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Sony Android TV alternative launchers or app uninstallers?

hello guys

i couldn't find anything, but is there a decent alternative to the sony android tv launcher, maybe a liter version less cpu intensive, less lag?

or a way to uninstall some of the bloatware to make it lighter and rearrange the tiles, as it pretty poor at moment in user freinedliness.


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Please can any of the esteem developers can port the LG AKA eyes for all of us to use across all the android platform
Sending you the video for the same.

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"Food Court Fever: Pizza Chef": A new cooking game

Flowmotion Entertainment Releases Food Court Fever: Pizza Chef for Android Gamers:

The game includes the following features:
7 new and exciting restaurants to open
Earn gems to Buy & Stock up fresh ingredients
70 levels to test your time management & cooking skills
Unlock new & tasty toppings
Unlock power-ups to serve customers lighting fast

"Our new game stands to excite & challenge all pizza lovers, cooking game fans, and restaurant themed gamers," said Dario Pavan CEO of Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. "it is our endeavour to bring the most vivid graphics and game play to the restaurant theme genre."

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[ROM]XOSP-5.4-UNOFFICIAL-Marshmallow [6.0.1] [01-May-2016]

Kernel source:


 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

  • Based on CM 13.0
  • Viper4Android
  • Removed many unnecessary apps and stuff as well as CM ones
  • Stock Kernel
  • Snap Camera
  • ViPER Audio Engine
  • Theme Chooser
  • Xperia based Bootanimation
  • Xperia Z5 sounds
  • Xperia Z5 Custom Wallpapers
  • XOSPSetupWizard
  • ROM provided with a white Indigo Theme
  • Stock Browser is custom themed
  • Status bar logo
  • Navigation Bar ON/OFF
  • NavBar dimensions
  • SlimDim
  • HW Keys ON/OFF
  • SlimSeek Bar
  • Status bar Network Traffic indicator
  • RAM Bar in recents options
  • Toast Animations
  • Long Press back to kill in Development Settings
  • Ability to hide the Super SU status bar icon
  • Dashboard Columns
  • Dashboard double lines toggle
  • Double Tap to sleep anywhere on the lockscreen
  • On-the-go Mode
  • Double tap to sleep on navigation bar
  • SystemApp remover
  • Omni inbuilt SystemUI Screenrecording
  • SuperSU
  • Xperia Apps◦ Xperia Z5 Home
  • ClockWidget
  • Walkman
  • Album
  • PhotoEditor
  • Calendar
  • Xperia Keyboard
  • Sketch
  • Video
  • Weather App
  • Weather Widget
  • Smart Connect
  • Audio Recorder
  • TrackID

ROM: XOSP-5.4-Unofficial-MM-Tomato

XOSP Apps: xospapps


First time installing XOSP based or coming from another ROM?• Make sure your Bootloader is unlocked and you're running the latest TWRP
  • Wipe data factory reset
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash GApps and XOSP Apps
  • Reboot

  • CM for the base sources
  • The Sony Xperia community who provided the system dumps and allowed me to work on the Apps

Hit Like To Support :):D

XDA:DevDB Information
XOSP-5.4-UNOFFICIAL-Marshmallow-tomato, ROM for the YU Yureka

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2016-05-01

Created 2016-05-01
Last Updated 2016-05-01

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1-inch of the Bottom of my Screen DOESN'T Register Touch after Internal Cleaning.

Yesterday, my microphone was too quiet, so I decided to clean it out by going into my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for T-Mobile. Just some quick background information, there was nothing wrong with the phone before this incident and I do repair smartphones for a living, so I know what I am doing. I have never seen this problem EVER! I took everything out of the phone (except for separating the screen from the frame) to dust it and clean it out. Upon reassembly, everything was working, including the screen. Upon trying to open Messages, I noticed that I could not touch the icon. Upon doing a HWModuleTest, about 1-inch of the bottom of the screen does not register touch AT ALL (would provide picture, but XDA won't let me because I am new). I tried cleaning the flex connection and even going as far as to flashing a completely new Android Factory ROM to rule out a firmware issue. I have never seen this problem in the 14 years I have been working with electronics. Now I have ordered a replacement screen for the phone hoping that that will fix the issue, but I want to know why it happened and if there is any way to fix it WITHOUT having to replace the screen, being that a new screen is $200. Did I short out the digitizer? Please help and ask questions! Thanks in advance!

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[ROM][5.1.1][MT6753][PORT][Flare 4]AICP 11.0

Android Ice Cold Project

AICP is known by everyone as Android Ice Cold Project that started on HTC Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!!

Until lollipop, ROM has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CyanogenMod when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features.

Display and animations:
System animations
Toast icon and animation
Power menu animation
IME animation
LCD densidy changer
Status bar:
Clock style (position, date view, date format, color, font type and size, seconds)
Status bar icons control
Battery Icon style (percentage, icon type)
Brightness control
Show notification count
Quick pulldown on QS
Superuser indicator control
Headset icon
AICP logo
Traffic Indicators
Carrier Label
Battery bar
Statusbar weather temperature
Notification drawer:
Brightness slider
Time contextual header
Weather info settings
CAF Task Manager
Force expanded notifications
Disable immersive mode messages
Recents panel:
Clear all button settings
Show/hide search bar in recent menu
Recents in fullscreen
Show/hide clock and date in recent menu
Memory bar
Lock screen:
Show/hide music visualizer
Show/hide media cover art
Lock screen shortcuts
Mid-Screen shortcuts
Lock screen blur
DT2S on lockscreen
Lock Clock fonts
Lockscreen weather options
Enable/disable navigation bar buttons
Left-handed mode
Buttons and layout settings
Adjust navigation bar dimensions
CM button long press, double press features
Power menu settings
Press power button twice for camera
Pie Control
Gesture Anywhere
App Circle Bar
Slim Recents
Scrolling cache settings
Disable FC notifications
DT2S on navigation bar
Launch music app when headset is connected
Enable/disable screenshot sound
Three fingers swipe for screenshot
System App remover
Take logcat, kmesg, dmesg on the go! (AicpExtras -> Log that 's'hit)
Quick Settings toggles:
QS Compass Tile
QS Sync Tile
QS Volume Tile
QS Profiles Tile
QS USB tether Tile
QS Screen timeout Tile
QS Performance Tile
QS Lockscreen toggle Tile
QS Ambient Display Tile
QS Live Display Tile
QS Brightness Tile
QS ScreenOff Tile
QS Screenshot Tile
QS Expanded desktop Tile
QS Music Tile
QS Reboot Tile
QS Nav bar Tile
QS SlimPie Tile
QS App circle bar Tile
QS App side bar Tile

  • Android Ice Cold Project Team
  • Maximum ROM
  • CyanogenMOD Team
  • Zaldy Brillante
  • Bluflame4
  • ZOPO
  • Omni ROM Team
  • Liquid Smooth ROM
  • SlimBean ROM team


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How can I update SuperSU on 6.0.1?

I flashed a custom ROM based on stock 6.0.1, and I tried to update SuperSU in it by flashing the latest zip version, but I failed every time. What can I do to solve the problem? Thx in advance.

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Please help root LG G4 h818n/p

Hi everyone. Please help me. I need to root my LG G4 (unlocked) and do not want to brick it. The thing im concerned about is I am not sure if it is a h818n or h818p. All I know is it is a duel sim phone.

Please help me. Please give me some advice or direction as to what I should do and how. I need this done in the next couple of days :confused: :crying:

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When was your last update on hTc one A9? My security patch dates from Dec 2015

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Bricked S6 Edge. Am i SOL or is it salvagable

Welcome ladies and gentleman to my tail of how i ****ed up my phone. I have researched on possible ways to fix my edge but all so far have failed and possibly screwed me so i'm down to asking for any ideas, tips on how to possible "save" my phone. I attempted to root my phone via King-Root (already know a stupid idea). i forgot to turn off Knox security and when it tried to boot frp lock, and Kernel is not SEAndroid Enforcing. So i went into safe mode (idk whats the correct term for it) cleared all cache and tried to flash new firmware onto the phone, tired 3 attempts and all failed, now its stuck in an error screen reading "An error has occurred while updating the device software. Use the Emergency recover function in the Smart Switch PC Software. I downloaded smart switch just to see if possible it would take it out of the error screen and its not recognized by smart switch. I have heard the use of certain cables effects whether smart switch will recognize the device but i am using the given Samsung micro USB cable. ( I will also ask my dad when hes back if he did anything else to the phone that he didn't tell me about) I just want to know if i have anymore options to UN-brick it, whether it would be a good idea to see if i could get my warranty by destroying the phone or if its a lost cause all together and i should just sell it to at least get some money from it. Thanks for any feedback, it will be greatly appreciated.

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Rooting my redmi 2 prime

Hi all!
Well, i just updated my redmi 2 prime to version 7.2 lollipop, but now i aint able to root it in any way. Can someone pls help?
I wanna root my mobile as fast as i can.

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Questions abouut RN3 Pro

:)So I'm New Xiaomi and i Need to know these
1-Can we flash stock ROM via mi flash even if our Boot loader is locked..
2-Can i flash Global Dev ROM from Recovery(choose update package ) while I'm in Global Stable (MiUi 7.2.3)

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error code 0x2000 when using lgup

i am trying to downgrade my firmwere and when i reach 80% on lgup, there is an error code 0x2000.
how can i solve it?

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Couldn't download G5 360 Express(2K) from smartworld?

I really like the 360 video on the device
I've got the roller coaster one, but I could't download the G5 360 Express(2K) from the smartworld
Would anyone send me the file directly? Thanks a lot;)

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Intent filters

Ok so i used to be a very experienced actionscript user. But i recently wanted to get back into programming so im learning java now or rather trying to.

So im trying to understand the xml side of this so far and have some questions im hoping u guys can answer.

So as i understand it an activity is a screen in an app. So for example the standard launcher on my phone has pages of apps on my main screens. Each one of those would be an activity? And then another activity for when i press the button to display all installed apps?

Have i understood that properly?

intent filters
This is where im getting confused. Ive googled it and read as much as i can find. As i read it, feel like someones explaining rocket science to a 5 year old.

The words component and instances is being thrown around enough that i got no clue whats even being said. What i have understood is it gives data to the activity.

So a best guess from my partwould be its telling it how the screens going to work or maybe like if theres going to be a button on it maybe. Or perhaps it means something different like just the properties sort of stuff like screen size or stuff of that nature.

As u guys can probably tell im confused beyond comprehension. I got no idea how good my grasp is of any of this. But if theres someone out there kind enough to dumb it down a bit so normal people can understand it. Id be very gratefull.

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Not update April sprout

I m install april sprout but can't update it shows a status 7 and error in print cloud 2 what can i do please help me

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Marshmallow update for BlackBerry Priv by TELUS

May is the date decided to release MM for priv by telus

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Brick phone!

I need help, my phone brick and when i try to reinstal the stock room the lg flash tool says "upgrade stopped due to an error" i try to access the recovery mode but my phone don't enter in recovery mode, i press and hold power + volume down, when the lg logo show up i loose the button and press and hold again but nothing happens, im start to feel a little worried because this never heppened with this phone.

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Galaxy s5 stock firmware (help)

So yesterday, i bought my secondhand galaxy s5 on my local store, the store didn't give me the box or any document about it. so i tried to figure out if this one isn't a fake one. the label behind the battery told me that this is a g900f variant, still being curious i check the imei on and it says that this is an original g900f (i also checked the phone build on the setting menu it also said this is a proper g900f), but long story short i found out that my phone is already rooted by the previous owner, so i tried to unroot it, but when i do it the phone stuck in the bootloop, so i downloaded odin, usb driver, and a new stock rom for the g900f on my laptop, i get the phone to the download mode (odin mode? i dunno what is it called) and it said my device is a g900v variant, and when i tried to flash the g900f stock rom i always failed. now i'm confused wheter if my s5 indeed is a real g900f or a g900v. what should i do now? do i have to download a g900v stock rom, or try another g900f stock rom? :confused:

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Android App Development Services

A good strategy for android app development should consider marketing the app as important as developing it. Agriya offer best Android app development services that make sure the end user doesn't receive a faulty and non-functional app.
Check out here:

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Screen mirroring not working with VPN

Hi folks,

I've got a quick question on using Screen Mirroring (Using ChromeCast) when using a VPN.

Now I understand that if I was streaming directly from, say, the Youtube aap, then the VPN will not work since the content is being directly fed from the router on my TV. However, for screen mirroring, only the content on my screen should be displayed on the TV.

I had a Note 4 where I had no issues at all doing this, but now for some reason the screen won't mirror on my S7 Edge with VPN.

I'm on android 6.0.1.

Appreciate any advice you can give.

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At&t sm-g530A OEM unlock?

I just got this phone two days ago and I haven't seen much on the OEM unlock for this version of the phone. I was wondering though, in the developer options there's in option for this. I've had to use that before on my other phone (desire 626s) and I was wondering couldn't the same thing be accomplished with this? Thanks in advanced.

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Download Huawei P9 Emui 4.1 Stock Themes

P9 Themes :-


Download Link

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Lg L90 boot loading problem

Hi guys,
I tried to flash custom cm13 rom in my lg l90.
for that i want to install TWRP recovery mode.
for this i used flashify app.
here i mistakly flashed TWRP in bootloder.
from that point mobile is not starting.
it is saying secure booting error.
and going blank.

Please help me.

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Bootloader L720TVPUCOH1 - Need right modem to use gsm in Pakistan !

hi all
Please see attached screenshot ..
someone messed up with my devices to install i9500 modem in l720t !

i want you all to help me
to get correct modem files to use gsm in pakistan !
Please help Bro !

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: 01 (1).png Views: N/A Size: 146.1 KB ID: 3735073   Click image for larger version Name: 01 (2).png Views: N/A Size: 149.1 KB ID: 3735074  

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After updating mi5 to proximity sensor is not working properly. After receiv

After updating mi5 to proximity sensor is not working properly. After receiving call when i take the phone away from ear screen still is black. Any solution?

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Keyboard lag


I seem to be experiencing keyboard lag specifically in WhatsApp.

Native as well as third party keyboards seems to display this issue. Clearing RAM also does not help.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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[XPOSED] Knock App Launcher - Launch apps directly from anywhere

Knock App Launcher
A cool way to launch apps from anywhere

  • Launch apps from lockscreen (requires knockcode lock and xposed)
  • Launch apps from anywhere with gesture-activated overlay
  • Easy configuration

This is my first Xposed module. It may have some bugs.
Doesn't work if screen is off. Will be fixed in the future.


Play store link

XDA:DevDB Information
Knock App Launcher, Device Specific App for the LG G3


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-04-30

Created 2016-04-30
Last Updated 2016-04-30

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how to unlock bootloader for samsung galaxy s duos 2

I want to install twrp in my phone but due to bootloader lock i am unable to install.. please tell me to how to unlock bootloader for samsung galaxy s duos 2

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Hi good day everyone. My Samsung galaxy grand prime had a problem and i cant fix it I Hard Reset my phone and then after i reset it will back to the beginning like brand new after the wifi settings my phone was stuck on google verification account i dont now how to fix it and i cant use my phone please help me :(( I've research everything on youtube and i try it the bypass but its not working :(( help me please thankyou :(:(:(

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[WIP] Change MAC Address of the Nexus 6P

Hey guys!
I was trying to change the MAC of my Nexus 5X and I thought I did everything right, but I couldn't connect to any WiFi network. I guessed that the Nexus 6P will have an identical method of changing MAC, so I figured I'd share my progress here as well, if anybody can help me or finish the process on their own.


bdaddr.txt    : interface 0 (main) MAC address
wlan_mac.bin    : interface 0-3 MAC addresses


WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini    : lines 46-50; interface 0-3 MAC addresses
WCNSS_cfg.dat    : nothing I could find

Note that the addresses in WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini are "Assigned MAC Addresses - will be used until NV items are in place".


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Help needed...please

Hi, finally got an m8. Without thinking just unlocked bootloader and rooted.

Plank here is on fw 2xxxx
Now I can't use barely any ROM at all!

I have been reading. I'm s on by the way.

My options if I'm reading it right?

Get the ota from 2x to 3.35 and flash?
Although tried this and security failed

My other option grab an ruu?
I've tried

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LG Hidden Settings & Features

You can access this if your home launcher has access to activities.

If not use an app like this -

Looks like leftovers from the G4/G3

I wonder what it takes for it to work (switch does nothing from what I briefly tested)

Just wanted to create this to get eyeballs on it. I'll add more to this post as I find em.

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How To Downgrade Y210-0100 B876 To B856 ?

How To Downgrade Y210-0100 B876 To B856 or 839 ?

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SMS Limit Nexus 6P


how to remove the limit on the number of SMS sent on the Nexus 6P ?


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iOS Emoji for eXistenZ Marshmallow V 1.0

This is a mod that will replace Android's Default Colour Emoji with Apples Default Emoji
. :D

1. Download .zip and place into Internal Storage/SD Card.
2. Reboot into recovery.
3. Locate and flash .zip file.
4. Reboot & enjoy!

(I've personally tested this MOD on my Xperia Z2 (running eXistenZ Marshmallow rom) and it worked without any issues.)

flash it your own risk because im not responsible if somethings happen to your baby :fingers-crossed:

ios emoji on MM
Click HERE to download

If you like this work Please bought a Beer for My friend Alex from Germany

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blackberry priv frp bypassed(world first)

Special thanks to rootjunky. I used part of his work to get this done. Enjoy
1. Startup priv
2. Connect to wifi
3 when priv shows checking connection then immediately it shows software update switch of router to stop connection with the priv
4 hit next till u get to the setup pattern screen, setup a pattern lock then restart phone
5 when phone restarts phone will be locked with the pattern u setup earlier.
6 launch the dialer button from th locked screen and dial *#*#4636#*#* to enter secret menu.
7 hit on usage statistics
8 hit on the back button and u will find yourself in settings
9 scroll down to backup and reset
10 reset phone and when phone starts up, setup a new device. That's it

Special hanks to rootjunky for tips

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B522 problem with themes

I have a problem with themes and wallpapers I cannot set neither of them I cannot download any theme from the oficial app in the settings the page is blanc does anyone knows a solution?

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Updating Sprint htc one m8 (harman/kardon + non - harman kardon) to marshamallow 6.0

here keeping it real simple

(precaution - U need to be S-OFF in order to flash in this process)

first flash this files using ADB and fastboot (it's a firmware which requires custom recovery like twrp)

steps -

-rename firmware to
-copy to your sdk folder
-boot into bootloader
-plug in usb
-select fastboot option (screen should say fastboot usb)
-type fastboot oem rebootRUU
-when u see the black screen w/ HTC, type fastboot flash zip
-when it's done, type fastboot reboot

then U need to download this zip file (marshmallow sprint Harman kardon)

then follow this steps -
1. Rename the downloaded zip file to 0P6BIMG,
boot into bootloader,
enter HBOOT
when it asks for updating press (volume +) key ,that means yes
the update will start
sit back and relax
wait for some time

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Phone stuck on htc logo and not turning on!

I HAVE "CARBON-5.1.1-UNOFFICIAL-20150920-0305-enrc2b " CUSTOM ROM for my HTC ONE X+ so i started the process of flashing the custom recovery.
1. First i do flash recovery from "twrp"
2. then i wipe up all the cache and dalve cache too.
3.THEN i go to install there i go to the zip file of "CARBON-5.1.1-UNOFFICIAL-20150920-0305-enrc2b " and install it. everything goes right the after that i reboot my device.
4. At the time of reboot first my phone shows a "c" logo then stuck to it. After 3-4 hours it switched of may due to battery empty.
5. then i again switch on my mobile but it had struck to the HTC logo and not moving forward. is going to recovery mood but not rebooting the device.
7.I think it has gone into boot loop but i didint know what to do ?
8.I have also tried factory reset.

please help!

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Has Android 6 some equalizer implemented? Settings to tweak? (Not Viper4Android)


Android apparently has some sort of equalizer. When I play music is sounds better but louder than voice, which sounds distorted.
I assume there are different equalizer settings for each.
Because voice sounds distorted I wanted to search for something tweaking the settings.

Currently I only know Viper4Android, which has to be installed as an app.
I cannot use Viper4Android, so I wanted to search for some Equalizer settings built in Android 6.0.1 itself.
Could you help me finding them? Is there anything to tweak them (build.prop)?

Where do I start looking?

Specifically it is about my smartwatch, the speaker works fine but in phone mode the voice is distorted.
I want to find some way to tweak this.
Asus Zenwatch 2, rooted

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Moto 350 6.0 pair and sync !!

Hey guys
I'm on mm in my note 4 and moto 360
After changing rom I must reset factory to connect phone to moto so after resetting
There are 2 problem : 360 during reset must be connect to charger !!!
2.after put to charger during sync it taken several minutes because I have about 100 face app and it taken many times
Before no need to charge during reset
And syncing was after pair in Android wear app
So is there a way to have better result ?
Mm is good but this things are very bad !!

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Take a look at @PavitraGolchha's Tweet:

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Downgrade from Marshmallow to Lollipop

I recently upgraded to marshmallow and its been a nightmare. Phone lags, its slower than it ever was, battery drains quickly. I loved this phone now its turning into one of the worst.
Can anyone please post a guide to safely downgrade to lollipop?

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Note 4 or 5 Marshmallow for Note 2 N7100

Hi all,

is there any way to install android marshmallow designed for note 4 or 5 on N7100? :confused:

i have downloaded and installed resurrection remix marshmallow, but it is not designed for note or S phones.

i have searched on the forum here but couldn't find, so apologies i have missed something. :good:

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Set sd cars as deafult storage

Hey, I want to set my sd card as my default storage in android lollipop. My phone is rooted. Does anybody know how to do that?


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Problems with callers hearing me

So I recently bought a Verizon s5 and right away I flashed BOK3 and rooted the s5. (followed the steps in this post any time I call someone or they call me they say im breaking up. It's like the mic is dropping in an out like I don't have service. I read on a couple of website to turn off the "ok google" or to plug in your headphones then unplug them but nothing has worked. If I switch to speakerphone they can hear me for like 10 seconds then it goes back to them not being able to hear me. This isn't a problem with reception because I have 4 bars 4g lte and still have the issue. I have also restarted my phone called right back and they still cant hear me. If i use bluetooth in my car they can hear me fine. I haven't noticed any problems while using snapchat and the mic messing up? any one have advice? btw this is a brand new s5.

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[Xposed][6.0][MM] Working Xposed framework [26.4.16]

First of all, I am not a developer, Just Sharing link of working Xposed framework for Marshmallow

So please do not post any issue or bug here, follow wanam's thread

Tested on my N910G with dr.ketan's Dr.Ketan ROM MM S7 edge Fs port

Flash at your own risk, I am not responsible for any bricked devices.

Thread link
Dont forget to press THANKS button om above Thread

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Hi guys.I have a Sony Xperia Z1.If i completly turn off my phone,and i turn on,the boot animation will stop,and the phone is restarting.After the phone restarted,it says : ,,Optimizating apps".I don't lose my data,but its so disturbing,and my phone is heating.
Can anybody help me please?:crying:
Sorry for my bad english,but i m Hungarian.

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Help Unbrick S4 Mini I9190. None is working !!!

I am trying to unbrick my S4 mini I9190. It is rooted with CWM recovery and Stock Rom. Suddenly, it stop working and keep restarting at Samsung Logo screen. I can still enter both recovery and download modes; but all the methods I tried failed so far. I tried:
1) To install new stock Rom (downloaded from Sammobile) using odin. The process finished successfully and the phone restarted normally but then stuck again at Logo-screen. Recovery remains CWM and did not changed to stock samsung recovery !!!
2) I tried to install custom CWM Rom ( through SD-Card from CWM Recovery screen but installation keeps failing. Also using Sideload fails.
3) If I tried to wipe / factory reset, it started a bit then suddenly the phone restarted.
4) If I tried to wipe Dalvic cach, I got the error E: unknown volume for path [/sbfs].
5) Installing new Recovery image (CWM: recovery-twrp- through odin seems not working. Nothing happen even odin says every time ""All threads completed. (succeeded 1 / failed 0".

Any Ideas what to do ?!! How I can fix the Problem and unbrick my Phone !!!!:crying:


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[APP][4.4+] Latest Xperia™ Home 10.0.A.0.40

Hello Guys,I Want To Share The Latest Xperia™ Home 10.0.A.0.40 From Sony Mobile

Updated On 30 April 2016

Good News For KitKat Users As Sony Is Now Supporting 4.4 KitKat Too ;)

It Should Work On Android 4.4 KitKat / 5.0 / 5.1 Lollipop & 6.0 Marshmallow :D.


What's New

Change log:
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements


This apk is based on beta version, thus Sony developer team should be giving the update quite frequent, I'll update the thread as soon as it is updated


Install It As Normal APK


Latest Version

Xperia™ Home 10.0.A.0.40 ( Dev-Host )

Xperia™ Home 10.0.A.0.40 ( MediaFire )


Sony Mobile

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Does anyone know when Samsung pay will be available for the Gear S2?

Folks, I just received my new Gear S2, and was surprised to see that Samsung Pay wasn't installed, or even available yet for this device. Does anyone know when we will be seeing it here in the states?
Thanks so much in advance!

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[ROM][PORT]Nameless ROM [PORT by ARTeam]

Nameless ROM

  • Nameless ROM - very fast and smooth ROM
  • Deodex
  • Have many feautures
  • Good port ;)

Download Link
Enjoy ;)

XDA:DevDB Information
Nameless ROM, ROM for the HTC Desire S

Bl4ck0verlord, Mustaavalkosta, ARTeam
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-04-30
Last Updated 2016-04-30

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Friday, April 29, 2016

How can i push buil.prop to /system using adb sideload (not recovery)

I change my build.prop to other's build.prop then i reboot it and now im stuck in the logo, but i have a backup of my original build.prop in my sd card... when using adb , i can only use sideload , not recovery ...please help me how to push build.prop to system

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AnTuTu Benchmark 6.0

May I know what your scores are for AnTuTu Benchmark 6.1.4 (PadFone S)?

I just scored 55756 and it seems to be much more higher than those found online. I just added some thermal paste to some of the components (on the shields) and was curious if it actually worked.


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Sqlite error with database

Hi guys
I want to edit calls.db so i got sqlite master to do that but it won't open with error log so what i have to do so i can open it to editAttachment 3735043

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Flashing stock ROM

Hi guys,I have SM-G900F ,i rooted my phone and installed TWRP,after some time i unrooted with SuperSu,now i cant update my phone and i want to flash Stock ROM so i could update it normally through OTA update.I saw in Phone info that my CSC code is SEE(South East Europe),so i downloaded that firmware and Odin but i need little bit more information.Im scared if i get in bootloop or brick my phone,any suggestions to do before flashing stock ROM?Thanks :)

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Fingerprint scanner and Bank Apps

I was just curious if anyone has successfully been able to set up and use fingerprint unlock for bank apps like chase or bank of America? The apps themselves have you register the fingerprint, but after that I have never been able to actually use it to unlock the app. I am using Skydragon H2OS rom, and was wondering if any other roms work with this feature.

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[XPOSED] Knock App Launcher - Launch apps directly from anywhere

Knock App Launcher
A cool way to launch apps from anywhere

  • Launch apps from lockscreen (requires knockcode lock and xposed)
  • Launch apps from anywhere with gesture-activated overlay
  • Easy configuration

Doesn't work if screen is off. Will be fixed in the future.


Play store link

XDA:DevDB Information
Knock App Launcher, Xposed for the LG G3

Xposed Package Name: xyz.paphonb.uitweaks

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-04-30

Created 2016-04-30
Last Updated 2016-04-30

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Why call recording does not work On LG Nexus 5X

I find call recording a very useful and important feature. I have tried all the call recorder but none of them work on LG Nexus 5X, also there are no rom with the feature baked in.
We have excellent knowledge and talent on XDA could someone please explain why it does not work?

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Sharp Aquos Crystal 306sh ROOT ?

Hello brothers .

exuse me I have Sharp Aquos Crystal 306sh 4.4.2 version s4081

but how to root ? i try root but not work ....

thanks .

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Sprint Galaxy S6 Kernel Hackery (Broken Screen)

Hi there XDA. Long time lurker, first time poster. Many general thanks to everyone over the years.

So my screen completely gave out a couple of days, but the phone still works. I can still make voice commands etc. I recently lost my other computer where i did most of my ADBing from, so when i hook it up to my temporary laptop, adb is returning "unauthorized." Basically what I want to do is try something like: but none of the tools i've found is allowing me to modify any of the kernel boot.img i've found. Unpacking works, but repacking is failing somewhere. It is making a .img file but when attempting to reunpack it just errors out. The new boot.img is also about 2K smaller than original which shoiuldn't be the case as I added 3 lines of text to the build.prop file.

So, I ask, does anyone know of a preexisting adb debug enabled and open (no auth required) kernel that I can fastboot? If not, does anyone know of any tools that can properly unpack/repack a boot.img for the S5. Finally, any other potential options of gaining control over my phone for the next week or so while awaiting a replacement? I can also install apps from the google play store, idk if any have services that will start automatically after rebooting that would basically give me VNC type access?

Thanks in advance for your time!

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[ROM][PORT]CrDroid 6.0.1 [Ported by ARTeam]

CrDroid 6.0.1
  • CrDroid - it's new ROM from Samsung Galaxy S III
  • ROM have many feautures (you must try it ;) )
  • Deodex
  • Fast


XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][PORT]CrDroid 6.0.1 (Port by ARTeam), ROM for the HTC Desire S

Bl4ck0verlord, Mustaavalkosta, ARTeam
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-04-30
Last Updated 2016-04-30

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S7 Edge stops music streaming after screen locks

Hi, I have S7 Edge, I'm trying to stream music with internet radio app but it's stop streaming after 2-5 minutes when screen is locked.
I tried many internet radio apps but it happens with all kind of apps, so I think it's a phone issue.
P.S: I tired to play with power saving options in phone settings but it doesn't help.

So I asking if someone have the same issue, or maybe someone knows how to fix it?

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VERNEE Thor 5'' Marshmallow Corning® Gorilla® LTE Smartphone - Review, measurements

Short summary with measurements examples

Hands-on Youtube (comment German, shortcuts English)


Compare with UMi ROME

Brightness measurements compared to UMI ROME - 5% darker than that of UMI ROME
Measurement method, based Antutu Video Test
Attachment 3735008 red 77 Lux UMI ROME = 96 Lux
Attachment 3735007 green 262 Lux UMI ROME = 278 Lux
Attachment 3735004 blue 123 Lux UMI ROME = 142 Lux
Attachment 3735005 yellow 331 Lux UMI ROME = 362 Lux
Attachment 3735009 black 4 Lux UMI ROME = 2 Lux
Attachment 3735010 white 454 Lux UMI ROME = 507 Lux
  • elegant for friends of round shapes
  • full use of the FDD-LTE area Germany
  • reasonable snapshot camera
  • OTG
  • sufficiently strong battery
  • Gorilla Glass with 2.5D effect
  • no Notifikation LED
  • catastrophic working fingerprinter
  • no touch key lighting
  • minimum sensor equipment
  • low daylight brightness
  • missing smart wake wp, gesturing and smart motion functions
  • no dual-band wireless LAN

For more information please look here (German)

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: overview.jpg Views: N/A Size: 184.4 KB ID: 3735003   Click image for larger version Name: blau_156.jpg Views: N/A Size: 235.8 KB ID: 3735004   Click image for larger version Name: gelb_309.jpg Views: N/A Size: 238.3 KB ID: 3735005   Click image for larger version Name: grün_230.jpg Views: N/A Size: 236.0 KB ID: 3735007   Click image for larger version Name: rot_88.jpg Views: N/A Size: 238.8 KB ID: 3735008   Click image for larger version Name: schwarz_2.jpg Views: N/A Size: 235.0 KB ID: 3735009   Click image for larger version Name: weis_476.jpg Views: N/A Size: 242.6 KB ID: 3735010   Click image for larger version Name: messungen_eng.jpg Views: N/A Size: 59.5 KB ID: 3735040  

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HTC 10 or Nexus 6P

Damn i dunno what to do..

I love both of them but can't come to decision.

Does the HTC 10 worth that extra 100-200$?

The Nexus 6P will cost me around 700$
(Here in my country :()
So that's mean the HTC 10 will be around 800$ maybe.

I have LG G4 for 5-6 months, before i had HTC One M8 for a year and a half and i so miss him specially the speakers and design.

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Question about the heat issue

found an option:

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Android marshmallow for J7 confirmed

Someone has asked Samsung Egypt official page on twitter about marshmallow update and they answered that it'll be released on May

And here's a screenshot for the tweet

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The problem is not reset and reset factory


I have a phone
Huawei G730-U10
I have
Updates to custom ROMs G730-U10_ 4.2.2_C00B119

After a few days restarts several times
is not Factory reset
And I could not be installed again ROM
Even with Flash Tools
It does not display other off and even the logo Mobile

What do I do? what is the problem???

This was my test RAM with Flash Tools

=============== Memory Detection Report ===============

Internal RAM:

Size = 0x00020000 (128KB)

External RAM:

Type = DRAM

Size = 0x40000000 (1024MB / 8192Mb)

NAND Flash:

ERROR: NAND Flash was not detected!


EMMC_PART_BOOT1 Size = 0x0000000000200000 (2MB)
EMMC_PART_BOOT2 Size = 0x0000000000200000 (2MB)
EMMC_PART_RPMB Size = 0x0000000000200000 (2MB)
EMMC_PART_GP1 Size = 0x0000000000000000 (0MB)
EMMC_PART_GP2 Size = 0x0000000000000000 (0MB)
EMMC_PART_GP3 Size = 0x0000000000000000 (0MB)
EMMC_PART_GP4 Size = 0x0000000000000000 (0MB)
EMMC_PART_USER Size = 0x00000000EC000000 (3776MB)

============ RAM Test ============

Data Bus Test:
[D0] [D1] [D2] [D3] [D4] [D5] [D6] [D7] [D8] [D9] [D10] [D11] [D12] [D13] [D14] [D15]
OK !!

Address Bus Test:
OK !!

RAM Pattern Test:
Writing ...
OK !!

Increment / Decrement Test:
Writing ...
OK !!

============ NAND Test ============

SKIP! NAND Flash was not detected!

============ EMMC Test ============

EMMC Pattern Test (0x5A5A):


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Facebook badge notification missing

I remember at some point before some software updates the Facebook app used to be show notifications via the little round badge on the top-right of the app icon. It hasn't been working since I did an update (not sure what version it was). In the app permission info this function is still listed there. Do you guys have the same issue too?

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Unlock HTC Desire 620 help

Hi folks,
I've been kindly referred to this section by Art Vanderlay to see if anyone can help with unlocking, not necessarily rooting, my HTC Desire 620. See below.

Many thanks!

---Quote (Originally by pgtipz)---
Hi folks,
I'm having trouble unlocking my HTC Desire 620, purchased here in the UK, and on the EE network, formerly T-Mobile.

I've tried info online on Youtube and GiffGaff, switching on USB debugging, downloading requisite drivers and unlocking tools, etc,

Then, I tried paid-help from two unlocking sites recommended on GiffGiff, ,
In each case, my fee was refunded after they failed to unlock the phone. :(

I'd be grateful for a working solution to unlock the phone, if possible - and saving some £ on bills, especially roaming in UK/France/USA with a better/cheaper provided than EE.

Many thanks for your help.



I couldn't find much information about your device here except this thread

HTC MTK CPU Flash Files + Flashtool (Updated 21/05/2015) (

Try posting your query there. Experts there may be able to assist you.

Good luck :)

Art Vanderlay
XDA Assist

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Mediapad 10 Link+ (S10-231u) PRODUCT ID

Hello everyone!

My Huawei Mediapad 10 Link+ (S10-231u) has stuck on the boot logo, and I can only access fastboot mode (no recovery, not even dload installation). However, the bootloader is locked, preventing me from flashing new images and fixing the tablet.

I have, of course, the Serial Nr. and the IMEI, but Huawei's Unlock Page doesn't let me proceed without the Product ID, which I can't find, since I can't boot into System. Is there any way to find the Product ID, or to get the bootloader unlock code without it?

Thanking you in advance for any help! :)

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Any way to get marshmallow?

Dev converted unlocked boot loader. Any way to flash marshmallow and keep all the features?

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How To Make Port Custom Rom For Zenfone 4

If Somebody Know How To Port Custom Rom For Zenfone 4 Maybe I Can Help Make Custom Rom Like Zenfone 5 Teach Me To Make Custom Rom :fingers-crossed:

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Hi All I'm Here Will Share Faster Application Boot.
I Hope You Liked This


*Normal Reboot
*Soft reboot Simply restart the android UI by Killing zygote process
*Safe Mode automatically write to buil.prop "setprop persist.sys.safemode 1" !!Not Recomended!!
*Recovery mode
*Fastboot mode
*Power Off



Don't forget to say thanks

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage to your device

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Red LED from RGB Software or Hardware

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have a question and I am hoping someone with some electrical/software knowledge can chime in and help me out.

I have an RK3066 based android Mercedes Double din unit and the RED LED from the RGB will not work. Blue and Green work fine it is only Red that does not work.

It used to work fine and then all of a sudden I enter the car one day and it's green, (I use a green and red mix to create orange which is the default Mercedes color)

Yesterday it magicall started working again after having not worked for 2 weeks and today it is gone again.

Green slider works
Blue slider works
Red slider makes no color changes and if green and blue are all the way down and red is all the way up the lights are off.

Can this be a resistor or it it software based, I know the kernel can control the LEDs and so on but I am leaning towards hardware related. Maybe a broken SMD resistor these Chinese units are so poorly designed.

Anyways if anyone has some info, it will be greatly appreciated.

God Bless

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Can P9 Single Sim Convert to Dual Sim like P8 Lite?

Good day all,

I just wondering can P9 single sim convert to Dual Sim like the thread in P8 lite by flash dual sim firmware?

Im very annoyed that Huawei didn't release Dual Sim in the UK


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Camera Super Pixel 63.5 MP photos on Lg v10

Hi guys I just want to share with all of you a new app for all lg v10 phones It take photos with a resolution of 63.5MP on our V10 i saw this thread on nexus 5x and tried on my v10 and it works flawlessly I'm not part of the development of the app . It's on the Play Store here

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_2016-04-29-10-33-13.jpg Views: N/A Size: 171.6 KB ID: 3734174  

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Phone suddenly switched off. Dead, not charging, orange led blinking.

Hello all,

I have a htc desire 820 single sim. I had absolutely no problems with baterry etc.. This phone has only 4 months - i didnt put it into water.
I have unlocked bootloader and rooted my phone 3 weeks ago but it was running with no problems. I didnt install any aggressive software that may brick the phone. I just wanted to get access to all files.

So two days ago in the evening i just installed Skype app and wanted to download a file sent by my friend then in the moment that i was downloading my phone suddenly went off - just like there was no batterry etc (i remember it was more than 30% of batterry). I couldn't turn it on - 0 react. I tried to charge him - the orange led is blinking with 1 sec frequency. I left this phone overnight and still nothing - now its 2nd day that its charging and still nothing. I doubt it was a virus becouse i recieved this file on other phone without any problems.

I tried:
-volume buttons - booting in loader = nothing
-plenty chargers, cables = nothin
-charging via pc usb = nothing
-phone is not detected in pc after i connect it (just orange led blinking)

My question is, what actually happened? What else could i do to try to unbrick my phone?
The day before it got bricked i accidently let it fall down on the ground but frim 40cm distance (i have a silicone cover around) = but i didnt notice anything after falldown.

Thank You for any advices.

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Can some dev help me (repack system.img)

Hey me and some other guys are trying to port n preview from z3 to g3 in my opinion I'm done with the system partition but I can't get it repacked to a useable system.img Can somebody teach me how to do that

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Wifi keeps forgetting passwords

Not sure why this started happening all of sudden but now wifi wont remember passwords after switching it off and on again.

If your phone is rooted then you could try this:
-Using file explorer go to root>>system
-Edit build.prop
-look for ""
- Change the value from 'true' to 'false'
-Save the file and exit
-Reboot your phone
This worked for me.

Already checked about and the value is false any so don't think this applies to me.
Any other suggestions?

Currently on XtreStoLite DeoMod Edition 3.2 MM


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[ROM][MARSHMALLOW][LB/UB][570][Z3] eXistenZ Marshmallow | v1.0.0 | 29/04


Here's the Marshmallow eXistenZ :laugh:

Usefull features and stability are the main goal of this new rom.

  • Status Bar

    • Various batteries status styles (Sony, Icon Landscape, Icon Portrait, Circle, Text).
    • Clock (Color, Alignement, AM/PM indicator, ...).
    • Date (Style, Format, Color, ...).
    • Network Trafic Monitor (Color, Outgoing/Incoming, Display Unit, Update Interval, ...).
    • Network trafic.
    • Battery Bar.
    • Double Tap to sleep.

  • Notification Panel

    • Status Bar Header
      • Carrier Text.
      • Weather.
      • Long Pressing on Setting is opening edition of quick toggles.
      • Long Pressing on Weather is opening CLock App.
    • Quick Settings

      • Quick Pulldown (Off, Right, Left).
      • Complete Cyanogen OS Quick toggles management.
      • Tiles diplayed in Paged View.
      • Show/Hide Brigtness Slider.
      • Enlarge first Row.
      • Unlimited Quick Toggles Number.
      • All Quick Toggles With Long Press Options.
      • Wifi and Bluetooth Quick Toggles.
      • Brightness Quick Toggle (Long press to switch between Auto and Normal mode).
      • Tri-state Location Quick Toggle.
      • Mobile Data Quick Toggle.
      • Network mode Quick Toggle.
      • NOT WORKING! Reboot/Recovery Quick Toggle (Press to select Reboot or Recovery, Long press to apply your previous choice).
      • Screen Timeout Quick Toggle.
      • Heads Up Quick Toggle.
      • eXistenZ Settings Quick Toggle.
      • Compass Quick Toggle.
      • Volume Panel Quick Toggle.
      • Music Quick Toggle.
      • Caffeine Quick Toggle.
      • ADB over network Quick Toggle.
      • Battery saver Quick Toggle.
      • Color inversion Quick Toggle.
      • Screenshot Quick Toggle.
      • System stats Quick Toggle.
      • USB tethering Quick Toggle.

    • Heads Up

      • Heads Up on/off
      • Heads Up Timeout.
      • Expand all Notifications on/off.

    • Notification Panel:

      • Blur Notification Panel background.
      • Expand all Notifications on/off.
      • Xperia X style (Full Width).

  • Recent Menu

    • Show/Hide Search Bar.
    • Show/Hide Close All Button.
    • Show/Hide Small Apps.
    • Enable Multi-Windows.
    • OmniSwitch.
    • Slim Recent.

  • Navigation Bar

    • Resize Navigation Bar Height.
    • Resize Navigation Bar Width.
    • Cursor Control (Add arrows to control cursor when keyboard is used).
    • Disable Google Now gesture.
    • Long Press Recent go to last task.
    • Force show menu button.
    • Power menu.
    • Swap Back & Recent buttons.
    • Swipe To Sleep.
    • Softkeys Fade mod.

  • Lockscreen

    • Double tap anywhere to sleep.
    • Xperia X lockscreen.
    • Force See Through Clock (Transparent clock while playing media and with all themes/wallpapers).
    • Enable/Disable Voice Assist Shortcut.
    • Full Screen Album Art.

  • Volume Rocker

    • Volume key cursor control.
    • Volume to wake.
    • Volume music control.

  • Various

    • Fully Deodexed.
    • Datas On/Off Warning Dialog removed.
    • Overflow Button animation bug fixed (The 3 little dots).
    • Email Attachment fully work in Email app.
    • National Data Roaming added to Network Settings.
    • Use only 2G added to Network Settings.
    • eXistenZ Theme.
    • eXistenZ Boot Animation.
    • eXistenZ Widgets (Music, On/Off tools).
    • Xperia X themes.
    • Xperia X Wallpapers.
    • Xperia X Icons Pack.
    • AOSP Sony's internet Browser.
    • Search panel removed as first pane of app drawer.
    • Swipe down gesture to open search panel removed from desktop.
    • Rooted with latest SuperSU.
    • Latest TWRP recovery pre-installed.
    • Locked and Unlocked Bootloaders.
    • And more...


XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][MARSHMALLOW][LB/UB][570][Z3] eXistenZ Marshmallow | v1.0.0 | 29/04, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z3

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: none
Based On: Stock

Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2016-04-29
Last Updated 2016-04-29

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Search Marshmallow Stock firmware for XT1078


I search an original firmware for MOTO G XT1078 for restore stock my smartphone.
Please somebody help me ?

Thanks a lot !

from xda-developers

sm-t350 wifi disabled

Hi! I have a Samsung tab a 8.0 sm-t350. I recently installed a modified stock ROM (HTKO STOCK+ 1.2). I was able to flash TWRP(with no app image?) via Odin and then installed TWRP with google play then I flashed this ROM via recovery. After flashing, wifi is broken. I can not boot to recovery because the TWRP app (image) was wiped and can no longer install it via google play. Is there any work-around for this problem? Oh, and also, I have no file folder! Not too sure where it went. Thanks in advance.

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All Audio/Video Apps Crash Including Phone Dialer on Every ROM

I have the D851 LG G3 phone that crashes on every media app that uses sound and it does this on every ROM I tried. This originally happened while running Lollipop. The phone automatically restarted while I was browsing the internet one day (I think) and when it turned back on, it no longer produced any sound through the speaker or the headphone output (no music, no alarms, no ringtones, etc). I later realized that the phone dialer would crash every time I'd try to dial a number. The phone would make a call but you could not hear or be heard on the other end, then the dialar would crash. Video players, music players, YouTube and similar apps would either not produce media or would crash all together. But the phone worked flawlessly in every other aspect. After trying many things, I did a factory reset thinking that it would definitely fix the issue but I was wrong. The phone kept doing the same thing. At that point I thought that the issue might be with a kernel or the radio or something outside the operating system so I rooted the phone and began trying different ROMs. At first I reverted back to Kit-Kat then I tried Cloudy then a few de-bloated custom Lollipops and I even tried flashing CM13 Marshmallow but non these got my phone working. I now essentially have a phone that can't call but can message, take pictures and run non-media apps and I'm desperate to fix it but I have no clue of what to do next. Does this sound familiar to anyone and what can I try next? Could this be a hardware issue?(although a hardware issue I think would seem to yield more severe glitches) Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!

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i bought a tmobile phone on ebay and its locked Help?

can anyone help me? I need to get the phone unlocked so i can use straight talk.

from xda-developers

Charging problems

Just received my P9000 and updated to the new OTA 20160419 right away.
My problem is that I can only charge the phone once, then I have to do a power off to be able to recharge it.
I have tried with both standard USB charger, a "real" USB-C charger and QI. The results are the same.
When the phone is power-off the charging works as expected, so the hardware seems OK.
Anyone else seen anything like this or am I just the lucky owner of a defect phone?



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Carrier Locked

I'm just curious so I asked this. My M2 is Carrier Locked and came from the UK. I live in Asia so I can't use any network with it.
I'm planning to install custom recovery and ROM on my phone. Now, will that affect the phone? I mean am I still Carrier locked if I did install Rom and Recovery? Or I cant do that because I am locked? I'm really confused.
Hope you will answer this one. Kinda noob question. Lol Thank you. :)

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[ROM][ferrari][6.0.1_r30]Namelessrom-3.0 for Mi 4i


What is NamelessROM ?
Simple - NamelessROM is opportunity.
An opportunity to have a voice to the development team of the after-market firmware that you run on your device.

The main goal of NamelessROM is to provide quality development for android devices, phones and tablets alike.
NamelessROM developers are available nearly 24/7 and respond to bug reports and feature requests almost instantly.
This availability will allow you, the end-user, to have direct input into exactly what features and functions are included on the firmware that YOU run.

NamelessROM maintains features and functions of several well-known open-source, AOSP-based ROMs, as well as many features of our own.
Visit our website for more detailed information.

NamelessROM = endless possibilities. Unless you have an iPhone, then you're out of luck.

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, or dead SD cards,
 * nuclear war, penguin invasions or that you are getting fired because the alarm app failed.
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and
 * If you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Hard

Device-specific Source code:
Device: Mi4idev
Kernel: fire855
Vendor: Mi4idev

Known bug's
* Same as CM13, based on Rohan Purohit device tree

Installation instructions
  1. Download the appropriate ROM using links provide in the first post.
  2. Download any GApps as your choice.
  3. Back up any and all important data.
  4. Reboot to Recovery.
  5. Wipe Dalvik/Cache/Factory Reset.
  6. Wipe System.
  7. Flash the ROM in recovery.
  8. Flash the GApps.
  9. Wipe Dalvik/Cache.
  10. Reboot Device.

ROM Folder can be found here[

- Basket Build

* Any 6.0.x GApps as your choice.

  • 20160429: Initial release.

Reporting bug
Please give a good information,detailed including logcat

  • Google for Android before Cyanogenmod will slice them off.
  • The Android Community for their contributions.
  • NamelessRom
  • Samsung for their Source.
  • Cyanogenmod for their Branch.
  • @Men_in_black007
  • @jackeagle
  • @TechExhibeo
  • @fire855
  • @dh.harald
  • @omerjerk
  • @Rohan purohit

XDA:DevDB Information
Namelessrom 3.0 ferrari, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 4i

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: 6.6.10
Based On: Namelessrom

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-04-29
Last Updated 2016-04-29

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QC 3.0 compliant cables?


the last days brought some fuzz about QC 3.0 vs. USB-C 3.0. From what I learned, the main concern was that QC 3.0 would allow up to 18V where USB-C 3.0 limits it to 15V. I guess this is only of concern if QC 3.0 is configured to use 18V where it could also use 12V.

How many Volts does the HTC 10 use and which USB-C cables (besides the one that comes with the HTC 10) are compliant that they can be used to QC 3.0 the HTC 10?

I ordered these because they are USB-C 3.0 spec compliant and hoped, these would also work for QC 3.0 (not only charging but quick charging):

Would it work to QC 3.0 my HTC 10 when it arrives? Can anyone shed light on this?

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Manual Camera ; Support ?

Does our honor 5x (L21-22-24) support manual camera on rooted device. If so what app can be used ?
  1. Open Camera
  2. A Better Camera
  3. Camera FV-5
  4. Manual Camera

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Older version of Odin to MM?

Newest .7 Odin version doesn't work on Windows xp, has anyone used version .6 to upgrade to MM?

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Home and recent button disabled

Hi all,
After hooking my phone up to a car stereo, the home and recent key stopped working.
Let me explain:
I just bought a Pioneer avh-x5800dab, with a built in feature that makes it possible to mirror your android device to your head unit. When i unplugged my phone from the head unit, the recent and home button stopped working.
The recent button lights up when i press it, and i can wake and unlock my phone with the home key. Also, both keys works in TWRP. So to me it seems android has unmapped the keys.
Back key works as normal.
I am running KryxOS R1.3
What i have tried so far:
Wipe cache and dalvik.
Uninstalled all apps related to the pioneer head unit.
Dirty flashed the rom.

I would prefer not to clean flash the rom again. Any help and suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

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SMS Stickers stored?

Hey all in SMS when you have enhanced messaging turned on there is chat stickers, does anyone know where these are stored as would love to add more if possible? these are found in the smiley section and includes hippo / cats / tigers etc and only work in SMS chat! not standard SMS (S6 to S6 people edge feature)

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Fake data connection

I am using one application which force me to turn my data connection to continue with that app. I am on WiFi . so I need some thing which can make fool that app that my android is on Data connection instead of WIFI. I know Fake WiFi Module. But I need Fake data Module. please help me. Thank you.

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Best performance tweaks for marshmallow?

So what's everyone's consensus on virtual memory settings for marshmallow, is there still a performance benefit for turning swap down to 1, cache pressure to 10 and the usual tweaks as seen below? <br />
<br />
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Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk

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New LG g watch owner Need help

Hi people here at XDA developers i am a proud new owner of a lg g watch and I want to go about and root/put invisiblek's kernel on my lg g watch but my build number is MEC23G.
So I would like to ask you masters if I can root and install invisiblek's kernel on my LG g watch

Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!!

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Nexus 9 charging issue

As the charger is connected, I play alot, then sometimes it charges itself no more, even if it get cold now.

I can't figure it out. I just checked in the App Ampere.

It is connected. But it doesn't charge anymore. Until I pull the connect out and reconnect.

I've never had a device like that.

is there someone play game hard with this device?

then please try this way and let me know

Thanks alot!!

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Best stock rom phone or best (largest) community phone


searching phone with the best stock rom or biggest and greatest community. Some time i have xiaomi with miui witch is very great and the community is lovely but i want to try another meaby better. Important factor is full EU LTE frequenci support.
Thank you very much for ideas ?

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I have a new project idea called IOU One

One time my friend owes me a hundred bucks and he asked me to pay back by buying me coffee, movie, dinner, etc until the balance is settled. So I came with an idea called IOU One. The purpose is to pay back your friends via favors. I have created a new website:

Well in case you are going to a fast food shop and you don't bring enough cash. Your friend pays for you. You can use it to create an IOU and your friend can ask u pay back later.

How do you think?

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Can you help me to find compatible CWM recovery

Dear Xda can you please help me thank you very much
My china andriod phone model is (JTY KT096H)

1) Can you help me to find compatible CWM recovery for my tablet
2) Can you help me to find compatible original rom for my tablet
3) Can you recommend me compatible custom for my tablet

My device information
1) MTK 6582 3G dual sim Tablet
2) cpu information MT6582 8 cores 2.0GHz
3) Screen size 2560*1600
4) Android version 4.4.2
5) Baseband version Moly. WR8. W1315. MD. MP. V62. 2015/08/1420:04
6) Kernel version 3.4.67 jty@jty-QTJ5#1
7) Build number KT096H_20150828
8) Custom built version KT096H_X_OTG
Please teach me steps by steps how to in install because i got not computer and only left one option is to use mobile uncle tool to install and please let me know after i download the CWM zip should i extra or just rename the file to recovery.img
The same about the original rom should i extra or rename and what names should i put.
Thank you very much i will deeply appreciate your kindness.
My email

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Custom Roms

What is better ? Ressurection Remix MM or Cyanogenmod 13 by dgadelha ?

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Help turning off oem lock on broke Sm-G530T

My phone screen is broken and it remains black while the phone is on. I can't enable adb debugging because of this or unlock oem.

Is there a way I can odin an unlocked oem bootloader or something similar that would work so i can install a custom recovery and use adb through it?

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Please help to download this rom

:D:D:D Hi im from Ecuador, i need some help to download this, i found this rom but i can´t download it because i can´t create a baidu account.... pls help me i want to test this rom for Xperia Z1 /C6902/C6903/C6906/C6943 :crying::crying::crying:

Copy paste to your browser

The forum thread

Donwload link


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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bluetooth Stack Protocols

Hi Everyone, I'm new here - just made an account because I cannot figure this problem out. I just started playing around with Xposed and I LOVE it by the way! but unfortunately that's not why I'm here. I have a Headrush bluetooth headset, it's great, has a built in mic, a2dp & works for calls even on a old ipod touch 4th gen for some reason though, my Lenovo a-5500f a8 ideatab running android 4.4.2 won't read the mic, I only have the media option, no call option.

I don't know what to do. there's like nothing at all on this, I read ONE forum that someone was experiencing my problem, and the only answer was that it's most likely because it's a WiFi tablet & wasn't meant to make phone calls on. I love my tablet & my headphones & would really be blown away if I could find a solution to this. I'm good with Linux & Windows, just learning Android stuff & it's really similar to Linux so it's not too far off, but I'm so clueless on this..

So an overview: my tablet won't detect the mic/phone call protocol for this headset, the headset works 100% on all other devices except for my new tablet.. I also have a few USB OTG's, is it possible I could perhaps run another bluetooth through a OTG? SixAxis works great, I can connect a controller, but not this mic..

any brainstorming to this helps, thank you.

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D6603_Customized IT_23.5.A.0.570_R6D PREROOTED AND RECOVERY

Hi, i created a pre-Rooted + recovery

D6603_Customized IT_23.5.A.0.570_R6D
Created with prf creator v1.3
this is the link

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[Official] Xperia Z2 D6502 23.5.A.0.570 Customized IN FTF [6.0.1 MM]

Hello Guys !!!

After Long Time I Downloaded Official Stock Firmware For D6502 3G Varient. So it's Time To Flash !!!


Customized IN Official


Please Press Thanks Button !!:good:

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Android 4.4.2 official for L23 japan ??

hi guys ,,,
my phone dont have any update for L23 going to 4.4.2 kk ...
how i can found this version of official rom for my model ???

tnx ...

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The GT68 Smartwatch

I wonder if anyone has seen this watch, the GT68 Smartwatch.

Out of the box it is not customizable, but it seems to have good hardware and could be a candidate for rooting....

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long pressing the home button won't launch google now

Hello all,

I am having an issue with my s7 edge. When I long press the home button it won't launch google now (no, I don't mean on tap). Long pressing will just launch the white bubble w/o the google logo and then won't take me to google search. Is there a fix?

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Charging problems.. Please help

Suddenly I'm having charging problems. It's not the cord going bad. It's actually the part that plugs in. If I wiggle it one direction it loses connection.. It also won't fast charge anymore. The other day I'd plug it in and it would say dock connected instead of charging... There's a possibility water or condensation got into the charging port on my phone but I'm not sure. Any ideas on how to fix?

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Charging problems, please help

Suddenly I'm having charging problems. It's not the cord going bad. It's actually the part that plugs in. If I wiggle it one direction it loses connection.. It also won't fast charge anymore. The other day I'd plug it in and it would say dock connected instead of charging... There's a possibility water or condensation got into the charging port on my phone but I'm not sure. Any ideas on how to fix?

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Casting from PC to Fire Stick TV

Is there a solution that makes the Fire Stick TV double as a chromecast? I would like to cast Chrome tabs from my PC to the firestick or from my phone to the Fire Stick. Any solutions out there?

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heating while boot up

My m8 is heating to much when I do restart or use any apps normally for 5 minutes and the battery drain is the main thing my battery is draining 1% per 3 minute's I don't have idea what's wrong with my phone I tried to clean install multiple roms or used wakelock detector but no success. please help me😅

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Cant flash custom ROM


my t mobile N3 came with stock 5.0 L

i rooted it with CF auto root (went OK) and then flashed TWRP ( latest )

recovery , root all work fine except the fact that i cant flash any roms, twrp is working perfectly , it makes nandroid back up, but when i start to flash a rom, the logs start and when it says " initializing aroma installer" , the recovery re boots and im back to TWRP main menu

so far, ive tried Dominion V12 and DOM POP rom and same problems occurs to both. i follow every instruction to the letter but IDK why this issue is coming,,

any help will be welcum !

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