Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wear OS gets Actions on Google Assistant support and enhanced Battery Saver mode

Nearly every Google product and service has been mentioned in some capacity at Google I/O. We've seen new features for  Android PGoogle AssistantAndroid AutoARCore, Android TV and more. Wear OS has not been excluded from the news. Google has added support for Actions on Google and an enhanced battery saver mode.

Google has been talking about Actions on Wear OS before Google I/O. Assistant on Wear OS now supports Actions on Google. All existing Actions will work on your watch. Developers can now take advantage of this and include Actions that make sense for smartwatches.

Battery life is a really big deal on smartwatches. Currently, most smartwatches need to be charged every night along with your phone. The Android P Developer Preview has a new enhanced battery saver mode which should save some extra juice. When enabled, this mode shows a power-efficient watch face and disables services that eat up battery. Essentially, this mode takes the "smart" our of "smartwatch" to save battery. A long-press will switch back to the regular operation mode.

Google has also updated a few changes made in the last developer preview. They're rolling back the change that would not connect the watch to WiFi when Bluetooth is disconnected. The limited background activity was affected activity apps that monitor user motion throughout the day. Google is suggesting that developers use foreground services to anchor alarms and jobs.

A lot of people say Wear OS is dead, but Google doesn't seem to be giving up. Do you think these Android P features will help?

Source: Android Developers

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