Wednesday, May 9, 2018

ARCore 1.2 adds collaborative augmented reality experiences and vertical plane detection

Last summer, Google announced a new augmented reality platform called "ARCore." Project Tango was Google's original AR platform and ARCore was the culmination of what they learned. Tango required special hardware, but ARCore is available on a variety of devices without special cameras or sensors. The next big update to ARCore has been revealed along with the many announcements at Google I/O 2018.

ARCore 1.2 includes a few new exciting features. The first is called "Cloud Anchors" and it allows users to have collaborative AR experiences. Items that are created in the AR space sync to the cloud and show up on other devices in the same app. The AR app "Just a Line" will be updated to allow users to draw in 3D space and other people will see the drawings in the app.

Another new feature is "Vertical Plane Detection," which means you can put virtual objects on more surfaces. In addition, "Augmented Images" will allow you to bring images to life by simply pointing your phone at them. Google is also adding Sceneform, which will allow Java Developers to build 3D apps without learning APIs like OpenGL. It has been optimized for mobile devices. All of these new features are available to developers right now.

Source: Google

from xda-developers