Thursday, May 10, 2018

Chrome OS will support Gboard and app shortcuts soon, Picture-in-Picture mode with Android P

Chrome OS has been receiving a lot of attention from Google lately. In the past few months, we've seen countless Android features make their way to Google's web-based OS. It has been getting better touchscreen supportAndroid P-like system trayin-line notification repliesfloating keyboard, and more. Google is clearly prepping for a big Chrome OS push this year and that will continue with some exciting features this Fall.

chrome os gboard

Google announced several new features planned for their web-based OS at Google I/O. The first involves support for the Android virtual keyboard. Chrome OS 69 will include support for Gboard and all the GIFs, stickers, and emoji that come with it. Gboard should offer a much better typing experience than the current Chrome keyboard. This is important as we start seeing more touchscreen-only devices.

chrome os app shortcuts

Chrome OS apps will be able to act more like Android apps with the addition of app shortcuts. Long-pressing (or right-clicking) will bring up a pop-up with shortcuts, notifications, actions, and system controls. Just like how it works with Android apps in the launcher.

We know Google is working on bringing Android P to Chrome OS. We don't know the extent of what that will mean in terms of features. One thing that will be included is the Picture-in-Picture mode, which is already showing up in the Chrome browser. It will work identically to how it does in Android. The future of Chrome OS is looking very bright. After several years of figuring itself out, Google's web-based OS seems to be finally maturing.

Source: 9to5Google

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