Thursday, July 12, 2018

Google Home now supports reading from imported URL and iCal calendars


Google added multiple calendar support to Google Home in the November of last year. The"Your Calendars" sudden appearance in the Calendar Settings of the Home app made a lot of people happy, but it still wasn't complete as importing calendars was unavailable at the time. As it turns out, Google decided to fix this problem. You can now use imported URL and iCal calendars for Google Home.

After adding your personal calendars, Google Assistant will tell you about your appointments and reminders from all the calendars you have selected. So, the next time you ask Google Home about your day, it will keep in mind that you have numerous calendars imported/added and will only tell you about the ones you have selected. This is great if you have a ton of calendars, but don't need to hear about all of them.

You can import calendars with the Google Calendar app and they will now show up in the Home settings. I personally think that this feature should have been in the app since adding multiple calendar support, but better late than never I guess. As long as Google keeps adding these features that should have been included from day one, Google Home will continue to get better.

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