Monday, July 2, 2018

Discover the RhinoShield Case Options for the OnePlus 6

If you're looking for a quality case with a minimal design and maximum protection, RhinoShield has a few solutions for you to choose from. Owners of the OnePlus 6 will find that the CrashGuard and SolidSuit cases make a perfect companion for your phone. There are several different design and colors to match your OnePlus 6, whether you have the black or white version.

RhinoShield offers three different types of protection for the OnePlus 6. The SolidSuit is their full-body protection, the CrashGuard is their popular bumper design, and the screen protector is the best option for display protection in combination with one of their cases.


The full-body protection of the SolidSuit case now comes in  Carbon Fiber, Classic Black, and Classic White. Pair your color choice up with your OnePlus 6 to have a phone-case combo that looks perfect. The ShockSpread design offers an impact protection of up to 11 feet, while still being ultra thin and lightweight.

Apart from the innovation in materials, the Honeycomb Structure (a hexagonal pattern lines the inner surfaces of the case, improving shock absorption by up to 10%) and the Raised Lip Design also help in protecting the phone.


The minimal bumper design comes in both white and black color options. The same ShockSpread design is found in the CrashGuard bumpers, with up to 11 feet of impact protection. The snug fit of the bumper will ensure that your OnePlus 6 does pop out, even when you drop it. You can also rest easy knowing that your bumper will not become loose over time, like many other bumpers on the market.

Screen Protector

For screen protectors, you'll have the option of an Impact Protection Screen Protector, Impact Flex Back Protector, or Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Each solution is designed to work with your CrashGuard or SolidSuit case. If you have a CrashGuard bumper, you can also apply a back plate protective cover, so that every inch of your phone stays protected.

Previously, RhinoShield only offered a black bumper for the OnePlus 5. These new options come with their effort to offer more solutions to the OnePlus community. With five different cases and three different type of protective solutions, you'll be able to find a perfect case for your OnePlus 6.

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