, it gets full tower signal, but suddenly after some time it drops to about 2 or 3 bars. Letting 4G mode I barely get 2 bars.

I tried 3 different ROMs and the issue continues. Is it something related to the antenna? Replacing it could resolve this?


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need a new screen recorder

Was using AZ screen recorder on my phone with 5.1.1 lollipop but they changed it so there's an annoying notification to bring up their new controls bubble and no option to get rid of the notification so I am looking for another app... doesn't have to be anything special but az was free and unlimited and had a bunch of different options including record to SD and pop up notification after end of recording with option to delete and view so that is preferred...

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Input mic not working

I had recently purchased a Verizon HTC. The phone has been great up until a few days ago. The mic for non speaker calls or google voice search no longer works.
I have tried a factory reset to no avail. Has anyone else been having similar issues?
I wanted to see if there was a setting I may have turned off/on that could cause this before returning to Verizon to RMA. Thanks for any help or input (No pun intended)

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Recovery for verizon note 3

Hi guys..I have rooted verizon note 3 running lolipop 5.0
Now some great developers came out with the S7 Edge darkloard ROM .
Please help me to install Recovery for my phone like TWRP or SAFESTRAP....
I tried to install the rom with Flashfire but it didn't work so I flushed the stok rom again
..........Wish you can help me please......

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[Feature] Brightness Increaser

Hey Guys

Hey guys, Its just a simple Script to Increase the Maximum Brightness of your Device

Please test and report me back , arter97 kernel is working fine

here is the link just flash it Brightness Increaser

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[feature] air command full working!

Hey guys

The air command ported from N5 inside the roms is not working only shortcuts

Now i realize that is missing the apks for SmartCapture and Write on Screen

i took it of the Grace UX/N7

and now its working


Just flash it

make sure you dont have snote installed or the grace one (need to change the apk name inside of it, due to new changes)

link AIR PEN

Hit thanks if you liked

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Am I Dead? (Losing Cell Svc)

For the past few weeks I've been losing cell service - a lot! With the phone at home where I normally get 3-4 bars, signal will suddenly cut out & I'll get the warning notification. BUT sometimes I seem to lose the phone part of the signal & the phone seems to have data - though even then it will often fail even when it says there's a data connection. (I hope this makes sense to someone.) Sometimes it reconnects on its own, but usually I have to search for network & re-register. And about 10% of the time it fails to register on the first or second tries. Variations on all this happen multiple times per day & I probably have any cell service for a total of 5-10 hrs on any given day. (But once in a while I do get a good day with almost no outage)

At worst, I could live with completely unreliable voice service for a while as I'm aiming to buy the upcoming new Nexus. The bigger problem is that I do need semi-reliable data - and when cell cuts out Cell Standby battery usage skyrockets.

*I'm on Wind Mobile in Canada so cell service is never perfect but this is WAY beyond normal failings.
*Wind has tested the network & towers at my apt & say all is 100%
*I've replaced the SIM card.
*I'm stock 6.01, not even rooted.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Bricked Phone - LG Bridge msg: Cannot check internal storage on your phone

I tried to flash my H901 but failed.

I cannot recover it in any way.

When it turns on it loops on the LG logo and a message: boot verification fail!
On Hard Reset it keeps looping on the same screen
On LG Bridge there is a message: Cannot check internal storage on your phone
On LG Flash Tool with H90120e_00_0316.kdz: error connecting to server
On LG UP with TotbypassFRPlgh901.tot: Antirollback version is smaller than device version
On fastboot flashing stock boot.img: writing 'boot'... FAILED (remote: unknown command)

I don't know what else to do, please help!!!!

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N900P or N9005


I have note 3, in download mode he show me model N900P
but in site he show me model N9005.

Is my phone clone?

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White Lines across my smart phone screen

One morning I woke up and the bottom half of my Samsung galaxy avant (SM-G386T) had a grid of white lines going across it. First time I restarted my phone it went away.

But they keep coming back and now it's more permanent, Sometimes it goes away briefly but they come back. I tried factory resetting. That worked the first time for a few hours but then it came back. and I tried it again and 2nd time there white lines where there during the factory reset.

The lines even show when I turn the phone off and charge the phone. So I believe this means it is w hardware issue

I tried taking the back planel of the phone off. I disconnected and reconnected the lcd connector latch on the left side. But the problem still persists. I haven't pulled up the screen with a suction cup. So Idk if there is a cable that could be loose on the front end or not. But Idk want to go buy suctions cup if I dont need to you.

Should note that I do have a good sturdy rubber case on my phone. but it has hit the floor a few good times.

One other thing that seems to aggravate or sometimes even make the lines go away is putting my phone to sleep and waking it up repeatedly or adjusting my brightness to max.

What do you guys think? is this fixable or do I need to replace the lcd screen.

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MultiROM CM13 GApps install

Hi, recently I've been tweaking out my Nexus 5 and used MultiROM to install CyanogenMod 13 as my secondary system alongside Android 6.0.1 but I have a question: How can I install GApps for CyanogenMod 13 only but not for Android 6.0.1 from my MultiROM recovery?

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Disable thermal throttle?

First things first, I understand the dangers of this, and that I could fry my device. I'm just looking for answers, not lectures. :)

I'm wondering how to go about disabling (or at least fixing) the thermal throttle on my device. I'm not sure how other people's HAM2's act in regards to this, but mine seems hyper-sensitive. It's near-impossible to use in the summer, even in the shade. It's warm to the touch, yes, but hardly hot enough to make everything freeze and lag like crazy.
It's running PAC on build 11.27.15 (5.1). It was running beautifully in the winter, but it's becoming a bear to deal with now. Is there a way to either disable it or set the trigger temperature higher (preferred)? I can monitor it if it's disabled, but I would prefer to simply set it higher if that's an option (or at least, to not allow it to throttle as severely). I'd appreciate some help with this.

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Huawei P9 Metal Case

This case looks very stylish. I would like to know if anyone has this case. It looks like it doesn't have raised edges to help protect from falling flat on the screen. Can anyone confrim this?
If you know of a similar case for the phone with similar style that is recommended, please let me know where I can buy this!

It wont let me post the link. The ebay product name is "For Huawei P9 Luxury Fashion HQ Brushed PC Back Cover Aluminum Metal Frame Case"

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Unlocking Bootloader

I cannot seem to get the unlock bootloader page to load on Huawei's website. It keeps giving me a 'Server too busy, try again later' message. I have been trying for 2 weeks.

Huawei's support doesnt seem to understand me via email.

Is it being blocked somehow by my ISP? i havent seen anyone else report on this

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||| G925AUCS4CPF1 ||| Odin FULL Firmware Restore

This is Newest version of 6.0.1.
Is binary number 4! Once updated you can never go back to older software
Hope this helps you.

If you need help with anythin message on skype: hjkjohn

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Screen peeling off(picture)

Just noticed today. Poop...

I wonder if this is covered under warranty...

Attachment 3799559

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I need help from remove bypass google account

Good night my problem is this, I'm Argentine so I apologize if I open a post for something that already has spoken in another, buy a s6 edge + a friend and I did hard reset from recovery, not knowing that the new lolipop was bringing the protection of accounts, and turn it take me that surprise, my friend does not remember the account and password, so I urgently need someone to help me like this happen to overlook, or fix it. I hope the answer of any help. Thank you

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[official] cyanogen [c-apps] for cm 12.1 & cm13

Official Cyanogen C-Apps for CM 12.1 and CM13

#Ambient Core
#Ambient Updater
#CM Logger
#Cyanogen Stats
#Device Manager
#Theme Chooser
#Theme Store
#Audio FX
#Gallery Next
#Dialer Next
#Boxer Email
#Boxer Calendar
#InCallUI Next
#Truecaller CM
1-Download Cyanogen Apps Package
2-Place the package on internal storage or external storage
3-Reboot into Recovery Mod
4-Flash the Zip File
Note:You must be on a CM 12.1 build dated Nov 10, 2015 or newer for full support of this package.

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: AudioFX_Rock1.png Views: N/A Size: 86.6 KB ID: 3799553   Click image for larger version Name: dialer_TrueCaller-First-Time-User-Dialog-Opt-Out.png Views: N/A Size: 103.4 KB ID: 3799554   Click image for larger version Name: email_Boxer-Email-OOBE.png Views: N/A Size: 90.0 KB ID: 3799555   Click image for larger version Name: gallery_Drawer-1.jpg Views: N/A Size: 92.4 KB ID: 3799556   Click image for larger version Name: themes_chooser.jpg Views: N/A Size: 85.8 KB ID: 3799557   Click image for larger version Name: themes_store-1.jpg Views: N/A Size: 132.6 KB ID: 3799558  

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[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Candy6 v3.0 [19-Jun][AOSP/CMTE/DUI][Gt-I9195/90]

This is CandySiX. Built straight from source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fun, fully customizable ROM. We aim to add more features as this project progresses.

Check us out on the web @The-Candy-Shop

@matthew0776 @mar5hal @gimmeitorilltell @Cuzz1369 @rc420head @Flashalot @Venomtester @Darknites @javelinanddart @calebcabob @NoSpamDan


Disclaimer: We here at The CandyShop are not responsible for any bricks you may obtain. Please follow the thread rules and steps and everything will be gravy. Remember, backing up before flashing is always recommended.

Battery bar
LCD denisty options
Lockscreen shortcuts
Omni switch
Status bar customization
Custom lockscreen wallpaper/see through/blur
Headsup toggle
Quick setting customization
Tons of qs tiles
Quick setting pull down options
Force expand notifications
SystemUI tuner to CandyInterface
Time context headers in panel
Lockscreen weather
DarkUI switch
Navbar customization:
-Navbar button color
-Navbar DPI
-DT2S on Navbar



Video Review :">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

1) Download
2) Download 6.0 Gapps (optional)
3) Boot into recovery (either twrp or cwm)
4) Full wipe (Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Factory Data Reset)
5) Flash
6) Flash Gapps [recomended pico]
7) Reboot

Please give first boot a good few minutes.

CM Team
SLim Team
Candy6 Team
Omni Team
Maximum Team
Android Matrix Development

Special thanks to CyanogenMod, SlimRoms, Omni and all the rest who make their source open, we can't do this on our own.

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[NST] Unable to mount boot partition

Hi there,

I got a bricked Nook Simple Touch and I'm trying to revive it. After booting into recovery with Clockworkmod I've found it's unable to mount the /boot partition. I guess it was formatted. When I connect it to my PC, it doesn't recognize the device.
Any ways to make it work? I don't know how to create a new partition. Can I flash any custom ROM for NST via CWM to fix it?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

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Alert Slider Customization for OxygenOS 3

Hey Guys,

i guess the most of u know the app "Vibrate Mode" from the Oneplus 2. And maybe u also know this app doesnt work anymore.
It seems like there is a method to get those features by using tasker, but i dont like this, since it is still buggy.

Maybe we can reach a dev, who can bring the "Vibrate Mode App" features back to the Oneplus 3, using OxygenOS and root/xposed.

I think there are really really much people out there, which would like to have the ability to change the alert slider to "all - vibrate - silent".
Since this is the only logical function imo. :cyclops:

Please push this thread to heaven, so we maybe get some dev's to work on this! :good:

Cheers! :)

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Help!!! Moto G does not exceed logo xt1032 start and the screen is black ( POWER ON)

My motorola Moto G xt1032 suffered Full Brick with android version 5.1 Lolipop GPE and after months could recover with the guide who launched here .
But it seems that has an error because the firmware flashing stock or custom rom , working hours or a full day and then restarts, does not pass the botlogo and is on but black screen ... If I could help from already thank you very much :llorando:

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Annoying bootmenu after unlocking bootloader

Hey guys i read some other guys posts but nothing was satisfying.

I got this menu after i unlocked the bootloader:
this massage

How can i disable it, i think i didnt get this before ...

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OnePlus One Recovery Help


I have a OnePlus One and I was having a lot of battery and network issues on Cyanogen 13.1 build version MHC19Q. I tried to do a factory reset but my phone would just not boot after the reset. It was stuck on the Cyanogen logo for over 50 minutes. So I tried to shut it down and redo the whole thing multiple times but I was facing the same issue.

So I tried to flash the ROM (downloaded from the Cyanogenmod support page). I did this through ADB but every time the installation stops midway because of

"signature verification failed"

And my computer does not recognize my phone on fastboot mode. I can only get to recognize the device when I go to recovery mode, do apply update from ADB

Please help!! I do not know how to fix this and I cannot do anything with my phone any more :(

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how to unbrick the samsung j7 j7oot1?

im a noobie to samsung. i tried flashing twrp recovery. sow its say to use smart switch app but i cant

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1. Backup current ROM
2. Factory Reset > Wipe System, Data, Cache, Dalvik/art
3. Flash ROM and Gapps
4. Reboot & enjoy

AOKP Github (Source)

Donate to

CyanogenMod Github | AOKP Github
All AOKP Team :good:
@jgcaap :good:

XDA:DevDB Information
Unofficial AOKP 6.0.1 for Oneplus ONE, ROM for the OnePlus One

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Latest CM13 Firmware
Based On: AOKP, CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-07-01
Last Updated 2016-06-30

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S5 mini lolipop


Is there way to enable vibration when I press back or menu button.
Also in quick settings panel I am missing a flaslight button. Is there way to enable this?
800h and lolipop OTA


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Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 update?

I have an old galaxy tab 2 and don't want to let it go yet. The last update it got was the KitKat update, is there any reliable custom Roms to get more out of this old tablet?

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soft brick?

I searched but cannot seem to find this situation and am unsure what the best approach would be.
Attempted to use odin in download mode unsuccessfully in windows (drivers probably not fully functional).

Phone stops at first samsung logo that shows model no and goes no further.
SD card is formatted and there is nothing on it (no backups).
I can boot occasionally boot into recovery and download mode. There is nothing available in recovery as card is formatted.
I normally use linux, but used odin in windows.

The phone is not recognized in Windows and Mac (I did not try linux yet). It's as if the usb drivers partially install (e.g. mtp is not functional). I tried kies and 2 different driver only files.

Heimdall app on Mac crashed. I tried this procedure for rooting on a mac (the phone could not be detected)

Rerooting via odin also fails; nothing happens possibly due to the windows driver situation.

I can't flash anything from recovery as there is nothing on the SD card to flash. I don't know if there is a way to add something to the SD card so I could attempt to flash it.

Phone keeps restarting and I have to remove the battery to turn it off and then enter download or recovery but this only works occasionally.

Finally, I entered download mode and accidentally turned off the mac from which it was charging which caused the battery to drain. Now I connected to wall charger but it's either charging very slowly or not charging.

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File recovery

Hello guys.

I am a happy owner of a Note 4 N910F. Bought it recently and i love it.
Today, i accidentaly deleted some audio files, some rec's i had and they were stored in internal memory. I googled alot and tried some Unroot solutions (since my Note4 is unrooted) and i'm having no luck and what i find is old so i hope i can get help from you guys.

It has Marshmallow and, since it is only 4 months old, i dont want to root it (someone told me i lose warranty if i do it). Is there any way i can search for those deleted audio files without root?


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Philz touch recovery for htc desire 626s ????

Hi im from Perú and i have HTC 626s and i was wondering if i can flash a philz touch recovery for my Phone , i have root accses. But i have cyanoge n recovery and i want to change it for touch philz recovery i hope someone can help me..

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Xposed framwork says "falied to get root access" on my G2 (sprint)

i have android 4.4.2, and i think this issue is why i had problems before, i rooted the phone with king root. could it be because of the king root? or something else? help would be great.

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[REQUEST] Support for LG Optimus Zone 3

So, hey, guys. I'm not exactly new here. This is just my first ever account on here, so I can interact with the forums.

I know it may seem like I am freeloading, and technically I am... But is it possible that some highly generous person might be able to compile an AOSP ROM for the LG Zone 3? I have no access to a PC, although I have ChainFire's FlashFire, which works. I also didn't know where to put this thread (you will see why at the end of this post) so if it needs to be moved, I will not have any problem with it.

Again, this is just a request. Anyone who wants to complain to me about freeloading, please don't. I have enough problems with family at the moment, and would rather not have to be on my phone telling someone off than helping my parents get through stuff.

Another thing, the LG Zone 3 isn't even listed as a device on these forums, probably since it is a low end phone (I got it for $40 and it has 8GB of storage, pretty good for a cruddy phone). Could someone add it, just so people like me with this phone can also ask for support, or even publish stuff for this phone?

Finally, I would like to thank anyone who has read this. I know I have taken your time, but anyone and everyone who helps has my deepest gratitude.

Thank you for your support,

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Increase Internal Storage through Marshmallow?


I've got a moto E and a 8GB SD card. I have been using MM(AICP) for like months and I really love the ROM and its battery backup but the thing is I'm running out of storage space.. The system itself takes like 1.2 GB out of 2.1 GB available internal storage and few basic apps - I'm full... :(

I have only 1 game and would like to try more like I used to but can't download as play stores says I'm out of space... Updating apps have been an issue too.. I want to fix this by buying a Samsung 32GB EVO+ class 10 (20MB/s Write Speed) and use it as my internal storage...

Worth it?
Anyone using their SDCards as internal storage? Bugs or Good Experience?
Should I buy or go back to CM11?


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what are some good aosp MM Roms with good kernels?

what are some good aosp MM Roms with good kernels? In terms of features, battery life and speed.

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Elephone S3 Review

Elephone S3 5.2inch Bezel-less 2.5D Arc FHD Screen Android 6.0 MTK6753 Octa Core Smartphone 3GB 16GB 13.0MP Touch ID Fast Charge Metal Body

Hi All,

In this Review im going to be looking at the Elephone S3.. Big thanks to Elephone for the review sample.

The phone arrived in 6 days to the UK via DHL with £16 Import Tax's to pay ouch

First of all a few facts about the Elephone S3

5.2inch bezel-less 2.5D Arc FHD 3D curved glass Incell screen , 1920x1080 pixels,424 PPI
CPU:MTK6753 octa-core, 1.3GHz, GPU:Mali-T720
Android 6.0 OS, 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM,can extend to 128GB
Dual sim card dual standby, Micro + Nano sim card
Dual cameras, 5.0MP OV5670 front camera, 13.0MP Sony IMX135 camera with flashlight And auto focus back camera
Fast charge,off-screen wake up,full metal body Support FDD LTE/4G/3G/GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth/Touch ID
Networking:2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3GWCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz, 4G: FDD LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600MHz, TDD-LTE:B38/B39/B40/B41MHz

This is the 2nd elephone i have owned my first being the elephone p7000.

Looks & feel on the Elephone s3

The s3 looks & feels so much better, it has a real quality feel about it with the 5.2inch Bezel-less Screen that goes right to the phones edge's.
The 5.2inch Bezel-less Screen is a big selling point for me & wow does it stand out its a pleasure to use & show off.

The colour quality of the screen its self is outstanding everything looks so crisp & clear witch stand out even better when your using the camera.

Its not a light phone weighing in at 145g but a nice sturdy phone.It comes with 3GB RAM,16GB ROM,Octa Core, 1.3GHz chipset, 5.2inch Bezel-less 2.5D Arc FHD Screen, Android 6.0 , 13 mega-pixel main camera & a 5 mega pixel front facing camera.

The first thing I did with the phone was to check for a OTA update just to make sure I was on the latest FW.There was a update 20160612 (Don't ask me what the change log was as its in Chinese.But anyway I installed the update very easy,The one thing I did notice was the new ELE UI.

The UI appears in the form of Launcher,Where you can find the option in settings and choose from

Android original UI and the ELE UI. See video below Android UI & ELE UI Compared.


The Elephone s3 has a Octa core 1.3GHz Processor along with the Mali-T720 GPU giving it better performance than most phones.It comes with Android 6.0 out the box witch runs Awesome.
The UI looks great & with the 3GB of RAM everything runs smooth & fast.

Using the Fingerprint scanner on the s3 is cool.It reads my fingerprint every time iv not had it fail yet, Just over 1 second to open the phone + you can use is to take front facing photos,Scroll the phones app draw,Skip music songs, Nice touch ha ha.

Iv Installed & tested both beach buggy blitz and asphalt 8 & both play ok but played better once i had reduced the graphics quality.


More to come on the Camera

Another cool thing with the S3 is the Turbo download it combines 4g and wifi both at the same time giving you very fast downloads indeed.

Antutu score

Not that high but this is no slow phone


For me the only down side to the Elephone s3 is the 2100mAh battery,It would of been nice to see something a bit bigger as it will need charging everyday but on a plus side it does charge from flat in about 2.5 hours.


Stock ROM 20160612

TWRP 3.0.2-1 Elephone S3 MT6753

Package Contents
1 × Phone
1 × USB cable
1 x Eject pin
1 × User manual
1 × Power adapter

More info can be found here Elephone S3

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customs roms for N910L

Hi friends. i have N910L Korean variant. i am currently using official 6.0.1 MM. but i am in love with custom roms. previously i had nexus 3,4 and 5. plz help me to find good stable custom roms. and please guide me about rooting boot loader and flashing too. my phone is rooted but i don't know about boot loader unlocking of note 4. serious help is required. any sort of help is appreciated .

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Broken buttons

So I accidentally dropped my Shield tablet and it landed on the side where the buttons were. Now the button are broken I can't press the power button and the volume buttons. The tablet itself is shutdown so I can't turn it on.
When I connect the tablet into a charger the screen turns on and shows the battery icon and telling me it's charging..

So is there anyway if I can turn it on without the button or is there any way that I can fix it.
The warranty has expired....
P.S i have contacted nvidia and they told me they can't do anything about it

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[Opera Mobile Labs Extensions]

For who uses the Opera 12 Labs Extensions, that wants disable this annoying homepage:

1: Root and Hosts Editor

2: Add this site: at

The tyrant page stops loading.



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Volte Missing S7 Edge Duos

s7 edge g935fd duos teknesis 6.2 ota no volte calling missing why ?

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Greenify and Android 6.0.1

I am tryiing to find somehting describing the use of Greenify on 6.0.1 with stamina and ultra stamina mode in non-rooted mode. Do you know of good links?

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Help! Sound R

Hi, I need to know that audio chip takes my R.
I know it is a WM but the model no. Thanks :)
I installed Voddo Sound, but the kernel not suports.

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Will Project Fi work?

Will project fi work with the Oneplus 3? I'm assuming someone would need to give us a way to install the dialer?

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issues with the online

Hey guys

My sis phone died like two or three years ago and kept it since. She really wants to obtain data from it memory.

The digitizer works but the lcd won't turn on. Phone turns on as the capacitive touch light up and the led light to. There is haptic feedback after unlocking the phone.

Is there a way to obtain data from it while the screen won't turn on?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dual-boot Ubuntu Touch on Hammerhead?

Hi Guys,
Yesterday I've been tweaking my Nexus 5 and tried to dual-boot it with Android 6.0.1. I followed every guide for it and no luck, even the official one from Ubuntu. When I tried to install it as the only system, which means I erased Android, it stucks on the boot screen. I think what I did isn't correct according to the guide, but it's because I tried many solutions for it to work but it won't. Help is appreciated. Please don't close the thread, OK?

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XT1064 Android 6.0 will not go into deep sleep, CPU stuck awake

I have a Moto G 2014 (XT1064) running Android 6.0 that will not go into deep sleep. I could see that the CPU was never going into the deep sleep state even when the phone was not being used and no user apps were actively running in the background. This is causing abysmal battery life as expected. The phone was updated to Android 6.0 via regular OTA updates. I haven't flashed any third party ROMs onto it at all since I bought it.

The first thing I did to investigate was to unlock the bootloader (it was still locked since purchase prior to this) so that I could obtain root access to see what was going on. This also had the additional affect of wiping the phone to stock Andoird 6.0, which I had hoped would maybe solve the problem but it did not.

My first thought was that it was a user app that was holding a wakelock keeping the phone awake. I looked at the user and kernel wakelock counts via BetterBatteryStats and WakeLockDetector, but from what I can tell it is not any user app that is holding a wakelock at all. Instead it must be some kernel level app keeping the CPU awake, but I can't determine what it is. There isn't any single entry in the wakelock list that sticks out as the culprit.

I have done some other investigative tests such as turning WiFi off while the phone sits unused overnight. This did not have any effect as the phone still remained awake the whole time. I also repeated this test with the phone in airplane mode (WiFi + cellular radios off) and again it had no affect. From this I could only conclude that it was not the wireless radios that were keeping the phone awake. The wakelock counts also didn't show any evidence that WiFi, cellular or GPS were holding wakelocks.

Here are two screenshots I took of the BetterBatteryStats and WakeLockDetector apps showing the highest count kernel wakelocks over a roughly 17 hour period:
(I'd link them in properly but I am prevented from posting outside links on this forum until I have 10 cumulative posts...)

You can see that the phone has been awake 96% of the time during this period, and that the highest count kernel wakelocks are from "event8-1877", "event9-1877", "qpnp_soc_wake" and "qpnp-vadc-e4a28400". I could not find any information as to what these entries mean or what they're related to. Whatever they are, they appear to have abnormally large wakelock counts which leads me to believe that they are related to this problem. The other thing that puzzles me is that the total time for the top four entries in that list only sum to about 2 hours, yet the phone has been awake for almost 17 hours within the same period.

If anyone has any idea about this I'd appreciate the help. I may be completely wrong about the root cause here but I'm running out of ways to debug this.

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Screen dimming when watching video recorded via phone?

I recorded a video recently and noticed when I went to watch it that the screen dims dramatically. Happens with with all the videos a recorded. I found this very odd. Is this normal?

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phone activating in my pocket

My phone always keeps activating in my pocket even after turning off all gestures. I think it's the fingerprint sensor. My phone always gets hot because of it. What should I do or is there a way to deal with it. I do not want to disable fingerprint though.

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[Solved] Decrypt N910T T-Mobile 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Stock N910TUVU2EPE3, Imperfect

(I'm a complete noob, I am not a dev, nor even pretend to be a "power user")

Galaxy Note 4, unlocked T-Mobile on MetroPCS unlimited plan.

Ok, here is what I did

I attempted wiping everything in the advanced using TWRP 3.0.2 for the T-Mobile Note 4, to no avail.

I reinstalled the N910TUVU2EPE3_N910TTMB2EPE3_N910TUVU2EPE3_HOME.tar .md5 via Odin

Booted into the stock recovery. This was an Ah ha, moment. the Stock recovery was able to wipe the encrypted partitions.

Re-installed via Odin.
Rebooted this did not prompt for a password or pin indicating the internal storage was indeed cleared and installed without encryption

I used the following to make my SD Card "adoptable"

I then rebooted and installed TWRP via Odin

Rebooted and wiped using TWRP and began the reconfigure of the phone.

Allowed the restore to complete and during the setup I was able to confirm VoIP works. See attachment, made a call to confirm.

All that is left is to root using the following threads:

Root/Recovery (
Xposed (

This worked for me, the ROM is not debloated and has all factory programs.

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Tripit Widget

For anyone who uses Tripit app on S7 Edge.
Do you have problems with adding widget onto the homescreen?
I can't seem to add any Tripit widgets

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Badoo APP does not work on Mate 7 after latest update ?

anyone else having problem with Badoo from the latest update from yesterday on Mate 7 (marshmallow final)

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Unable to receive Calls or Texts if WiFi is turned on 1.80.617.1

Hey guys. As the title states I can't receive calls or texts if Wifi is on. If I turn Wifi off or get out of range the mobile data isn't turned on. Only remedy is to turn the phone off and power it back on. One work around I've found is to disable LTE and use the GSM/WCDMA auto option.

I've already tried to do a factory reset and HTC support isn't helpful. They told me to re-install the update ruu but the update they told me to download isn't up to date. Now they're saying to send the phone in, but I use this as my work phone so I really need to get it working and can't afford to not have a phone for 10 days.

Help me obi wan kenobi

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Terrible Battery Life, battery says bluetooth is to blame

Recently ( Since the marshmallow update) I've been getting just absolutely horrendous battery life. I'm talking around 6 hours. Which is just unreal! I've had the phone for about a year and half and I find this ridiculous. Going through the settings/battery panel it says bluetooth has been taking up ~50% of the battery but that makes no sense since it did not do such before the update.

This is just so frustrating because it's such a great phone. Maybe I just need to replace the battery but who knows. Any insight would be absolutely amazing!

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[ROM] [6.0.1 r46] Slim 6 For Redmi 2


SlimROM is a custom android operating system. The main goal is to offer users a slimmed down but still feature rich alternative to other android operating systems.
The entire SlimTeam works together to bring you this tailor-made beauty straight from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code.
All of the sources can be publicly viewed through GitHub andGerrit.
/* #include <std_disclaimer.h>
* Your phone's warranty is now void.
* This is a custom ROM developed by Warrior1208.
* I am not responsible for hard bricks, damages to SD Cards, thermonuclear war,
* or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
* I would definitely help you out if you are stuck somewhere, provided that you give
* me clear details of the mishap.
* Don't ask for ETA's cause there is a thing called "LIFE" outside FORUMS.

Slim Center
Slim Launcher
Slim File Manager
Slim Heads Up
The Real Dark Slim User Interface
SlimPIE (inspired by ParanoidAndroid's PIE with a light touch of Slim)
Smart Card Service
Adaptive Backlight
Adaptive Brightness
Smart Lock
Privacy Guard
Sounds Tweaks(Audio FX and Music FX)
Status Bar Tweaks
Battery Saver Mode
Removed Bloatwares
Notification Reminder/Snoozer
Drawer Shortcuts
Lockscreen Shortcuts
Custom Quick Settings Tiles
Improved Performance
Camera - True View
Camera - Smart Capture
and Much More!

Video Recording
Proximity Sensor
Automatic Brightness Sensor
External SD Card
Internal SD Card
Video Playback (HW+ Overlays)
Physical / Capacitive Buttons
Airplane Mode

You Tell:laugh:

1. Download the ROM and the GApps and place them on your SD Card/Internal Storage.
2. Reboot phone to compatible recovery.
3. Wipe data, cache(factory reset), dalvik/art cache and system.
4. Flash the ROM and GApps.
5. Reboot System. (First boot takes 5 minutes. Be patient.)


SlimRoms Website

XDA:DevDB Information
Slim6 For Redmi 2, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi 2

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
Based On: Slim

Version Information
Status: Testing
Current Stable Version: 1
Stable Release Date: 2016-06-29

Created 2016-06-30
Last Updated 2016-06-29

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Canadian OnePlus 3 discussion thread

Hey guys just thought I'd start a thread for us Canadians to share information and also our experiences with the OnePlus 3. I just got mine this Monday and so far I'm very happy with it. What about you?

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Galaxy S5 Sprint 900P auto reboot

Hi every body !

I had a unlocked GS5 of Sprint over a year. Recently, it often auto reboot when using or screen off after waitting time.
It will reboot and i encounter with 2 case:
1. Stuck in boot screen "samsung galaxy s5 powered by android" then turn off with a vibrate and turn on with a vibrate. And it keep repeating.
In this case i will remove battery and keep it alone over 2 minutes. then it boot successfully. The device sometime hot, sometime cool but it still happen (no depend themal)
2. It also reboot but no screen on: i heard boot sound. when boot done, the touch screen still work (sound when i touch in lock screen). And i have true black phone.

I tried to boot in safe mode, reset factory, odin with android 5.0, 6.0 but nothing changed.

I hope everybody help me. Thank alot

My device: S5 900P with stock lollipop 5.0 (OK4- newest lollipop). Knox 0x1

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Stuck at FIRE screen

Anyone have any thoughts?
I downgraded from 5.1.4 to 5.1.2 without issue. Rooted with king root. Changed to Super su with supersume, then disabled the apps recommended in the tips thread. Now, when i power on my HD10, it's stuck at the boot/FIRE screen. It's done this 2-3x. In order top fix it I had to factory wipe and reflash the firmware.
I'm guessing I disabled an app I shouldn't have. Any thoughts which one?

sent from your mom's phone.

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Custom ROM no root but deep sleep fix

Hi, does anyone know of a ROM that allows you to implement the deep sleep fix but also isn't rooted? I'm on Dr Ketan ROM (which is fantastic by the way) but temp unroot still does allow me to use FOXTEL GO app.

Sent from my SM-N920C using XDA-Developers mobile app

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[ROM][6.0.1][G900F] Samperia 1.0R [2016-06-30]

SAMPERIA is based on XOSP.
XOSP which stands for "Xperia Open Source Project".
It's a ROM project based on CyanogenMo and the main idea behind XOSP was to create a custom,
minimal, Xperia based ROM, keeping essential things which
a user would use, and not including unnecessary bloat in the ROM.

Features :
- All From XOSP 6.2
- Changed Icons to XPERIA X
- Added Xperia Clock Widget
- Added Xperia Premium Walkman
- Added Xperia Calendar
- Added Samperia Bootanimation
- Clear All Button

Installation :
- Install
- Install XOSPAPPS
- Install NANO Gapps
- Install SuperSU
- Reboot to ROM

Download SuperSU : DOWNLOAD

- ViperFX Button in Settings (To fix it, install ViperFX)
- No Album/Videos? Download APK ALBUM - MOVIE

Credits : Blackjubel, Google, Xperia, androidexpert35 - If I forgot someone tell me.

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_20160630-021801.jpg Views: N/A Size: 168.5 KB ID: 3798612   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_20160630-021808.jpg Views: N/A Size: 232.3 KB ID: 3798613   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_20160630-021815.jpg Views: N/A Size: 93.6 KB ID: 3798614   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_20160630-021827.jpg Views: N/A Size: 159.6 KB ID: 3798615   Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_20160630-021837.png Views: N/A Size: 90.6 KB ID: 3798619  

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[request] Looking For A Single VideoEditor App With All These Options

First thing First : i hope that my topic be on right place!

Hello guys, im searching for a VideoEditor App that has these options but after 3 days i couldent find anything 😭
I found many app that do one or more of these options but i want install JUST ONE App, so do you know an app that has all these options ???

-Compress Size
-Speed Change

And even better if it has these options too:
-Add Audio TO/From Video
-Convert (offline)
-Add Watermark

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Schedulers and Governors for the boot.img


i found in a few roms actually Nexus 2.5 that you can add more Govenors and Schedulers.

Is it so tricky to add this in the Vibe UI MTK boot.img?

What i really need is SmartassV2 or Lulzactive as govenor and Sio or Fiops Scheduler for Vibe UI.

What i know is that you need the kernel Source and build it from new. But I´m too stupid for that.
It exceeds my spiritual intelligence :D

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[HELP] Flashing Spreadtrum SC5735 failed: uart send error

Hello, Good day!

I need help using ResearchDownload Tool. I am currently looking for a workaround for the error I encountered when flashing stock rom to a spreadtrum tablet. I found a stock firmware for this online and downloaded it. Installed SCI USB2Serial driver in order to read the tab in Windows 7 32 Bit. Turned the tab off, connect the tab to the computer while pressing Volume down. After 8 seconds, I'm getting an error Failed: uart send error. What does it mean? Used all of my usb cable but to no avail. I checked Youtube for the fix, followed the instruction but still getting the same error. I used a different PC and still getting the same. Now, I'm desperately seeking help here if one did encounter this kind of issue and was able to resolve it.


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CM13 build error, any thoughts?

make: *** No rule to make target '/home/cmbuild/android/system/out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/tcmiface_intermediates/javalib.jar', needed by '/home/cmbuild/android/system/out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/okhttp_intermediates/classes-full-debug.jar'. Stop.

^ Anyone have any thoughts or run into this before? Trying to build cm 13, I've extracted the necessary proprietary drivers/libs/whatnot (I believe) but I seem to be at an impasse on brunching this thing... any help would be greatly appreciated. Might be able to set up a remote shell if anyone feels the desire to hack away on my VM...

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1.57.617.42 US Unlocked System and Boot Backup Download

Here's a TWRP backup from my US Unlocked after 1.57.617.32 RUU and OTA to 1.57.617.42. These images should pass verity. :)

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[ICON PACK] Moonrise Icon Pack

Moonrise Icon Pack Banner



Moonrise Icons have been designed from the ground up using a unique color choice to portray the mix between moon and night, creating a distinct icon style. Inspired by Google's material design.


- Over 400+ Premium Icons and Growing (XXXHDPI 192x192 px)
- Weekly Updates +-25 Icons (Can and will eventually stop)
- 21 Premium Wallpapers and Growing
- Cloud-based Wallpaper Picker
- Support for 24 Launchers
- Dynamic Calendar Support (W.I.P / Coming Soon)
- Smart Icon Request Tool
- Manually Designed in Vector Graphics
- Beautiful Material Dashboard
- Help/FAQ Section

Moonrise Icons Google
Moonrise Icons System
Moonrise Icons Popular
Moonrise Icons Walls
Moonrise Icons Alternate
Moonrise Icons Drawers



Action, ADW, ADW EX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, CM, GO, Holo, Holo ICS, KK, L, Lucid, Mini, Next, Nova, S, Smart, Smart Pro, Solo, TSF, Unicon and Xperia Home.
Please note LG Home is supported but for some users it might not work. (W.I.P)


If you would like to support me, please consider donating any amount so I can stay up longer hours creating more icons and themes. For those who donate, they will be allowed to request 5 icons that aren't themed to be made and added in the next weekly update as well as customized wallpapers. My way of saying thank you.

Please note that a supported launcher is required to apply Moonrise Icons. I recommend Nova Launcher for the best experience. For further assistance check out the FAQ section within the app or feel free to send me an email.

Before you give a bad rating, please ask for my help and I will try my hardest to offer fixes and solutions.


Q: When will Sunrise Icon Pack release?
A: Sunrise Icon Pack will be released beginning of July.
Q: Will you design my requested icons?
A: Icons that are most requested will be the priority designs.
Q: Is there any way I can support you?
A: Yes! Reviews, Sharing your screens and any donations would help a lot! :)
Moonrise Icon Pack Download

XDA:DevDB Information
Moonrise Icon Pack, Theme for all devices (see above for details)

Source Code:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-06-24

Created 2016-06-30
Last Updated 2016-06-29

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