Saturday, May 19, 2018

What are your thoughts on Android P Developer Preview 2?

Google released the first developer preview of Android P back in March of this year, but it was one that not many people ended up using. Instead, they decided to wait until the second developer preview was released. The company announced the second developer preview at Google I/O last week and since then we've had a lot of time to dig through the update and pick out some of the biggest changes. So now that the community has had a chance to use the update for a while, we wanted to reach out and ask what your thoughts were on Android P DP2.

We're used to Google sprinkling in new features from one developer preview to the other, so many people were excited to look at the new changes that came with last week's update. The brand new navigation gestures have been a hot topic in the community with some really liking it while others are left feeling it seems rather half-baked. To accommodate this new navigation method, Google has also introduced a new recent apps switcher page that uses animations to tie into the new navigation gestures.

Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness are both in the latest update in an attempt to increase the longevity of the battery life while also improving the user experience of auto brightness. Under the hood, we have a number of changes as well, including native support for iris and face scanning biometric authentication methods that are becoming increasingly popular. The company has even put a focus on improving the digital wellbeing experience by helping to reduce long periods of usage over time, revamping the do not disturb mode, and adding in a new Wind Down feature.

We have recently gone over all of the new changes that have been discovered in this new update and encourage you to check them out here. However, we want to hear what you think about this new update now that it has been out for a few days. Let us know which changes and new features you like and include some suggestions about how you would like to fix some of the things that you don't like.

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