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A New Place To Talk Anonymously About Controversial Topics

What is Candid?

Candid is a way for you to voice your opinion about specific topics, without having your ideas linked to your personal information. Social media is a great way to share and view content from your friends. It's not always to best place to brag about your new orca-skin coat. When you share stuff like this, you may find friends start to judge you or even get really mad at you. Sometimes you get into it with total strangers who decide to screenshot your posts and send it to your employer! That's why it's sometimes better to express certain views anonymously. It's your ideas that matter, not always the person behind them.

The solution is an app called Candid. This app lets you anonymously share your opinion on all kinds of different topics. You'll find groups of people talking about politics, movies, social issues and even groups based on the town that you live in. Want to let people know that the local pumpkin eating contest is rigged? This is the place to do it. Do people even eat pumpkins? Like can you just take a bite like it's a apple? Hmmm… I'll ask about it on Candid.





Candid users always remain anonymous. Feel free to get into arguments, post controversial opinions or express your love for a fictional anime character. While browsing the app, I found several interesting and hilarious conversations. Here are some of the best topics but often times the comments are way more interesting.



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The Official XDA Group on Candid

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Candid is available for iOS and Android devices. Setup takes only seconds and then you're on your way to browsing all sorts of topics from other users.



Thanks to Candid for sponsoring this content and giveaway.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Help! Forgot to Install USB Drivers Before rooting! Cant access files!

What do i do if i forgot to install USB Drivers on my Nexus 6p after rooting it? Because now i cant transfer files from my PC to my computer nor from my phone to my PC. Pls help thx.

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Hello,guys.I can't wait for AOSP7.0NOUGAT,do you wanted it?

en~it is teating?

通过我的 GT-P7510 上的 Tapatalk发言

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[Q] Skin for the back


Has anyone here encountered a skin for this phone? And when talking about skin, I mean products similar to Dbrand-skins. I'm not extremely happy with carrying my phone in a case as it's much more beautiful without it, but still, I want to protect the back aswell as it won't be as slippery. And if not, how does the Z3+'s back compare with the regular Z3 in terms of dimensions? Could it be possible to buy a Z3-skin? I would prefer using Ebay if there are anything for our phone, but I welcome everything :D

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Oneplus 3 coming to o2 UK!

Hmm seems oneplus is heading to places. O2 UK want in

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Samsung s6 SM-G920F or SM-g920P Sim Not Working after Marshmallow Manual Update

i owned Samsung galaxy S6. its was on lollipop and then i have to plan to upgrade on marshmallow, 1st i want to tell you that on back side of my phone its print model SM-g920F and shows different model on Odin mode (SM-G920P) but when i was on lollipop in its shows SM-G920F, i was download the SM-g920P marshmallow rom which is redirect me to sprint 6.0.1 marshmallow, i installed it with odin and its installed okay but now my sim is not working and emie number also changed please me with this?

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A little help, please

Hi Guys, I recently bough a TMO note 5, previously I had a Sprint note 5 and I used it overseas and worked fine on UMTS 900.

I did not know that TMO note 5 has not access to UMTS 900 as the Sprint one had... is there any way I can flash a modem so the TMO note 5 can recognize UMTS 900 or is it hardware based? :crying:


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Future updates for Nexus 6P

I am thinking of buying the nexus 6p in the upcoming flipkart sale. If I remember correctly, it was released with Android M. Now it has got N. Google has promised 2 new versions to each phone. So will the 6p get Android O whenever it releases.

I know Pixels are around the corner but I am quite sure that I won't be able to afford it right now.

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Bootloop!please help!

I accidentally lost my custom has no Rom running (no os).USB debugging is disabled.i got nandroid backup in external sd card.i would like to know if I can install a custom recovery using fastboot and USB debugging mode disabled.

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Problem receiving text message SM-G935W8

Hi guys,

Since a while I'm having troubles receiving texts. Sometimes I receive them sometimes I don't. I've checked my log from my provider and they do go through so I'm not sure what's the issue. I'm using Textra right now but haven't noticed the ones I'm missing from my original messaging application neither.


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Verizon VoLTE not working on pre-paid

I can not get HD voice to work on Verizon with my Nexus 5X. I just want to be able to be on a call and still use data. This feature (HD Voice) is available for pre-paid customers now, but I can't seem to get it to work. I have "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" turned on, I went to my Verizon to turn it on and it says it was added and will be available to use within 15 minutes. I wait 20 minutes, reboot my phone and it doesn't work? I go back to my Verizon and it's like I never added it, so I go through the process again... Same results. I go to a live Chat and after 25+ minutes get referred to the 800 number. Now I've been on with Verizon fro 2+ hours and they are telling me it's because I have a non Verizon phone!?!? I explained to Verizon that if I put a Verizon sim card in my phone from someone who already has HD voice active on there account, that it works perfectly... Still on with them now any suggestions? Am I missing something?:eek:

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Updating firmware on HTC 10 with twrp/supersu

I have twrp and supersu installed on my phone. To get the firmware update I removed supersu and replaced twrp with stock recovery. Now whenever I try to install the update (automatically or using sd card ota zip) I get the "system has been remounted R/W; reflash device to reenable OTA updates." error. How do I fix this?

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Battery life, simply amazing...

Ok, so I've had this GS7A a few days now, did one or two full resets to get used to what I could disable with Package Disabler Pro (worth every penny, seriously, since we may more than likely never see a working root) and I have to say that I am pretty damned impressed with the battery life. Yes we all know this magnificent beast has a 4000 mAh battery in it so that has something to do with the lifespan obviously, but I wanted to post about my experience and perhaps try and stir up some discussion since this subforum is basically dead for the most part.

I know most discussion is over in the GS7 thread since it is the same hardware in a different case but even so - it's actually not the same device since it has a smaller 3000 mAh capacity battery so, if anyone is interested in sharing their battery life info and experience by all means do it.

A caveat:

Right now I don't actually have cellular service with this GS7A because it's currently still carrier locked to AT&T and I haven't gotten around to purchasing an unlock code. I'm not an AT&T customer, never have been, and since I got this device from a trade done through craigslist the person I made the deal with wasn't the original owner - he did state he found the phone in a casino bathroom here in Las Vegas (that sort of thing happens hundreds of times a day here, seriously) and yes the IMEI is blacklisted so I don't know if the original owner reported it as lost or stolen and since the blacklist system doesn't differentiate then it doesn't matter anyway.

Having said that I will state that I use Google Voice for all my "phone calls" and SMS/text duties these days so I don't actually need cellular service as long as I have Wi-Fi. Google Hangouts handles all that just fine so, I'm stating this here so you'll understand that I don't use the cellular radio at all, the GS7A stays in Airplane Mode constantly and with Wi-Fi enabled (and yes Wi-Fi is always on).

Yesterday I did quite a bit in terms of actually using the GS7A: I listened to a lot of "police scanner" streams using Scanner Radio Pro, I watched the entire Presidential debate on the GS7A using CNNGo, I watched maybe 30 minutes of video on Periscope (Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert), listened to my own music (Opus 128Kbps encodes) using GoneMAD for maybe 3 hours total since the last charge, listened to a radio station from back home in Virginia using TuneIn Radio for maybe 2 hours, read a lot of articles using Flipboard, and various other things including hitting the Play Store to check for updates as well as checking Gmail maybe a few dozen times during the day.

Also, I keep the screen brightness at about 40-45% on the slider, but I did go out for a walk yesterday lasting maybe 30 minutes and set it on Auto to compensate, probably had the screen on about 5-8 minutes in that time at ~full brightness.

So understanding all that here's what I've got currently from screenshots I just took like a minute ago:

Looking at that kind of battery life, just shy of 2 full days and barely cracking the 50% point, I can guess that if I did have actual cellular service I could easily get 1.5-2 days use of this device regularly which is truly astonishing. The last phone I had that could give me battery life even close to this was a ZTE Zmax which literally gave me 10+ hours of SOT on a regular basis (the 1280x720 display on that really saved a lot of battery life, and the Super AMOLED on this GS7A probably helps considerably as well).

I am truly impressed by this, and I have to wonder what kind of actual battery life I could get with a) cellular service working normally and also b) root so I can do even more tweaking as well as c) an unlocked bootloader to allow for a custom kernel.

And I haven't even enabled the Power Saver or Ultra Power Saver modes at all. :D

So, what's your battery life like using the Galaxy S7 Active? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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OnePlus software ama

OnePlus is currently hosting a software AMA on reddit. Do check it out

People from OnePlus currently answering in the AMA are
Brian (Head of ROM Product) -?*/u/BrianTheBigBear

Aaron (Android Technical Lead) -?*/u/Aaron_oneplus

Omega (Rom Dev Lead) -?*/u/OmegaHsu

Carl (Head of Global) -?*/u/Carpe02

And Bradon (Community/Marketing) -?*/u/BradonOP

There have been many interesting revelations like the next CE build is coming within this week, OnePlus is still trying to figure out how to improve camera in custom roms.

Edit : They are heading out for now but they will keep an eye on that thread for next few days. If you wanna ask them anything, drop your question there.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 or Alcatel Idol 3 (4.7")

So, I need a help with deciding which phone to buy, considering there aint any video comparing these two phones. I like the Idol 3 cause of the better speakers and the better pixel density, but I aint sure of the quality of the camera even though it has better MP's. Can someone help me with this ? I dont like the screen size of the Idol 3 and I dont have the budget to get the bigger one (5.5").

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Flash SM-T311 ROM

Hi there,
Nice to meet you guys.
Please I'm new here, been looking for where to post this thread.

Please I got an sm-t311 running on android jelly beans, which I wanted to flash with a 6.0 ROM. But I have tried to no avail. I download the resurrection ROM, but when I try to install through recovery mode from via SD card, I get "error installation aborted invalid OTA missing scatter" the phone can't go to download mode, but can go to recovery mode. When try to enter download mode, I get a menu with chinese . I rooted it well, but tried other zip files from recovery mode, I get same error message. I install mobile uncle tools apk, but when I go through the app to try and install any zip file, nothing worked. Sometimes when I click on bootloader from inside mobile uncle tools app, it says no bootloader installed on phone. Please really, really need some help. When I power on the tablet, I get an animation "TUKKER" its having multiple language. I tried using fast boot command from PC, it can't work or its because I don't know what to command. But PC always identify device as SM-T311. PLEASE HELP!!!! but phone is working normal but I need to run android 6.0.

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N Coming for OP

Nougat Coming to the OP2

In today's AMA


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Gif Maker errors

everytime I make a gif from a scene from a movie or anything else, it cuts off the gif when it's sent through text. It's overall smaller and isn't the exact crop that I made when making it.

Is there a way to remedy this?

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Snapchat + OOS = true?

Everybody knows that snapchat runs like **** on OOS compared to CM and IOS.

I just tried different clockspeeds on both gpu and cpu and concluded that the Most difference is made by altering the cpu. Gpu not noticable. I have not overclocked but i really am interested in what you guys have found regarding the smoothness of snapchat.

Have you found any tweaks that makes snapchat run less laggy on OOS-based roms?

Fyi i run op3lite and Ex kernel both latest.

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VIEW DESKTOP PAGES NOT "M" Moto x 2013 on CM 13 with FoxFi tether

Hey folks.

I'm only 1000% sure that this issue has been resolved ad nauseam , but I can't find it for the life of me.... :cyclops:

Since upgrading to CM 13 on my XT1058 I'm getting a lot of mobile pages when tethered (foxfi, paid version, usb) to my laptop running win7 with chrome browser.

I don't want to see mobile results on my laptop. I want to see full versions of sites. Is there a setting, app... that I can change on the phone that will block chrome from delivering mobile pages?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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xt1079 support volte????

please let me inform that moto g lte support VOLTE for calls???

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Problem reinstalling stock firmware moto e 2

Hello, I have a motoE 2 LTE (XT1514 Surnia) that originally had Android 5.02, but it went to motorola for repair and came back with 6.0. Despite the upgrade, the bootloader screen still showed "software status: official".

Now I have unlocked the bootloader, installed TRWP] and used it to flash the stock ROM. I downloaded the XT1514_SURNIA_RETBR_DS_6.0_MPI24.65-39_cid12_subsidy-DEFAULT_CFC.xml ROM from this link I found on xda-developers. The system works but the bootloader screen now says "software status: modified"; before this process I made a backup using TWRP but after restoring the bakcup image the message still didn't change back to "software status: official".

I thought maybe I need to install the original Android (5.02) and then upgrade it to 6.0, so I downloaded the XT1514_SURNIA_RETBR_DS_5.0.2_LXI22.50-53.8_cid12_subsidy-DEFAULT_CFC.xml ROM from the same link. The problem is I get a failure message when I try to flash the 5.0.2 image

# mfastboot flash partition gpt.bin
target max-sparse-size: 256MB
sending 'partition' (32 KB)...
OKAY [ 0.125s]
writing 'partition'...
(bootloader) Preflash validation failed
FAILED (remote failure)
finished. total time: 0.570s

I did try with RSD Lite too, but I get the same message. I've read somewhere you can't dowgrade stock firmware, is the the problem here ? There is any workaround ?

My final objective is to have stock firmware with android 6.0 installed and the bootloader message saying it is official. I appreciate any help =)

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7.0 Nougat to arrive THIS YEAR!!

Yep, no joke. It's all over. Motorola has confirmed that Moto Z and Moto G4 will be getting Nougat taste in Q4, which actually beings only 4 days after.
-- source

I think it will take Moto G4 around December when first 7.0 build comes out.
What do you say?

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OC1 Safestrap clarification


I am on NK1 boot-loader. I recently upgraded(?) from Empty Galaxy (KK 4.4.2) to klabit87's Albe95 S6 port (LP 5.1.1). I use Safestrap to flash everything. The ROM works great. I am just confused if Safestrap will make a backup of, and restore, a LP ROM. I know it works with my KK ROMs, but need clarification about LP. From what I've read it seems like it won't, but I don't understand why. Seems to me that it should work, so hopefully I am just misinterpreting what I've read.


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Is there a solution (other than 5-minute call) to region lock issue in Galaxy S7 Edge

So the matter goes like this -
I bought a GS 7 Edge (SM-G935F single SIM International unlocked variant) from Ebay India recently. Everything is OK with the phone except that it is unable to search and connect to any Indian mobile network. It shows "NO SERVICE" even when a SIM is inserted and do not search for networks anyhow. After some search I came to know that it is Middle East specific variant so no Indian SIM card is working in it. So I guess it is suffering from that infamous "Region Lock" issue. I know the "5-minute call in region/home network" solution but unfortunately it is impossible to me to go to middle east just for this.
Is there anyone out there who had/has this issue and got it solved anyhow (other than 5-minute call method).
Please anyone including our great forum modders and devs, I request you to help me out from this awkward situation. :(

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Youtube Go - new app from Google

Youtube Go

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Yuphoria Whatsapp group Invitation link

Whatstapp group link for yuphoria :)

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Would you consider this a clean install?

Hello everyone!

Bought my Oneplus 3 about a month ago and I am generally happy with it. When I bought it, the phone had Oxygen OS 3.2.1 installed on it and as I have heard that 3.2.4 had issues on it, I didn't install it for a while. Then 3.2.6 came out, I decided to give it a try, but as I couldn't find a direct OTA from 3.2.1 to 3.2.6, I firstly sideloaded the incremental update to 3.2.4 and then from 3.2.6. Of course, wiped the cache afterwards.

However, I started experiencing a significant drop in battery life - not that I had to charge my phone 3 times a day or anything, but still really noticeable (For example, with a day of normal usage I would have had 50-60% left, after the 3.2.6 update - probably 20-25%). So I decided that I had to do a clean install of the OS.

Now to the important part, what I did was wipe cache and data, then with ADB sideloaded the full 3.2.6 zip to my phone. The problem is that I still don't think the battery life is quite like what it was in 3.2.1. Onto my question - would you consider what I have done a clean install, if not - could you please give me instructions how can it be done correctly(if possible without unlocking bootloader, installing TWRP, etc as I do not want to tinker with my phone a lot (of course, I have to - I will do it)). Any other suggestions for resolving the battery drain issue are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Keep playing music while disconnecting headphones?

Is it possible?
I'm on Deb using Android N but i'm willing to go back a version if the solution uses Xposed

Right now I have a really irritating problem with the headphone jack, every now and then it will bug out and I have to get my tablet from my pocket just to hit play.
The Bluetooth headphone will take a few months to arrive :/

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Europapokal! UEFA Champions League

Hi all.

I just want to say:
In about 10 min i will drive to the Westfalenstadion in Dortmund.

The match today is Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid.

I hope that we (BVB) will get three points in the road to the playoffs.

Are there other football (for non European people: soccer) enthusiasts that are also coder/modder and other des around here?

Vsrookie [emoji4]

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Moto G XT1033 (Lollipop) struck at Warning bootloader unlocked screen.

Hi, it all started when I tried to install another ROM for my moto g xt1033. I accidentally deleted OS and storage.

Now it is struck at Warning bootloader unlocked screen. I can't even go into recovery mode.

I guess I hard bricked it.

Please help.

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[Rom][6.0.1][Note 7 Port][28.09.2016]Norma Rom MM V8 English

The ROM has only been tested on the N9005 variant

- Original base Note 7 firmware: N930FXXU1APG7
- Note 7 Apps/Libs
- Multi-language
-Works on N9005,N9006,N900W8,N900S,N900K,N900L,N900D,N900T,N 900P,SC-01F,SCL22,SC-02F
- Knox Free

Norma V8 Chinese changelog(Google translate)

-Status bar default QQ immersed
-Replace the NEW UX album
-Repair fever stability
-System fluency improved
-Fix Surface Toolbox Black Box Problem
-Enhancements Adds the Advanced Restart menu option
-Support to restart the menu video flashlight switch
-Update sound control
-Repair U sound of the original audio control
-Repair may pop up the system service to stop the problem

-Smooth and stable
-Base N930FXXU1APG7
-English first release
-SystemUI statusbar english
-Reboot menu english
-Power options english
-LSS Kernel 3.5UX included
-Google Play FC fixed
-SystemUI FC first setup fixed
-GPS fix

It's a first version English so bugs are expected :good:

Kernel Source

@lijianjunyonghu Developer of norma
@darkera13 Of course,Our true developer
@lss1977 for kernel and kernel source
@dabenaute for keep the old thread alive:good:thank's buddy
@corsicanu for the time spent together on Norma roms
@oluwaponmile for always helping me :good:
@Chainfire for SuperSU

XDA:DevDB Information
[Rom][6.0.1][Note 7 Port][28.09.2016]Norma Rom MM V8 English, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

wellaflex, corsicanu
ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-09-27
Last Updated 2016-09-27

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Is it possible to adjust throttle for Stock?

Have pogo, want to know if it's possible to throttle stock. Pogo doesn't like root, and the root with magisk isn't something I really want to do. Think pogo may eventually figure a way to detect it too.

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Cant copy file FROM sd TO internal-phone

ANdroid 6.0.1 S7Edge
Geezuz....this shouldnt require a post to figure out, but..... :(

Because my good ol' KeepassDroid password app cannot write to a database file on the SD, I must move/copy the database file FROM the sd TO the internal phone storage when I get a new phone..

I plug the phone into the PC.
On the phone I drag down to notifications, select the USB Charging notification, change to "File Transfer"
Now the PC can see CARD and PHONE
I copy the file from the CARD to the PHONE


On the phone I open my KeepassDroid app, navigate to tell it where the new database file is, and......
....wait for it.....
It shows up ON THE SD CARD :mad: :confused: :(

In anticipation of some of your well-meaning responses let me assure you that:
- I'm POSITIVE I'm looking at the file I JUST COPIED to PHONE and not the original file from SD ( I even renamed it in the PHONE location to ensure I wasnt screwin' the pooch there)
-I DO NOT want to get a NEW app because I don't want to re-enter dozens/hundreds of entries.

Its almost as thought Android 6.0.1 is allocating CARD space as "internal storage" space to "help" us stupid phone-users along :eek: (to which I say "stop helping")

Any sage advice?

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[KERNEL][F8332][ROOT][.213] Stock .213 kernel with Root, DRM fixes, TWRP

Pre-patched kernel for Xperia XZ F8332 .213 stock ROM
+Removed Sony RIC
+Added TWRP 3.0.2
+Added SuperSU system-less
+Added BusyBox
+Added DRM fixes.

How to use?
+Step 1: Unlock bootloader your device
+Step 2: Make sure that you can use fastboot command with your device
+Step 3: In terminal/cmd at kernel directory

fastboot flash boot F8332-213-root-boot.img
fastboot reboot

Thanks for all devs that i uses their works in this kernel:good::good:
Password when asked:


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Device Maintenance Widget

On my US Cellular Note 7 there is a device Maintenance widget. When clicked it will kill off apps running in the background to free up ram and save power. Im trying to setup a tasker profile that does this hourly to kill tasks. Ive got it opening 'Device Maintenance' hourly but this simply opens the device maintenance window. I would then need to click optimize now to achieve this goal. Defeats the purpose of automating it... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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lg g3 d855 in a very strange problem

am having a very strange problem with my phone, first it was the sim not working, until I continuously remove an install it again and again,
it was first runing on android 5.0 fully OTA updated.
However in a try to resolve the problem, I connected it to LG pc suite in order to get the android 6 ! it was working for a day, but it suddendly it stopped and went OFF for ever.
Thanks to a thread here in the forum, I Hard bricked it then soft bricked it with kitkat 4.4, it worked without any problem, but when the auto updates went to lolipop 5, it stopped again.

I installed marshmallow 6 with flashtool, the phone is working with the SIM without Internet with no problem, but, when I connect it to the net, and specially when I enter my gmail account it goes to the same loop again, and I have to flash it to return back.

Please Help.:confused::(

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Note 7 apps?

Hi all, is there a location where the Note 7 apks are posted? I've looked for a thread, but can't seem to find one. I am especially looking for the Note 7's night mode.

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First word problem (auto on screen)

Hi :D
I've got 1 big question. Few days ago I bought Oneplus 3 and it's great phone I very liked it especially gesture on off screen, basically I even noticed that I'm using this feature so often that the function auto on screen began to irritate me.
So here comes my question is it possible to turn on screen ONLY with power button? I mean is it possible to disable turning on screen when I lift it or swiping finger down and up?

I apologize in advance for my English and also I thanks in advance for help

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Jailbreaked Kindle eips commands equivalence on Nook

Dear friends:
On a Jailbreaked Kindle with e-ink screen, there is a Display Driver interface "eips", which allows to manage lot of functions of the e-ink display.
I would very much appreciate guidance on how to do something equivalent on the B&N Nook Simple Touch running 1.2.1.
Thank you in advance.

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Is it possible to change the CEC device type in Android TV?

I've run into a CEC limitation with my home theater setup that I have too many "player" type devices. I have a PS3, PS4, Apple TV 4, and the Shield TV. While the Shield TV mostly does everything the ATV does, I still have some use for it and would rather not ditch it to get this working.

Is there a way to change the device type the shield identifies itself as? If I could change it to "recorder" type, there shouldn't be any issue. I'm currently using a Pulse-Eight CEC USB module on my PC and that identifies itself as a recorder, so I guess in theory the shield should work as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

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How to make file transfering from MTP to UMS??

title says it all

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I need Verizon Upgrade tool instaler

please i need the installer for update my z3v

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[WORKING] [LATEST] Recovery TWRP for ARIAFAN'S BETA5 [Micromax A120][CLONES]

Latest TWRP recovery for Micromax A120 & Clones
Base on Ariafan's beta5

I'm only sharing TWRP recovery by this post. All #CREDITS are mention below.
Download link - #2nd post

#Credits :
Team Win
ariafan for base recovery
Satyam@TG for porting

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Root SumSung Trend 3502c and bricked.

I was trying to root my SumSung Trend 3502c but failed and bricked.
Currently, the system got stucked in the first screen I.E SumSung and Logo screen and could not enter.
There is not recovery loaded in the system and I could enter the "Download" mode
So I try to install other images using Odinand failed with "mmc_write fail"
Please help. any suggestion is welcome and thanks in advanced.

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Back & esp. the Recent Apps button, not as bright as advertised. Should I worry?

HTC 10

I discovered something on my phone. The Back & most esp. the recent App Button is not as bright as I thought, and compared with the pictures I have seen on the internet. Should I worry about this? So far it doesn't affect their main function, just the brightness is what I am concerned right now.

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AOSP camera

Hi everyone.

When my G3 D855 died LG sent me a new one (D855 too) and i have a issue with it that i can´t understand. The camera and torch works perfectly running stock or stock based ROMs but when i try any AOSP ROM the camera and the torch aren't detected by any camera application i tried. When I open the camera it shows the front camera and there is no option to change to rear camera. Also the torch isn't detected by the device and the torch toggle don't appear. If i try apps like Aida 64 or CPU Z the rear camera won't appear. It looks like the phone only have the front camera. So I have to stay in Fulmics or stock based ROMs to have camera and torch.

There are some people with the same problem here in XDA as i've read. I think that LG changed the camera module in the latest produced devices and I'd like to know how i can resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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power button problem

hello friends, today dropped my droid turbo, after that it seems that power button is little bit fell in, so it's harder to press on it, it's no more like volume button (no click effect), but it steel works, so is there some solution to fix it without disassembling whole device? thanks

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Where to buy A2017U (US Model) with shipping to Europe?

Hi there.
I've decided to return my A2017G and get the A2017U model. I have already looked up online where I could order the US Model. But most of my favorite shops like BHPhoto don't send the Axon 7 to Europe. It says "Due to restrictions".

That's the first for me as I use BHPhoto for my Home Cinema and Photo equipment.

Does anyone know an good alternative?
I already checked gearbest but they only offer the International Model (A2017G).

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Custom ROM on Lenovo A916

hey so i wanna install a custom rom on my lenovo a916 preferably through a custom recovery.... but i cant find any nor any good roms... any help?

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Shutter control app? Selfie stick alike button?

Hey guys I've been trying to find an app to use as a shutter controller to use with snapchat and original camera app. But all apps I've found in the galaxy store requires a companion app. Have any of you came a cross something like that?

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Samsung J700P CM13 Alpha builds [Testers Needed]

This thread is for cm13 on j700p testers to test the builds and report bugs , i don't test any of those builds posted here as i don't own a j700p device .
Download :
First Alpha :

How to report bugs :
-Type a list of the bugs u have
- attach a logcat using syslog app [ download from here ]

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Camera app lags a lot

This is an unmodded phone, just to start off quickly. I take pretty good care of my phone. However, the camera app on this is super slow and frustrating.

When I activate the camera from sleep mode either by double tapping the volume key or use the lock screen camera icon, the app launches, but it takes anywhere from 10 - 15 seconds for the shutter button to be active and start taking photos. This is in all auto and manual modes.

I've missed a lot of moments that I couldn't capture, because I'm waiting for the app to do whatever it's doing and then start working. But even after the button is active, I press it and it stalls and then takes the photo. I've tried rebooting and even go through my phone for running apps that could possibly slow it down, but I just get general push notifications and emails. No heavy apps running in the background.

Any ideas how to get around, or resolve this issue?

Thank you.

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changing camera

Hey i wanted to know if i can change/repalce the camera of my Samsung galaxy express with the camera of my samsung galaxy s2 i think the connectors are the same... Is it possible or is it likely it would destroy some driver chips?

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Newsmy Carpad NU3001 CM13 ROM

So as many of you already knew - I'm working on porting CM13 onto my NU3001.
I has it on my desk table, so I could work on it during my days. (I have another NR3001 installed in my car)
I already made some work for our unit SW. This is quick screenshots. Sources based on xdAuto and CM13. This is a very BETA and many things not working for now.on.

Why? : When I realize than CyanogenMod 13 (6.0.1) works on my Motorola XT1080 better than stock - I start thinking of porting CM13 to our device. And when I have spare set - I start porting.
How? : I took easiest way - try to do not modify kernel a lot, instead adopt bionic and other libraries for out 3.0.36+ kernel.
Currently working staff (it is very beginning):
1. Recovery TWRP 3.0.2
2. CM13 booting.
3. Graphics working (there is some blinking present).
4. Most of the rest is on the way (Wifi, BT, Bonovo apps)

Currently I have WIFI connecting, but no network, so I'm going to update our kernel little bit to match with CM13 (netfilter component mostly)
Once WIFI will work - I will publish sources, and continue work on it (without WIFI unit is mostly useless, and currently can't pass setup wizard)

Please do not spoof this thread with questions like "When?", I will try to post updates regularly in this message.
This thread created is mostly to exchange experience with this build once it is published (issues, TODOs, etc)

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[TOOL] Ubuntu-Touch installer


>> Only run on unlocked bootloader <<
>> TWRP 3.0 patched by st0rm77 as recovery <<
>> Scripts are released under GPlv2 license <<
>> Run at own risk <<


I wrote a simple Ubuntu-Touch installer for the Meizu Pro 5. Its been tested on OTA-12 and OTA-13
but will probably work for any future version unless they change something.

Make sure you have the TWRP_3.0_m86_patched_st0rm77 recovery installed.
Only this version will backup the bootlogo and device tree.

Steps to install:

1. Make a backup of your device <-- ALWAYS
- select backup from TWRP
2. Install ubuntu-device-flash (for Windows/Mac users, run this inside a VM from Ubuntu 16.04 iso)
# sudo apt-get install ubuntu-device-flash
3. Open the folder ~/.cache/ubuntuimages and copy the following files onto your internal storage or sdcard:
- version-*.xz, custom-*.xz, device-*.xz and ubuntu-*.xz
- ubuntu-touch-installer*.zip (attached to this post)
4. Wipe your device
- select wipe > advanced wipe
- select Dalvik/Art, Cache, System, Data and >>swipe to wipe<<
5. Start your device in TWRP
- select install
- select ubuntu-touch-installer*.zip.

Wait until the installer finishes and reboot your device


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Dose 3.5.2 disposed the build-in aggressive doze mode and app hibernation?

When I looked at the battery optimize interface,I found that google's stock battery optimize strategy replaced the previous build-in aggressive doze mode and app hibernation,but I cant find any information in the update logs of 3.5.2:(

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STUCK in bootloop, HELP?


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j5 heat problems

well my phone cpu is always around 40 - 50 at any clock ( 0.8 to 1.2 ) and this produces a heat around the screen ( the phone is blazing fast and smooth consumes a fair amount of battery ) i 've installed before many roms and this problems started when i first used root booster with 6.0.1 then it presisted with any rom i install even flashing official rom don't change the config
my questions is is those thermals normal ?
can somebody screeshot CPU covernor tunable from kernel auditor
and how can i reset my cpu original setting

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Rooted/unlocked phone 7.0 OTA/Android OS/Settings app using all of my cell data

I am running Android 6.0 (MHC19J) and noticed a TON of data has been used on my phone. 11 GB from "Android OS", and when clicking through apps, it looks like the Settings app used over 10 GB.

A while ago, I got prompted to download Android 7.0. I declined, but when I go to "System updates" it looks like it is trying to download, and install, Android 7.0. Since I am rooted, unlocked, and have a custom recovery, it obviously can't complete this OTA update. However, it keeps trying to download it and is tearing through my cellular data. It's used 10 GB this month!

So, I have two questions: First, how can I force the OTA update to download over WiFi? Second, how can I block the OTA from downloading at all? I'm going to get some serious overage fees this month. :(

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File Copy/Transfer issue...

Friends please help I have a trouble during transferring files from computer to Moto G4 Plus. It copy only some file and after that it stuck or not responding. I have installed all required drivers but still it can't copy completely :confused:

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General Mobile 4g

My mobile's touch screen is broken. I want to replace touch screen. Anybody know where from i can buy touch screen. Any online store please?

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Convert SM-G920A to SM-G920T

is it possible to convert a Sim Unlocked AT&T Galaxy S6 to a T-Mobile Galaxy S6? with the Stock T-Mobile S6 firmware so i can get the T-Mobile features? and if so which stock rom is needed the phone at Android version 6.0.1 on it right now.


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[RECOVERY] TWRP_3.0_m86_patched_st0rm77

** BRICK WARNING/Disclaimer/Requirements **

>> Only flash with unlocked bootloader <<
>> Scripts are released under GPlv2 license <<
>> Run at own risk <<


I patched the TWRP 3.0 recovery from faust93 to include important partitions
that make switching between different versions of Android/Ubuntu very simple.

All partitions are properly added to the fstab, but out of fear that some of
you will brick your device i disabled most of them.

Next version will contain a backup of all unique partitions, but i will have
to test this thoroughly.

Steps to install:

1. Download the zip file from attachments below
2. Unpack the zip file
3. Check checksum with md5sum -c *.md5
4. Put phone into fastboot mode (boot device with [vol-] and [power] button)
5. Flash recovery with:
# fastboot flash recovery TWRP_3.0_m86_patched_st0rm77.img
# fastboot reboot
then boot the device with [vol+] and [power] button, to enter recovery

>> <<


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Oneplus 3 or note 5?

Please anyone tell me note 5 or one plus 3 which is best ?

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Dialer app from "A710FXXU1BPH1_A710FDODD1BPG1_A710FDXXU1BPH1"

Hi, am desperately looking for the dialer app from A710FXXU1BPH1_A710FDODD1BPG1_A710FDXXU1BPH1 6.0.1 ROM of A710FD. Someone please share it

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Hello Guys,
Well I made a backup with Kies from my S5 mini before I flashed PAC-ROM based on CM13. My Question is how to move the wifi passwords from the backup file to my Phone that PAC can read and use them? Please without making a actual Backup and then reading out with Android.
Thanks for reading and answers [emoji1] [emoji106]

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Sarthak/ashwin's CM14 or AOSP 7.0?

Im on Sarthak's CM14 and battery life is not very good. So which one is the best atm?

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[Firmware][Leak]Huawei P8 B380 - GRA-L09C432B380

Firmware B380 (FULL) for Huawei P8 (GRA-L09) was leaked:

Installation via dialer method works fine. Google Patches from Sept 1st, 2016.


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Bluetooth wont turn on

Hello guys my bluetooth wont turn on anymore.
Did one of you has the same problem or anybody knows how to fix that?
Did a reboot and a already cleared cache in recovery.

Im on 3.2.6 and stock.

Hope anyone can help me

Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk

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Oneplus one stuck in boot logo while updating latest TWRP 3.0.2

was trying to install new ROM & completly wipe out OPO (Including OS). to do so got some error in zip file execution.

So tried to update TWRP (2.8.6 to 3.0.2) and now stuck into OPO boot screen.

Please help! :(

Thanks in advance!


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Zen fone flip cases (any good ones or better to stick with number and other cases?)

I am new to the Zenfone, but one thing I have noticed is there have been what look to be identical cases (flip cases) for past models.

I am considering the Zenfone 3, but am wondering if official flip cases are made by other companies who market under their own name, such as seen in this Italian video comparing an ASUS snd a Nillkin case.

Anyone know?

I have seen other models that also look the same, such as TopAce, etc. Nillkin gets the most hits. Are they the makers of the official case?

Related question. Will a flip case take a tempered glass screen protector? I tend to think no since there is also a protective screen built into the case. As such, maybe better to get a good bumper or other case with a tempered glass protector? But I hear the zenfone 3 is partly curved and may be a challenge for such glass protectors.What do others have to say? Thanks!

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S Duos 2 Rooting and CWM problem

Hey guys,
I am trying to install cwm and root S duos 2 but whenever I try to go in download mode. my mobile takes me to a factory mode and odin also don't detecting my phone and I tried to root with Kingroot and it successfully rooted but I am not still able to unistall system app. I tried every method to install cwm from apps and odin.
the factory mode is in Chinese.
Any help will be appreciated.
Please Help guys.

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Pumpkin E0133 Recovery access ?

HI all,

I have bought this model from Pumkin:

Model Number E0133
MCU Version R0HST16052800

Pumpkin E0133

CPU-Z tells me it's a RK3188 chipset, so we should be good.

I try dozen of times to access recovery mode using this method they mention on their website ( )

Just long press the power button without release, and while short press the RST button on the radio itself. You may hear 3 beep sound comes out from the HU. Then you can release the power button, the HU will automatically enter into the recovery mode.

But it doesn't work, I can't enter recovery and the only thing it does (from time to time when I change slightly the timing and order of buttons) is to automatically erase and restore the device, there is no recovery shown.

So how can I access the recovery mode?


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What are the right steps into installing a custom rom?

Hi guys, first of all I really appreciate the work you guys do for the community.

Anyway, after being an iPhone user for a few years I finally switched back to android and I want to install a custom rom for my OnePlus 3

Im a total noob to this, but I know what should be done, but I can't seem to understand the order jn which these steps should be taken. Sorry if theres already a thread.

Should I root my phone first?

Can I backup apps and all the settings so I can restore them after installing the custom rom? Titanium bavjup needs phone to be already rooted, so how does that work?

Thank you very much.

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Best Stable Rom for Samsung Galaxy S5

Hi! i've been tasted some custom roms and i can't find a stable, faster and nice rom.

Someone have a favorite rom?

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Spam Calls Not Recognized

I've been getting a large volume of spam calls to my cellphone recently. I thought Google implemented a spam filter in the newest version of the Phone app, but all my calls appear as regular calls.

Is anyone elses spam call functionality working? I'm on AT&T and Android 7.0 build NRD70S

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Magisk and Xposed for Sprint S4

I want to install Magisk and Xposed on my Sprint S4.

I've looked on the forums about Magisk, and there are a number of things that I just don't understand how to do on my phone. Can anyone help provide a step by step/how to install Magisk on the S4?

Here is what my phone currently has/is if it helps:

It is rooted.
Recovery is PhilZ Touch 6
Clockworkmod v6.0.4.7
Software version: L720TVPUCOH1
Hardware version: L720T.03
Android: 5.0.1
Baseband versioin: L720TVPUCOH1
Kernel version: 3.4.0-4745659 dpi@SWHD7506 #1
Build number: LRX22C.L720TVPUCOH1

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Does Compiling with Linaro Offer Improvements Still?

Hey, guys - I remember back in the KK days having a Linaro compiled ROM offered substantial speed improvements.

I haven't heard or seen nearly as many ROMS being compiled with it anymore. This begs my question, does Linaro offer any noticeable improvements?

Planning on starting to compile my own AOSP rom and was curious about heading down this route.

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Viper4android On Oneplus

Someone Give me full Guide to use Viper4android On oneplus 3

I used 3.2.6 Oxygen Os

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Missing RAM


I have a no-name Chinese made tablet. When I received it from ebay, it said that it had 16gb storage and 1gb RAM.
I bricked the tablet and had to install different firmware, which now says that I have 512 mb ram and 8gb storage.
I looked at the board and there are two 512 mb RAM chips clearly attached. I wasn't sure what the storage looked like.
I can access files on the stock rom and do some basic editing.
Can I make it use the other 512 MB of RAM, and what should I look for for storage?
Also, the new ROM doesn't work with either camera (front or back). Any suggestions?

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Joying 8" Single Din - Custom Boot logo?

Hey all,

I recently purchased the Joying 8" Single Din Android 4.4.4 head unit. (JY-UQS01)

So far so good, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get a custom boot logo on it. I am going back and forth with their support and they are really trying to be helpful, but there's a language barrier making things difficult.

So, has anyone done this? All i can gather is that you're supposed to put a file on the root of the sd card that is 1024x600 or higher. I've tried different filenames, different types, and the unit doesn't seem to see it. I can see the files in the file explorer app with no problem. When I go to the setting screen to select a logo, I can only choose from the built-in ones.

Any help, much appreciated!

Oh - and if anyone knows how to change the boot animation, I'd love to hear that also!

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Connects redmi note 2 on pc and sight not find the MTP I have tried everything. but no solution is found


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Headphones not detecting on YU Yuphoria

I updated my phone with the new stable Marshmallow 6.0.1 released by YU using fastboot mode. Since then my headphones are not detected on mobile. Whenever i play music, sound always comes from the mobile speakers. I had downloaded this ROM from YU official website. :( :(

When i again booted my phone back to original mobile OS, the headphones work fine.. I dont know what is the reason, as there is no issues or bugs stated related to that Marshmallow update.. :confused:

Please help...... :crying: @YuForumSupport

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Google apps decompile & recompile

Firstly I would like to apologise if I am asking my question in the wrong area. If so then I am happy for a moderator to move to the correct location.

I have some understanding of how to decompile apps, modify and then recompile. All my work is done using APKTool via a command line and a test keystore that I found in a tutorial. I've even recently learnt how to create my own keystore using the Java Keytool. The vast majority of the time I am able to accomplish what I want, by this I mean making small amendments to the code (.xml & .smali) to suit my preference - usually little things such as correcting typos. I am however struggling with Google apps, such as Messenger, Hangouts etc. The process I am carrying out is correct, the app even installs correctly on my Android device. However upon launching the app it will then just crash.

My question is, do Google prevent their apps from being reverse engineered using special tools? I there something else I should be taking into consideration when dealing with Google apps?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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S5 SM-G900F hard bricked - help with unbrick file for SD card

Can't hard reset my Samsung S5 SM-G900F. It appears completely dead. I can't enter download mode as is.

I've been looking for a way to boot from the SD card in order to flash a new firmware from ODIN.

Can anyone help me with that unbrick file for my sm-g900f phone?

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards

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TWRP or TWRP N7000 / (ISORec) ?

Hi All / @bauner,

Does anyone know if there is a TWRP or TWRP available for our Note, that works in Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)?

I've found a TWRP and a TWRP 3.0.2 which I believe @bauner very kindly wrapped up for us, to flash in ISORec. However when I flash it shows as when inside recovery.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with ISORec, still trying to get my head around that. I understand that it separates the Recovery from the Kernel. But not sure if ISORec is supported on Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) ?

- when I flash on KitKat, and then boot into Recovery, it shows up as

Do those ISORec Recoveries look for a certain API / (SDK?) build of Android, and if it doesn't detect required version it doesn't flash?

I really need to get either or in order for Lanchon Re-Pit program to work... and happy with my build of KitKat until a stable Android 7.0 is out....

Cheers, Lister

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Runtastic extension

Hi guys,

So I got a bit of problem. I own a Xperia Z2 with an SW2 to it, I do have Runtastic Pro installed (bought it couple years ago before I own SW2) and somehow I still doesn't have extension on my SW2.
Nothing... When I go into my SW2 configuration and got into my apps, Runtastic isnt here.
Even when I'm in Runtastic settings and locate the option for SW2, it only pops up the Smart Connect app.

Any idea how to fix it ? Or some1 does have the extension apk? I'm running Android 6.0.1 on Z2 and firmware of SW2 is 1.0.B.6.40/1.0.A.4.11

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Clean State Install of latest CyanogenMod or Cyanogen OS

Hello guys,

first off: i had something to do in the past with all this stuff but my memory isnt that great anymore so please correct me if im wrong :)

so here's the thing: my OPO decided to not detect my SIM anymore, so i did a factory reset thru recovery. I also rooted the phone before with a video tutorial from youtube (don't know if i can link it here this is my first post^^). What it does is install SuperSU over TWRP. You then have root without erasing your data! I was kinda surprised because i read in other threads that it actually will.

But anyways back to topic. I am now on these settings:
Cyanogen OS 12.1.1-Y0G7DAS2K1
Stock Recovery
Bootloader unlocked (not sure, but i guess otherwise it wouldnt work)

I received a message for the OTA Update to Cyanogen OS 13. Downloaded & installed it, phone reboots into recovery. Already surprised here because its not TWRP anymore but i guess it was just temporary for the root installing. Or maybe it was because i didn't unchecked the "update recovery" checkbox in developer options, i think its active on default.
But anyways, the recovery tries to install it and suddenly the menu shows up again with an android in the background (in his chest is a red warning sign). No error, just the graphical android in the background. After a restart, nothing changed still on the same version. I did a factory reset once more and also "deleted media" and wiped cache.

As i mentioned, im not up-to-date with the differences on CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS.
What i want to do now:
Step 1: Format my OPO as clean as possible.
Is Factory Reset and wipe media etc. enough for this? Or do i have to hard reset it?
Step 2: Root Access and TWRP.
I lost both of these after an OTA update to my OPO. I guess it was when i received the Cyanogen OS update. I would like to know when exactly these two will be erased and what to do to not lose them anymore. I heard it differs between CM and Cyanogen OS.
Step 3: Decision what OS to use: CyanogenMod or Cyanogen OS?
Im willing to wait for updates as long as they're stable. And i would also prefer to just install them over OTA (when it works^^). I don't want to flash like crazy, i only want a steady, rooted, customizable OS. I searched on this forum but im not sure which are the latest versions of both and what the differences are. What would you suggest me on these preferences?
Step 4: Restoring my Data
I backed up my Apps with Titanium Backup and transfered the folder to my PC. Never used it before, so i would like to know if it can cause any problems if i restore it on a newer version of Cyangogen OS or even Cyanogenmod?

Hope i don't forget anything. Sorry for the long post & noob questions you probably read everyday :)

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need firmware sugar c7 or custom rom

My phone is black srcreen and try to find it but nothing:confused:

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How Can i install Fulmics ROM on LG G3 AT&T

I'm New in this forums
i have LG G3 D850 AT&T phone on kitkat 4.4.2
i want to install Fulmics ROM on my phone but i don't know how

please help me

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phones are too low

Hello everyone.

I was comparing the same video playing on Iphone 6 and LG g4 and iphone sounds really lowder when connected to a ear phone.

Do you know how to solve it? without rooting your mobile? (don't want to loose waranty on a phone like g4 that tends to break sooner or later).


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T95N Mini M8Spro TV BOX 2GB+8GB Kodi Fails to startup after android upgrade

Hey guys,

I bought this box out of a chinese website. Everything worked fine until it asked to update. I did the update and after that kodi never worked again.
It came with android 5.1 but now it has Android 6.0.

Ive done factory reset, clear data, clear cache, tried everything but it still wont work. Installed Kodi fresh out of play store, installed out of Kodi website, but always the same.

Android Apps work just fine, but when i start kodi it just crashes and i have to plug out the power of the box to be able to start it again.

Any ideas?

Appreciate your time.

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Themes for Rom, APK, etc...

Hey everyone! I'm new to android auto. Just installed my MTCD unit over the weekend and installed Malaysk' rom last night. Loving it so far, seems very functional.

I have this goal of getting a theme going. My truck is called "BATTLE TRUCK". I even have custom vinyls on the side of the truck that say the name. So, needless to say, when I installed android, i figured i would extend this theme to the HU. So far, i have changed the "Okay Google" keyword to "Okay Battle Truck...", and created a live wallpaper that shows the Battle Truck logo in an animated gif. Its okay...but it's not quite the Tony Stark level of custom i'm going for.

Has anyone modded any of the APKs or the ROMs themselves to get it looking just how you like? Splash screens perhaps? Any kinds of tips, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million as always!

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Problem NAND / original ROM

Personal speech.
Would help to solve the problem I'm going through.
Was using the ROM "cm-13.0-20160901-UNOFFICIAL-Temasek-i9305" and did the usual procedure (already done several times this process), however an hour to another cell restarted and was caught in the BOOT screen ..
I entered the TWRP mode and received a "No OS installed" message.
Based on that, I tried to install the ROM again, but the TWRP can not read the micro sd and not the internal memory.
From that, I tried to return to original ROM, however I am getting this fault message on ODIN:
<OSM> Enter CS is MD5 ..
<OSM> Binary Check MD5 .. Do not unplug the cable ..
<OSM> Please wait ..
<OSM> Checking MD5 finished sucessfully ..
<OSM> Leave CS ..
<ID: 0/005> Added !!
<ID: 0/005> Odin engine v (ID: 3.1100) ..
<ID: 0/005> File analysis ..
<ID: 0/005> SetupConnection ..
<ID: 0/005> Initialzation ..
<ID: 0/005> Get PIT for mapping ..
<ID: 0/005> Firmware update start ..
<ID: 0/005> SingleDownload.
<ID: 0/005> tz.img
<ID: 0/005> NAND Write Start !!
<ID: 0/005> FAIL!
<ID: 0/005>
<ID: 0/005> Complete (Write) operation failed.
<OSM> All completed threads. (0 succeed / failed 1)

I've used the version of ODIN (3:07, 3:10, 3:12) all display the same error.
I also noticed that when you enter the TWRP and access any folder, I get the message in the log:
unable to mount the store
Failed to mount (invalid argument)

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Sony xperia z1compact new lcd cant change brightness

Hi wanna know if anyone has anyone solutions, basicaly screen is new , working but brightness is always on minimum and cant change it.

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Learn How To Unlock Phone

Hello, I have been programming using Java for several years now and consider myself fairly comfortable. I would like to branch out and look at how to unlock android devices, but do not know where to find any good tutorials for writing your own code/app that can do such. Can someone point me in a good tutorial, or detailed instructions on getting started with this?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930 Is automatically rebooting

I have tried to root my sprint galaxy s7 and its now just restarting itself after every 2 min what should i do about it ?

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Android Nougat For Xperia SP [Video]

Here' the video link for Xperia SP CyanogenMod 14 Android Nougat

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[Q] What does your stock ROM contain?

I am developing an unbricker tool ( and I need to understand what stock ROMs usually contain in their downloadable files. I know that my tablet has boot.img, fastboot.img, recovery.img and system.img.gz.

Please, just tell me what you have in your stock ROM folder to make this tool possible.

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[ROM][FlymeOS beta for Huawei G620S Honor 4/4x][Update 26/09/2016]


FlymeOS is a layer of customization of android like miui. It brings many characteristics and is very smooth.

This rom is based in the latest NIGHTLY of CM12.1 but with all them bugs fixes included sensor gyroscope.

If want to activate the double touch to unlock: settings / accessibility / additional Settings / display and leds.

Supported device:







Go to the recovery.
Formatting system, cache, dalvik cache, data.
Install the ROM.
Restart and a time you have configured the system, restarts in recovery to install them GAPPS + the SuperSU, restart and ready.

sorry my bad english. :(

Thanks: @dianlujitao

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Aptoide Help

I tried to install a game on my phone. I had 500MB available (low memory phone, only like, 1.76GB in total), and when it said I didn't have enough memory, I got a message from my phone saying that I was running out of storage space. I had gone from 500 to 50MB!!! Is there any way to get rid of the file? I've tried clearing the app data and that didn't work, and it says that the largest app was only about 98MB. I am running 4.4 on an LG Optimus Fuel.

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S7 keeps freezing and restarting

Hi Guys /girls.

Just got an S7, brand new on O2 (UK). I usually root my phones but haven't touched this as it's quick enough and I don't want to play around with it until the warranty ends.

In the past few days the phone has been freezing, then it will turn off, sometimes restarting entering a bootloop. It will come back on for a minute or two, then repeats.

At the moment it is working following a forced restart but not sure if this will last. Has anyone else had these issues? Or does anyone know what it could be? Going to get it swapped anyway just to make sure but I can't understand the cause. Thanks in advance

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[ROM][6.0.1][lux]Modified CyanogenMod 13[v1.0][Nougat look]



* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

1. Introduction, features, installation, changelog, screenshots, contributors
2. Download
3. Tips

XT1562 Single sim only.
Installing over other version of lux is on your own responsibility.
If rom works on another version of lux, feel free to tell others.
1. Introduction:
Hi folks. Welcome in my thread of modified CM13. This is pure CM13 with added features, which give you better user experience. The rom is fully bug free and is ready for daily use. This is backup-type rom. Flashable zip gives me errors. Gapps are included in rom.
  • Android 6.0.1 r66
  • CM 13.0-20160912-NIGHTLY-lux
  • Permissive SELinux
  • SuperSU 2.78
  • Improved battery life
  • Set dpi to 420
  • Coffee Kernel 2.0 tweaked with Kernel Audiutor
  • Pixel launcher
  • Moto G4 Camera with professional mod
  • Lionfish governor
  • Sound Mod A.R.I.S.E Numbers 3.5
  • Xposed preinstalled
  • Xposed modules: Android N-ify, App Settings, GravityBox, Greenify, NavBar visualizer, PowerNap, Xinternal SD, Youtube Background playback
  • Sony Music with Sony Suite (More informations HERE)
  • Xperia keyboard
  • Video app from Sony
  • Adblocker
  • GovTuner Project (tweaked lionfish governor for battery)
  • Animations scale set to 0.7x (smoothness)
  • Agressive Doze enabled
  • Navigation Bar visualizer
  • Android N look (navbar, status bar, notifications, settings...)
  • Quick Unlock for lockscreen pin (enabled by default)
  • Data Traffic monitor
  • Notification led
  • Double tap to sleep on status bar
  • Gestures
  • Ambient display
  • Android N bootlogo
  • And more...
IMPORTANT: Be sure, you have a backup of your previous rom on sd card.
1. Download rom from second post
2. Extract it
3. Place extracted folder to sdcard >> TWRP >> BACKUPS >> "folder with your backup sign"
4. Reboot to recovery
5. Do full wipe: data,cache,dalvik
6. Restore my backup
7. Reboot system

09.25.2016 Modified CM 13 v1.0
Initial release



@squid2 , @Alberto97 for CM13
@Debuffer for Gov Tuner
@A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems for Sound Mod
@TechnoAnder for Coffee kernel
@rovo89 for Xposed
and all developers for included apps and mods...

Big thanks to you guys.
If anyone from you have some suggestions, ideas for apps etc., just post it here
Enjoy guys!

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X98 Plus II - Files repository - C2D4, C2D6, C2E3.

Here is a MEGA folder with the Android & Windows images for the C2D4, and the Android images of C2D6 and C2E3:

You will also find the root files and drivers.

Other mirrors:

Windows & Android images for the X98 Plus II C2D4:

Android image for the X98 Plus II C2D6:

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[ROM][6.0.1][20/08/16][OFFICIAL] BrokenOS 4.9.1 Moto X 2014 victara

BrokenOS 4.9.1 Moto X 2014 victara



MD5: 06dc0abbc9d3fdc645b5936392d4196e

* added cm Charger images for offline charging
* all latest Gerrit patches
* Completely new kernel based on cm and Elemental-X kernels with commits from Despair and Franco
* Added alipay support to fingerprint scanner(cm commit)
* Added we chat payment support (cm commit)
* Merged all latest cm commits for Vendor, device, and kernel
* Lots of optimizartions and using Despair rom toolchain
* probably more changes but idegaf

* Let me know if you guys like the kernel or point me to some cool features you guys want in the kernel
* Im sorry if i was talking to technically to understand +Nathaniel Clark​

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[q] Smart cover no Massenger notification

I have a official flip cover, but i have problem with massenger notification, they don't show up on screen. Is possibility to turn this some where ?

PS. Sorry for my English :)

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case & cover

Which case, skin or cover is best suited or good looking? :rolleyes:

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[GUIDE][only for INDIANs][JIO SIM][CM 13.0 based ROMs]

I am sharing my workaround to new JIO network.

If you are on MIUI, you are fine.
Those who are on custom ROM, or willing to flash these ROMs, especially on CM 13 based ROMs, keep reading.

Tested on CM 13 nightly (20160920).

Just to be on safe side
Insert JIO sim in SIM 1 slot and any other SIM in other slot. Make sure both SIMs are inserted.
Backup previous system.
Pull out SD card.

To get uninterrupted Jio service you need latest(Lollipop) modem and firmware on your device. To do that flash fastboot rom file.
Flash Fastboot rom-
Guide to flashing fastboot ROM-

Let it boot.

Now you need to flash custom recovery(I am using TWRP).

Flash any cm 13.0 based ROM and Gapps.
After setting everything it is possible that you are not getting any network of JIO.
As JIO is only 4G network. Choose only LTE in sim cards setting.
To do that head over to Settings-SIM cards- SIM 1 settings-preferred network type-LTE
Access point names(APN setting).
Name- Internet
APN- jionet
keep everything else as it is.

you don' need to install Jio4GVoice(previously named as JioJoin) app.

To make calls mobile data(JIO) should be ON at all time.

Hit Thanks.

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Tempered glass edges won't stick rainbow effect

So has anybody had the issue on there op3 with there tempered glass ..mine has the rainbow around the whole glass like the edges won't stick to the phones screen.had this problem on every phone I have and its getting annoying. Anyone know how to fix this ? I cleaned the screen with windex and then used alcohol wipes. I don't see any dust or hair under the edges either.

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S7 Root and Install Recovery ( TWRP )

Hi All!

I currently have the S7 G930FD ( Duos ) and I decided to install recovery.

I'm currently facing an error but first I'm going to enumerate the steps I did,
1) Checked OEM Unlock and USB Debugging from Settings
2) Installed Samsung USB Drivers
3) Installed ODIN
4) I skipped the CROM Services as tutorial videos on youtube didn't have it plus It wasn't on the Galaxy Apps Store, I tried downloading the APK but it fc'ed
5) Entered Download mode
6) I flashed "twrp-3.0.2-0-heroqltechn.img.tar" via ODIN ( AP )
7) I held Volume Up, Standby and Home, and here's where the problem begins
The phone Shows

[ RST_STAT = 0x1000000 ]
EVT 1.0
ECT = PARA005i
CHIP_ID = 020e2d3d799c

Exception: do_handler sync: UNKNOWN(esr: 0x2000000) and a few other lines of code

I really don't understand why its doing this, I am able to boot back to the system via the vol down, standby and home button but recovery won't install, I tried installing CF-Auto root but that won't install too since the recovery is messed up :c

I would appreciate any help, I'm not really well versed when it comes to samsung devices :c

Thanks in advance!

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Don't working LTE samsung s5 Sprint Russian Federation

Hi! Is there any way to get LTE bands working for Russia at the Galaxy S5 Sprint version? SM-G900F version works with Russian LTE bands

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cm12.1 to Redmi note 3 problem

Hi all i'm trying to buil cm12.1 to redmi note 3 but i have a problem when i try to compile .... anyone know what's the problem?

Import includes file: /home/pablo/android/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libmincrypt_intermediates/import_includes
Export includes file: system/core/mkbootimg/ -- /home/pablo/android/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/mkbootimg_intermediates/export_includes
Export includes file: build/libs/host/ -- /home/pablo/android/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libhost_intermediates/export_includes
Import includes file: /home/pablo/android/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libhost_intermediates/import_includes
Export includes file: build/tools/acp/ -- /home/pablo/android/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/acp_intermediates/export_includes
make: *** No hay ninguna regla para construir el objetivo 'device/xiaomi/hennessy/prebuilt/kernel', necesario para '/home/pablo/android/out/target/product/hennessy/kernel'.  Alto.
make: *** Se espera a que terminen otras tareas....
Notice file: system/core/libmincrypt/NOTICE -- /home/pablo/android/out/host/linux-x86/obj/NOTICE_FILES/src//lib/libmincrypt.a.txt
make: se sale del directorio '/home/pablo/android'

#### make failed to build some targets (01:17 (mm:ss)) ####

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eMMC bug Fix :) Tried it on sm-n910G , SM-n910P Sm-910F

Is your note 4 doesn't boot ? shows eMMC error ? then you are in right place
To repair such , you need ODIN , stock cable and mobile driver installed and the most important repair Firmware( 4Files Firmwares (PDA,AP,Modem,Phone,CP,BL,Bootloader,CSC,PIT Files)for it
(This Method is only for Pro users who know how to flash kernels Bootloader using ODin and should be perform with the caution )
So the tutorial is as follow

Get a Repair Firmware Of Your model number
A) SM-N910F
B) SM-N910G
C) SM-910P

Now extract it in a folder . open Odin and choose the files i.e BL, AP, CP, PIT according to Odin option .
Now tick F.reset Time , Re-Partition ,
dont tick the "autoreboot option"

Once the flashing done . remove the cable from your device and remove the battery . insert it back to the device and boot into recovery via volume plus + menu and power button combination
now chose wipe cache and data reset . done
it should be fine
otherwise you could flash back the stock firmware (the one you downloaded )without the pit file
PS-special Thanks to tsar3000 for files :)

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Am I able to root 6.0.1?

I upgraded to an S7, but I have some apps I want to test on my old S5 that require root.

Build number ends in: DPD1

I've never rooted before. If its possible can someone point me to an easy to read guide?

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Need stock smooth rom for A7000

Hello friends can you link me the very very first stock rom of Lenovo A7000 or which version is the smoothest workin on the phone , cuzim now with Rom S153 and the phone feeling laggy at times to times 😞 i hope you guys can help . Thank you for understanding.

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Volte enabled ROMs for YU yureka

Is there any rom for YU yureka...which enables volte in yureka mobile?? Pls do tell or else what to do to enabling volte in YU yureka. I request XDA developers to reply on my issue.

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L90 D405H CM13 blank screen when calling

Had bootloader V20B with LG TOOLS installed D405H-V10E used aboot D405-V10A + TWRP 2.7-8
Installed perfectly CM13 almost everything works great.

The prob:
Blank Screen when calling, i can't close or use loud speaker and its really annoying the sensors worked great on stock minutes ago
seems like software problem...

Anyway to fix it? tried already last nightly build and stable one, both with the same problem.

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how to uninstall the cwm recovery fromsgh t999

I bought a second hand sgh t999 which has cwm recovery installed on it, but it wont let me install cm13, etc.
I installed twrp but it tells me i have to use the default one cwm.

any ideas on how to remove it and install twrp instead?
many thanks in advance.


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firmware from the Chinese developer

Guys I'm not a developer of firmware simply share a link :cowboy::good:
note in the firmware has a Chinese software
Link to source
FlymeOS5.1.8.22R Beta

if I violated the right to remove or I will remove thread:cool:

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Black-Green Theme emui 4.1

My first theme,still beta version,cant decompile settings apk,to change some fonts colors


Attachment 3885996 Attachment 3885997 Attachment 3885998 Attachment 3885999 Attachment 3886000


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