Monday, July 2, 2018

Google Camera 5.3 prepares to add correction for wide-angle distortion on faces

Google Camera HDR LG G5, LG G6, LG V20, and LG V30 Wide Angle Lens

Wide-angle lenses have been a great addition to smartphone cameras. They allow you to essentially take a step back and get more in the frame. However, wide-angle lenses are not without their drawbacks. Distortion is a common side-effect when using these lenses. The outside edges of the photo can appear warped and it can even affect faces. Google is working on a fix to make this problem less noticeable with Google Camera.

The following strings are from the latest Google Camera 5.3 taken from Android P Beta 3 (Developer Preview 4) on the Google Pixel 2 XL. They mention fixing faces when they are distorted by the angle of view.

  <string name="pref_acat_summary">Adjust faces to look more natural when angle of view distorts them.</string>  <string name="pref_acat_title">Correct wide-angle distortion on face</string>  

The Pixel phones don't have real wide-angle cameras like you can find on the LG G7, but the Google Camera has a nifty faux"wide-angle" mode in the Panorama section. It's very handy when you need to fit more in the frame. Taking these types of photos can create a lot of weird distortion when stitching photos together. If you're taking a big group photo with a lot of people you want to make sure faces look good.

Wide-angle mode on Pixel 2 Android P DP3

To try the wide-angle feature out for yourself, open the Google Camera app and swipe open the menu. Select Panorama and choose one of the styles up top (horizontal, vertical, wide-angle, or fisheye). The camera app will guide you through the steps to take the photo. When you're done, the photo will be stitched together and hopefully, this new trick can fix faces.

from xda-developers

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