Tuesday, May 29, 2018

EasyJoin is a PushBullet and Join alternative for sharing links, files, and more between Android and your PC

Transferring pieces of content from a computer over to your Android device used to be quite the hassle. Most stuck with just sending an email to themselves, but there are some who came up with creative solutions to the problem. We saw the introduction of the Pushbullet application which soared in popularity before the developers introduced a paid tier and roped off a number of core features that so many people had grown to love. After some time we saw another developer join the fray with the application called Join, and it's grown to include a lot of unique features. Now there is yet another contender with a new alternative called EasyJoin.

EasyJoin does a lot of what we already get from applications like Pushbullet and Join, but it does them in a way that offers something new to the end user. A lot of the features include the ability to interact with devices on the same network that have the EasyJoin app installed. No pairing required. You're able to send SMS messages from your PC or tablet without ever pulling your connected phone out from your pocket and you can manage your phone calls like that as well. It even comes with the ability to send and receive files, folders, and contents of the clipboard from one device to another.

However, EasyJoin also does a lot that its main two competitors are unable to do. For instance, EasyJoin will work without any of your devices being connected to the internet, but they will all need to be connected to the same internal network. It also comes with end-to-end encryption when sharing content from one device to another and you can create your own secure hotspot network with a single click to keep your data off the grid. EasyJoin comes in a paid tier as well as a free tier.

EasyJoin "Essential"- Send photos to PC & more (Free, Google Play) →

EasyJoin "Pro" - Send photos to PC & more ($4.99, Google Play) →

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