Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Pixel Launcher from Android P beta ported to Android Oreo

The Android P Beta Program was officially opened up to a slew of devices (not just from Google) earlier today. If your device isn't lucky enough to get in on the Android P fun, there are a number of ways to replicate the new features. Rootless Pixel Launcher is a great way to have the latest Pixel experience on your device. The launcher has been ported from Android P and should work on Android Oreo devices.

android p pixel launcher android p pixel launcher android p pixel launcher android p pixel launcher

As you can see in the screenshots, there aren't a ton of differences. Just a few visual tweaks here and there. We're still not seeing the revamped Pixel Launcher with the new Google Search bar in the official launcher, but Rootless Pixel Launcher includes it as a mod. Check out the forum link below to learn more and download the APK. If you can't get Android P, you can at least make your device look like it.

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